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Wizbang Calls Ohio For Bush

See the Ohio results by county at CNN.

Cuyahoga Co. (Cleveland) is Kerry's last hope. Al Gore won it in 2000 somewhere in the 60% range. Kerry currently has 63% with 2/3 of the precincts counted. It's not enough to close the Bush lead of 150,000 with 75% counted.

Ohio is going to Bush.

Update: Bush wins Clark county. Voters tell The Guardian to sod off with their ballots...

Update 2: FOX and NBC call Ohio for Bush. Bush is up 266-211.

Update 3: ABC reports there are 106,000 provisional ballots and with 96% of the vote counted Bush leads by 120,000 votes. By law the votes are only examined (they're not counted unless registration is verified) if the total number of provisional ballots are more than the margin of victory.


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Comments (17)

Fax called it too... (Below threshold)

Fax called it too

DUH FOX... (Below threshold)


Here's the headline:<... (Below threshold)

Here's the headline:

OHIO cooks Kerry's goose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repost -(cause you moved)-<... (Below threshold)

Repost -(cause you moved)-

- My state didn't let me down .... FOX calls Ohio for Bush (deaniac immitation).....


- Pretty much over.....

At CBS, Rather and Schiefer... (Below threshold)

At CBS, Rather and Schiefer (Schiffer?): "Bush went to Ohio 21 times and Kerry went there 36 times."

I guess familiarity breeds contempt. Or the more they saw him, the less they liked him.

re: OHIO cooks Kerry's goos... (Below threshold)

re: OHIO cooks Kerry's goose !!!!!!!!!

Use it if you like it, anywhere you like it.


This has to go down as one ... (Below threshold)

This has to go down as one of the greatest political achievements of all time. Despite a massive effort by the MSM, massive voter fraud by the Dems, Bush pulls off a clear cut victory and smashes Ronald Reagan's record of 54 million votes (to be fair, Kerry will also break that record).
Bush has defeated Kerry, the MSM, the UN, Osama Bin Laden, Jacques Chirac and many others.

they're still bloody voting... (Below threshold)

they're still bloody voting in ohio

Ha ha! Rather is still cou... (Below threshold)

Ha ha! Rather is still counting on his abacus how many other states Bush has to win if he loses Ohio!!


Oh, what a sweet birthday present! You guys on East Coast time can start wishing me happy birthday - I still have to wait a few hours, but I'm ready to party, doing the zombie sleeplessblogger dance!

CELEBRATE!... (Below threshold)
John Robinson:


- Not only that but the goo... (Below threshold)

- Not only that but the gooder news is Iowa is really tight...3000 votes difference....Why is that important....If Bush can make the margin large enough a recount in Ohio won't matter......

It's my birthday present to... (Below threshold)

It's my birthday present too! Someone got off cheap on the gift giving, but I don't care.

If anyone sees Michael Moore, please tell him, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha". Then, as he is walking away, give him one more "ha".


Man, I love america

Drudge just called the elec... (Below threshold)

Drudge just called the election for Bush!

Kevin, is that our Kevin? ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, is that our Kevin? Happy Birthday to you!
Yay for the Scorpions!

I love to sing on the internet - no one can hear I'm off key!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you
Happy biiiiiiirrrrthday to yo-hoooo!
Happy birthday to you!

- One polling saw dies (Red... (Below threshold)

- One polling saw dies (Redskins lose), one stays alive (Ohio a must to win)....

- With FOX conceding Alaska Bush is at 269 which gives it to him in the senate at the extreme....

Kevin's moved the party to ... (Below threshold)

Kevin's moved the party to the next thread already!

Oh god, I'm wetting myself - Dan Rather just said:

"We'd rather be late than wrong" !!!!!!!

When I voted yesterday (In ... (Below threshold)

When I voted yesterday (In Ostrander, Ohio) I encountered something I did not expect. There were long lines and several people stated this election was a first for them. These were not young people they were middle aged and they were voting for Bush. Many speculated that a large turnout would benefit Kerry, but it appears it did not.

I am so glad it is over, we have had Moveon.org as well as other 527 ads since April.

Way to go GWB.






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