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Arafat "will not recover"

Arafat is on the death-watch clock... From the Mail&Guardian:

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's condition is "extremely grave" and he will probably not recover from his illness, a French doctor said on Thursday.

The 75-year-old Arafat "is still in a coma", said the doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The doctor said Arafat is not responding to treatment, and added: "He will not recover."

His death could come today, or he might hang on for a while. Other than PLO spokesmen, no one expects a recovery.

Update: Was Jacques Chirac his last visitor?

Update 2: Thanks to a tip from Paul we were first with the news, and as of this point still the most accuarte. Israeli TV reports that he's brain dead, and other bloggers have reported that Arafat IS dead. I'm sticking with the the "mostly dead" story, as it is still the most accurate assessment.

ISO - An online newspaper that jumps the gun and runs one of the wire service obituaries.

Update 3:(Paul) Israel scrambles jets over Lebanon as they brace for the reaction. Here is the latest AP story. Apparently he is brain dead but still on the machines.


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Comments (33)

Feels like another Kremlin ... (Below threshold)

Feels like another Kremlin watch. Anyone wanna bet he's been dead for four days, like Brezhnev was?

Maybe his doctor should get... (Below threshold)

Maybe his doctor should get a peace prize.

Arafat, of course, gets a "... (Below threshold)

Arafat, of course, gets a "rest in peace" prize.

<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)
- A presidential gaggle rep... (Below threshold)

- A presidential gaggle reporter on FOX just told Bush that Arafat has passed on to that great "72 virgin" bordello in the ground....This is no doubt another right-wing conspiracy like the one that keeps insisting that General Issimo Franco is not enjoying good health on the French Riviara....

Yeah, Chirac went through A... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Chirac went through Arafat's pockets looking for Swiss bank deposit box keys...

I remember the first time Y... (Below threshold)

I remember the first time Yasser tried blowing up a school bus: he kept burning his lips on the tail pipe.

FNC just reported that the ... (Below threshold)

FNC just reported that the PLO said they wouldn't announce his death for up to 72 hours after the fact, in order to "prepare their people." Um... shouldn't they have been preparing ever since they put him on the chopper? Just a thought....

- Now Fox is stating that "... (Below threshold)

- Now Fox is stating that "Senior sources" in France are saying that Arafat is not quite dead yet in spite of all of his doctors efforts....Palestinian officials say they intend to slowly anounce the news of Arafats demise, waiting 72 hours before making a final announcement in order to provide a time of adjustment to insure stabiity, and to give the ailing leader 1 hour each with his well earned virgins....

Shit. If only this were Aug... (Below threshold)

Shit. If only this were August, when ¾ of the hospital staff were en vacances

Just heard Angel of Death J... (Below threshold)

Just heard Angel of Death Jimmy Carter is jetting to his side. You know he's gone

I question the timing.... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I question the timing.

It's Bush's fault. If Bush=Winner hadn't been unredefeated Arafat would be alive and well right now. How could Bush be so heartless? Bush should have anticipated Arafat would die and conceeded the race as soon as it was announced that Arafat was sick to prevent this tragic occurence. Bush is so heartless.

I can only hope that his co... (Below threshold)

I can only hope that his condition continues to improve - rapidly!

They say good things come in threes - Bush re-elected, Arafat cashing in his chips... What's the third going to be?

Fidel, maybe?

Or Carter being pulled to the great beyond by Arafat?

Remy, when I saw a report a... (Below threshold)

Remy, when I saw a report about this on another blog, I couldn't resist:

And I thought Dan Rather was having trouble with the election results.

I am heartbroken to hear an... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I am heartbroken to hear another Nobel Prize winner is about to leave. Could we add Jimmy to the list?

I thought he was drain bram... (Below threshold)

I thought he was drain bramaged from the start. Just looking at him was enough for me. He was in another world in most the last videos. Then when he really got sick and they had that video of him and the doctors....looked like he tried to eat the hand of one of them. Like a baby getting fixated on one thing till you distract him. The way his handlers got him into the helicopter,grabbing his head and shoving him into it.

It rather reminds me of the... (Below threshold)

It rather reminds me of the dead body that claims he isn't from Monty Python & the Search for the Holy grail...

