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Wizbang Calls Election For Bush

With NBC and Fox both projecting Bush with 269 Electoral Votes and a 3.2 million vote popular vote lead, it's very safe to call this election for Bush. That and the fact that Bush will win New Mexico - even if the absentee ballot counting is delayed...

Update: It looks like he might win Iowa too, and Nevada (17 EV's total).

Update 2: It's entirely possible the final results will not be officially known for 48 hours, but rest assured that the President will win. He's ahead by 125,000 votes in Ohio with 97% of the vote counted.

Update 3: John Edwards was trotted out to say that the Kerry-Edwards team was keeping up the fight in Ohio. If the provisional vote total is more that the margin of Bush victory they'll only need to win something on the order of 9 out of every 10 provisional ballots that were legally cast. It's desperation time for Democrats...


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Comments (58)

I am ashamed to be a Reside... (Below threshold)

I am ashamed to be a Resident of New Hampshire.

I can't put into words how I feel about seeing New Hampshire "blue"

Simple fact is once the Dems get their hooks into you, it's over for that state.

- Bush just took a slight l... (Below threshold)

- Bush just took a slight lead in Iowa with 90% recorded....New Mexico looks good....If he takes Nevada all the lawyers in the country won't help Kerry....

i am beginning to understan... (Below threshold)

i am beginning to understand why i have had this stupid smile on my face all day.


- In spite of Kerry camp's ... (Below threshold)

- In spite of Kerry camp's sour grapes challenge in Ohio I think there's no doubt Bush's victory will stand.... Congrats to all Bush supporters... My Home State came through!!!!!!!!

Sweet!... (Below threshold)


- This would be one time in... (Below threshold)

- This would be one time in this whole election cycle when Kerry could show the slightest shred of character by conceding like a man....Don't hold your breath......

Thank God and congratulatio... (Below threshold)

Thank God and congratulations, President Bush.

Now we know that Senator Harkin was really, really wrong. I guess God intended another outcome, and we see what it is tonight.

I am very pleased. I can now get to sleep and sleep well. Sad to see Wisconsin go for Kerry by a margin, that Coors lost Colorado Senate bid, and sad to see Boxer relected in CA...

Speaking of CA, wow, amazing, votes for Bush ran close to that for Kerry statewide. Remarkable, and very heartening.

Congratulations to President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the whole Bush campaign, AND the entire Pajamahadeen.

Speaking of which, I made more logos for public use: PAJAMAHADEEN...so will make them available tomorrow (my site).

Thanks, Wizbang, excellent, as usual, coverage and more...lgf...RedState...CommandPost...

Dan Rather just said it's s... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather just said it's so "confusing" it makes the head hurt.
Maybe confusing to him.
Maybe he needs his examined!
He's trying his damnedest to infuse hope into the sagging dem spirits at Kerry HQ's wake party. I have no sympathy.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall... (Below threshold)

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the DNC... as they begin their post-election "gnashing of teeth"...!

Humpty Dumpty Kerry sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty Kerry had a great fall,
All the Kings attorney's, (I know, "horses"... bear with me folks!)
And all the Kings media whores, (Well, that's what they are...!)
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty Kerry back together again...!

(Pardon the awkward prose!)

Thanks to FOX News, excelle... (Below threshold)

Thanks to FOX News, excellent coverage, also...I tried to go capture the overheat by Chris Matthews after Bush was declared winner, and all MSNBC was running was commercials ("buy WESTWING!" hehehehe), and returned to FOX for sanity instead.

FOX has done a great job tonight, Brit Hume rules.

Yeah, that background broad... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that background broadcast of the DNC Whatever was palpably, quite visibly gloomy, doomed even.

I also have no sympathy. Maybe a tiny bit for humanity, but just no sympathy with the DNC, Kerry, his campaign. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Hellloooo, review of military records.

Worldwide awakening?<... (Below threshold)

Worldwide awakening?

Just received birthday wishes from an old schoolmate now living in Australia - and it looks like the MSM has been spinning this thing for Kerry worldwide: my friend writes that early indications there are Kerry is winning. Yikes! Just updated him about CBSgate-to-now in one sentence, hee hee.

