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Serena's Fashion Faux Pax

What exactly was Serena Williams thinking? [NSFW Yahoo News Link]

Comments (20)

Wow!!! The Jehovahs Witness... (Below threshold)

Wow!!! The Jehovahs Witnesses that come to MY door are never dressed like that! I'd be a lot more receptive to the message if they were!

Not much obviously.... (Below threshold)

Not much obviously.

I don't think Jehovah would... (Below threshold)

I don't think Jehovah would approve of what I just witnessed when I clicked that link.

Hmmmm.... Film opening. ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm.... Film opening. Sheer dress.
"Now my Dad can run for president too!"

I would guess that it is on... (Below threshold)

I would guess that it is only see through under very bright light. Serena is not a film maker and would not necessarily be expected to know the effect of bright lights on thin material. (Not like somebody's daughter that I could mention.)

I don't know what she was t... (Below threshold)

I don't know what she was thinking, but Manolo sure takes her to task on her deplorable lack of fashion sense. He had me giggling, I'll tell you.

You're saying she thinks. ... (Below threshold)
M. Murcek:

You're saying she thinks. Want another cut at it?

Serena has always been more... (Below threshold)

Serena has always been more of an athlete than a real tennis player. Now it seems she is also more of a tart than a fashion designer. Oh well.

Maybe she was thinking that... (Below threshold)

Maybe she was thinking that her nipples look good in that dress? Personally I think it makes them look fat.

She was thinking how much h... (Below threshold)

She was thinking how much her fans love her and want to see more of her.

she was thinking she'd show... (Below threshold)

she was thinking she'd show us her saggy titties..

She was hoping John Kerry w... (Below threshold)

She was hoping John Kerry would adopt her.

What was the name of that f... (Below threshold)

What was the name of that film again?

Looks titty, I mean pretty ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Looks titty, I mean pretty to me.

are you sure that's not Que... (Below threshold)

are you sure that's not Queen Latifah?

Obviously, another wardrobe... (Below threshold)

Obviously, another wardrobe malfunction has taken place...

Are you sure that is serena... (Below threshold)

Are you sure that is serena williams and not the actor portraying King Kong in the new remake? heh heh

wtf kind of racist comment ... (Below threshold)

wtf kind of racist comment is that?

man those nipples are HUGE.... (Below threshold)

man those nipples are HUGE..i want to suck on dose

What was she thinking with ... (Below threshold)

What was she thinking with her make up? That should be a bigger issue than her nipples!






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