Arafat: "I'm not dead, I feel fine."

I commented on this site la... (Below threshold)

I commented on this site last week that he was in the final, terminal stages of Parkinson's and that he wouldn't last the week - my uncle went under the same conditions - hallucinations, dementia then death. He is being sustained on life support so that the lawyers can put all theiur duck in a row and legally find all the bank accounts and re-distribute the wealth...as President Bush said "God Bless his Soul"

Miracle Max : He probably o... (Below threshold)

Miracle Max : He probably owes you money huh? I'll ask him.
Inigo Montoya : He's dead. He can't talk.
Miracle Max : Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much. It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do.
Inigo Montoya : What's that?
Miracle Max : Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

Beautiful, Jon! I was also... (Below threshold)

Beautiful, Jon! I was also thinking of that movie when I read the phrase "mostly dead", except I was thinking of "You've been mostly dead all day!"

According to Fox News, CNN,... (Below threshold)

According to Fox News, CNN, CBC and others, they are saying he is NOT dead. Okay, Dead is Dead. You either ARE or ARE NOT. Its simple. Pulse or No Pulse.

I didn't know Arafat could Flip Flop too.....

He'll never be dead enough ... (Below threshold)

He'll never be dead enough for my liking. When he goes I hope he's not met in the afterlife by 72 virgins, but he's met by a 72-year old yenta

Jimmy Carter is rushing to ... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter is rushing to be at his lover's side. I always thought Carter was in love with Arafat. Must be the towel on his head. Arafat is Carter's Rudolph Valentino in "The Sheik."

LMAO, Kevin H.... (Below threshold)

LMAO, Kevin H.

Sharon was overheard saying... (Below threshold)
God Bless America:

Sharon was overheard saying...


must reload to hear

Um, okay, this is, like, ba... (Below threshold)

Um, okay, this is, like, bad news? CNN seems to thinks so. I wonder if they'll interview one of the thousands of widows, widowers and orphans he made, asking how they "feel"?

"Just heard Angel of Death Jimmy Carter is jetting to his side. You know he's gone." He'll go beore that, if only to avoid having to listen to Bitchy Will Rogers pretend to care about anything but his own rep.

If Arafat dies today he wil... (Below threshold)

If Arafat dies today he will have died on the same day as Rabin. Pretty crazy.

I'm heartbroken. Truly.... (Below threshold)

I'm heartbroken. Truly.

As for the PLO spokesmen, I imagine they'll cling on to the end. Reporters will storm the hospital room and Saeb Erakat will be there animating with a Yassir Arafat sock puppet and shouting out of the corner of his mouth, "Hello, kids! I'm alive and healthy! C'mon, let's go blow up a school bus in Tel Aviv!"

Reporters will just nod their heads and mutter, "Yep - that's the Arafat we know and love!"

If he's only 'mostly dead',... (Below threshold)

If he's only 'mostly dead', I sure hope Miracle Max isn't able to come up with a chocolate-coated miracle pill to bring him back...Good Riddance. Bush wins, Arafat dying. There is a God. Been a good day to be an American!

If Arafat is dead then we c... (Below threshold)
Reed Bates:

If Arafat is dead then we can be sure that he knows better now.

"If Arafat is dead then we ... (Below threshold)

"If Arafat is dead then we can be sure that he knows better now."

That reminds me of "Marathon Man" and the (wildly approximated) final words heard by the dying Nazi :
"Guess what. The Jews are waiting for you....and they have drills."

But seriously, hate-filled monsters like Arafat merely profess belief. He never expected "72 virgins" (or even 72 pomegranates, as modern, more skillful editors have corrected the mistranslation to read). Arafat expected oblivion. No true man of any faith could be so murderous and cruel. THAT is what he is learning.

Sharon offered to bury ara... (Below threshold)

Sharon offered to bury arafat in Jerusalem

as long as hes still alive

ok ill admidt I stole that from Stuart Smally

Sharon offered to bury ara... (Below threshold)

Sharon offered to bury arafat in Jerusalem

as long as hes still alive

ok ill admidt I stole that from Stuart Smally






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