Kevin, thank you for showin... (Below threshold)

Kevin, thank you for showing me just how much value you place in our democracy. It's great that right-wing blogs such as this one, staffed by the same people who complained about the networks calling Florida for Gore way too early in 2000, now see no problem with Ohio being called for Bush before all the votes are counted and the race truly is too close to call.

Thanks for letting us know where your values are.

Any info on Hawaii? I haven... (Below threshold)

Any info on Hawaii? I haven't seen any new updates since the initial 69k vs 44k with 0% precincts reporting.

With IA, NM, and NV, it would make OH irrelevant.

Forget exit polls;F... (Below threshold)

Forget exit polls;Forget Media polls;Forget all the BS.If you would like to know who will win an election,just study the BODY LANGUAGE of the pundits and you will clearly see who is the probable winner.THEY KNOW(the pundits),very early on! Please allow me to gloat a wee bit.I called this race on another Wizbang thread around 2 pm today(11/2/04).The internal polls that the pundits are privy to really do subtly change behavior. 'CHANGE of BEHAVIOR'.That is my specialty.Bulldogs like Carville,Bergala and Estrich and many others turn into quiet and meek partisans,that still try to put on a happy face,even though they know the end is near. Ah, 'sweet behavioral science'.

Taz you're just showing you... (Below threshold)

Taz you're just showing your lack of knowledge. Bush leads by 120K votes with 96% counted. Provisional votes do not get counted, as much as you might want to protest, unless their number is greater than the margin of victory. Even then they don't get counted like regular votes - they're examined first to see if they are legal votes, then AND ONLY THEN are they counted. If the Bush victory margin is larger than the number of provisional ballots (which I base my call on) then they're legally moot.

- I can't find Rather anywh... (Below threshold)

- I can't find Rather anywhere so I assume he's off in his trailor getting wasted, but loving watching Larry King and company on CNN try to figure out how to holdoff calling it for Bush....ABC is in the tank sitting there bleeding at the eyes....Chris *ptoey* Mathews has finally started to throw in the towel....but very begrudgingly.....All in all a great night.....

Hey Tas, Almost none... (Below threshold)

Hey Tas, Almost none of the states has 100% return. It's sounding like sour grapes to equate 'calling a state' with belief in the underlying democratic process.

[PS - the gripe about Florida was over calling the state before the polls in other states closed. Not the case here, was it?]



Hunter - you're right. He ... (Below threshold)

Hunter - you're right. He just went off the air! Without a word about Bush winning in Ohio or overall. He was probably waiting for the dem tel. call announcing their "big legal strategy".

MahaRichie and everyone - glad you guys are still up and awake! Yessss, I saw the strange fixed grin on McAwful's face earlier today, then another one, and another one, and I thought - must have been in the talking points memo today - smile no matter what. But it seemed so insincere, frozen mask-like.

- Kerry has the Breck girly... (Below threshold)

- Kerry has the Breck girly-man doing the "sour grapes" dance for him..... chickenshit...Kerry's just a dork....period....Two sentences, almost in tears, "reporting for "doody".... (crowd looked like they were at a wake....)

- Mathews and the rest of his DemDummy panel have decided that if:

- Arafat decides to back Sharon
- Bin Laden turns himself in
- Ohio suceeds from the Union
- Peterson is aquitted
- Barry never did coke
- Clinton never had sex with that woman
- Rosemary woods ate the 18 minutes of tape
- Kerry really was in Cambodia, got an honorable discharge, and wins every other state still up for grabs....

- Thennnnnnnnnnnnnn with 500,000 dead people voting Kerry could turn it around in Ohio and win the election....

- They're starting to snap and bit at each other....

***Very Large smirkle and gloat******

Hunter - Dan Rather's back ... (Below threshold)

Hunter - Dan Rather's back again on local CBS. They're reporting Edwards saying "We've waited four years, we can wait one more night." Rather & co. are grasping at straws that this means a big legal fight. Oh wait.....

Ahnold just pre-empted Rather! Now he's speaking....

CNN seems to be delaying in... (Below threshold)

CNN seems to be delaying in turning Ohio over to Bush. Megapundit is keeping New Mexico and Iowa light red, even though its more or less over in those states.

I guess because Ohio has an automatic recount law they can't firmly state it for Bush.

Ahnold finished his 15-minu... (Below threshold)

Ahnold finished his 15-minute press conference. Dan Rather is back going on about the provisional ballots in Ohio.

Darby,The OH recount... (Below threshold)

The OH recount law has been stated tonight as 0.25% margin or less to kick in - don't see that happening.

Tas: That was weak, even f... (Below threshold)

Tas: That was weak, even for a whimper.

Kevin: You are a gracious host for even responding to that drivel. Keep up the good work. I'm happy to link to you quite often.

Hi Darby - as I understand ... (Below threshold)

Hi Darby - as I understand it, most states have a recount law, but there are requirements that have to be met and current Ohio numbers do not come close to qualifying.

Dan Rather (counting numbers with his pencil pointing at the states) asserting for Kerry, emphasis on the second word as he flails the pencil in the air... "I BELIEVE he wil win."

Hmm, of course now more than ever, Dan Rather himself has a very personal vested interest in having a protector in power. It's almost as if Rather is fighting for his own survival.

Unbelievable - Rather is sp... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable - Rather is spinning this thing while half of the country is already asleep. He keeps using the word "confusing". His CBS reporter just said "Bush is unhappy."
I'm usually a lady, but I'm going to take a liberty just this once: un-f***ing-believable!

- BR - you're exactly right... (Below threshold)

- BR - you're exactly right... with this loss and srHillery in the wings ready to take over the Dem leadership you can bet the whole party will restructure and they won't be running a left-wing nut jamboree 4 years from now when they face Gulliani....So Rather will be pushed out of the brood as damage control by CBS who has to start gaining back some sort of credibility or face all out extinction, Mapes to follow, maybe even Heyward, They'll say he was ready to retire anyway.... The bigwigs are already considering dropping the news division as it is.....

Oh good, Hunter, you're sti... (Below threshold)

Oh good, Hunter, you're still there. I don't want to do a monologue. Are you watching Rather too? Leslie Stahl just used the buzzword "turmoil" and much other kaka.

3:13 am, Peter "the Canadia... (Below threshold)

3:13 am, Peter "the Canadian" Jennings, interviewing Ed Gillespie, RNC chair (?), Ed Gillespie doing the math on Ohio, where estimated 125,000 provisional ballots exist, and...if Bush leading by about 125,000, and in primary only between 17 & 23 percent of provisional ballots qualified to be counted...the Canadian interrupts, and says, "ok, what is it you are accusing...because their is some discrepancy...some discrepancy in the numbers...what are they doing that doesn't meet your approval...Gillespie: it's not what doesn't meet my...I'm just pointing out the numbers...the Canadian: ok, but what should, what would...the advice you would be giving to the President...

Last check, Bush leads by 168,000 votes at 3:21 am, according to Ohio elections web site.

- It's just bitterness part... (Below threshold)

- It's just bitterness part duex....plain and simple....Of all the craziness thats the one thing about the Dem's circa 2004 that I'm simply can't understand.....You get beat you suck it up and show some class...They all seem to be shameless in their wildeyed pursuits of power.....

Well, to follow that tangen... (Below threshold)

Well, to follow that tangent (sHillary in 2008), I can only imagine a Schwarzenegger/Rice ticket and it'd be sooo longgg sHillary/Obama (who I anticipate they'll be priming for the V.P. to H.C.).

Except there'd be that prob... (Below threshold)

Except there'd be that problem of the Mrs. S.

- Well Arnolds got that con... (Below threshold)

- Well Arnolds got that constitutional problem, but either one, him or Rudy, would make damn good presidents....Course also for Arnold it would mean 4 years of no sex with Hachet face....But he said he'd go for it if he had the chance.....but very small chance for a const. amendment so I think Rudy's got the inside line....

CanadianViewpoint and Hunte... (Below threshold)

CanadianViewpoint and Hunter - yes!

At Fox, Brit Hume's gone home, but at least there's a new strong gun on - Dana Rohrabacher. (Lefty guest on Fox claimed Bush, if he wins this, will have to move to the center! Because of illegitimate win.) Rohrabacher slammed it down.

In contrast, over at Dan Rather's CBS, there is not one voice for the Republicans.

I'm staying awake - this thing is not over... the way these fanatics are trying to spin it overnight is dangerous for the country.

Lesley Stahl is holding up front pages of NY Times and another paper: she's claiming the headlines "are just what we said here" -
NYT headline: something about close race, "locked in"...
The other paper: Deja Vu All Over Again

Rather reporting that Bush ... (Below threshold)

Rather reporting that Bush has won in Nevada, "but still not enough to push Bush over the top..." He then says since Ohio and ...? still unsure, "one can always hope." Unbelievable blatant one-sidedness.

- BR - ...Of course they'll... (Below threshold)

- BR - ...Of course they'll try....the whole MSM/DNC and the liberdork camp are standing around like they're arguing over Ceasers body....But Bush's leads in Florida and Ohio are too large....They'll try for a day or two....but that dog won't hunt and sooner or later Bush will declare and everyone will go back to work.....But no ones going to forget what the MSM water boys did in this campaign.....and soon the lib media camp will start fragmenting and biting each other....They'll never be able to run wild again with the bloggers watching and reporting their every move....Them days are over.....the MSM are the last to figure that out.....

I accidentally stumbled on ... (Below threshold)

I accidentally stumbled on MTV while flipping around for other election coverage than NBC's "we're calling Bush in Ohio, but I, Tom F'in Brokaw, will fight tooth and nail to figure out a way we can take it off the board", and I thought Jon Norris (I think that's the ultra-Liberal hippy's name) was going to cry.

Say there's the MAXIMUM of 200,000 provisional ballots in Ohio, and they allow the 90% (!!!) they say Ohio did validated in 2000. If Kerry gets 160,000 or whatever of those to pull even, the Dems have NO reason to call bullshit on another election ever again. Ever. Never ever. Again.

Now here's to President Bush finishing off Iraq, pulling Osama out of his cave and hanging him by his yam bag, strengthening the job market, and mooning the world as he hops onto Marine One on Jan 20, 2009.

Dear Hunter, thanks for kee... (Below threshold)

Dear Hunter, thanks for keeping me company and for the reassurances.

From my childhood days I remember, if you're camping out in the bush and there's a wounded lion about, you better keep nightwatch going.

When will the cavalry arrive on the morning shift?

But...but...the really IMPO... (Below threshold)

But...but...the really IMPORTANT question this morning, that no one is ASKing, is, will Wil Wheaton beem back to his future or not? Will KOS move to Canada?! And, WHO shut down the DU forums?!???

Do you THINK it MIGHT have been Karl Rove?!?!

O.K., now I have to go to sleep.

Come on Kerry concede, I ne... (Below threshold)

Come on Kerry concede, I need to go to bed.
Bush wins! say it! COME ON, SAY IT!

- Nostrovia tony - Here's t... (Below threshold)

- Nostrovia tony - Here's to the next four with George....Brokaw is even more senile than Rather if you can believe that....He literily hates the bloogers....Blames them for all of Kerry's problems....I hope some interprizing writers dog Kerry's record till it all comes out....Just to put an exclaimation point on the scam the Liberal Dem's tried to run on the country.... They and their Socialist/Marxist cock roaches need to be completely discredited so America can forget them for 20 or so years.....

BR, even more funny, if you... (Below threshold)

BR, even more funny, if you take a look at MSNBC, you can see why they are in the ratings cellar. Host Hardon has 4 talking heads with him, and including him, they are all liberal. Every one. Where's the balance? iirc, it's Andrea Mitchell, Ron Reagan Jr. (he came out so strongly against the gay marriage amendments tonight, plus some other things I've notices makes me ask, is he himself gay? That would explain a lot about his past political leanings and other issues), plus two more liberals I can't remember right now (the former spokesperson/sexetary of Clinton's administration is another I think).

Now that's fair & balanced! And they can't understand, it's beyond their comprehension, why they are in the ratings cellar.

Hee hee - Rather just menti... (Below threshold)

Hee hee - Rather just mentioned that bloggers are probably already saying Kerry should concede!

- Edwards looked like he's ... (Below threshold)

- Edwards looked like he's been on a two week bender....sounded the usual Kerry line...."We will hunt down and kill every GOP voter....."...

- Night folks....Dinosaur's going to bed....Enjoy it....Payback is the gooderest.....

Apparently the Bush support... (Below threshold)

Apparently the Bush supporters are still in huge numbers at the HQ in great spirits and awaiting a Bush appearance, a speech? I'm trying to find tv coverage of it.

- BR - It will be on FOX if... (Below threshold)

- BR - It will be on FOX if he makes an appearence....

To: "Is He or Isn't He"... (Below threshold)

To: "Is He or Isn't He"

You're talking about ballerina twit? Did you notice that Scarborough actually became bed-ridden with an old back injury after that guy became his co-host? Contagion of aberration.

Hunter, do you reaaaaally h... (Below threshold)

Hunter, do you reaaaaally have to go? I can't remember when I last went to bed!

Michelle Malkin on Fox! Yay!
But what is it with all those other liberal females - looks like they've all had face lifts (earlier tonight Susan Estrogen), now Ellen Radnor!

Staying up so many hours ma... (Below threshold)

Staying up so many hours makes me clairvoyant, hee hee. They're from another planet, and it's not Venus!

No one missed me (I'm STILL... (Below threshold)

No one missed me (I'm STILL on my way out the door, and to bed...) but here's an article about President Bush's planned declarative speech for "early Wednesday morning" it reads. There's no way that it will not be on FOX, live.

As an aside here, I was just wondering what the results from yesterday and this morning say about ZOGBY!?! **Nevermind.**

Hee hee -S-, we're two of a... (Below threshold)

Hee hee -S-, we're two of a kind. I've been "going to go to bed soon" since Monday.

Yes, what was that about Zogby again? Called a state wrongly prematurely or the whole thing?

Hearing something on Fox now that Ohio has finished the count. Bush won of course. And provisional ballots may be counted, after they've been verified as valid, in about 11 days... correct me if I'm wrong. Listening to talk radio and two tv channels at once!

This is like an Olympic relay race - we want to pass the baton on to you guys now, so we can go to sl..... zzzzz.

4:44amRather just ... (Below threshold)


Rather just called Lynch the Democrat Governor canidate who won the New Hampshire Election, the New Governor of New Jersey! Bwahaha, someone needs to hit the sack and get some sleep.

His whole demeanor is one of severe discomfort!

Bloggers never sleep!... (Below threshold)

Bloggers never sleep!

Picture at http://www.joe-ks.com/archives_nov2003/SleepingComputer.jpg

Sorry, still don't know how to make it clickable. In the meantime, just copy it into address line on the net.

I don't know what Kerry's s... (Below threshold)
Kevin Fowler:

I don't know what Kerry's strategy in Ohio is, but if he thinks that he can make up 140,000 votes (2.66% of all votes cast) then he should be worried about his 125,000 vote lead in PA (2.23% of all votes cast).

CBS's panel of lefties are ... (Below threshold)

CBS's panel of lefties are arguing as if there's something wrong. Ed Bradley started listing all the bad news Bush had to endure and yet he still appears to be victorious. I'm surprised he didn't say, "We know Kerry won cause Bush sucks."

The MSM spin is that this i... (Below threshold)

The MSM spin is that this is 2000 redux, but in reality it's not. First, Bush won the popular vote by 3 percent. Florida was won handily, not by a mere 500 votes. Ohio is Bush's even if they count the provisional ballots. The MSM seem to be worried that perhaps, maybe Kerry's voters are being shortchanged, but they don't seem to care about kicking the majority of voters in the shins with these tactics to steal the election. I expect nothing less from the savages in the Democrat Party.






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