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How Excited Is Barbara Bush About The Election?

Pretty excited...

[Semi NSFW picture below]

REUTERS/Rick Wilking


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Comments (34)

Now, put her in Serena's dr... (Below threshold)

Now, put her in Serena's dress.... that's it. Perfection.

I'm guessing it was just co... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing it was just cold inside the Reagan Building.

man she has great hair!... (Below threshold)

man she has great hair!

umm...i'm not gay

- More proof that women pre... (Below threshold)

- More proof that women prefer the company of winners....

State Law:It must h... (Below threshold)

State Law:It must have been raining...so her headlights were on.Verrry Niiice!
Now, if she could only teach her sister Jenna how to applaud correctly...she looks like a spastic making hamburgers.

The healing begins:<p... (Below threshold)
Yea she is obviousl... (Below threshold)

Yea she is obviously excited..very excited.I 'm excited too..very excited.However I'm excited about the erection results.It was a great erection.I could care less about how excited Barbara Bush is.All I care about is the erection.

"a spastic making hamburger... (Below threshold)

"a spastic making hamburgers"

I couldn't describe it all night, and now I can. Thank you.

Well, lets see, Bush girls ... (Below threshold)

Well, lets see, Bush girls better looking than Kerrys

Bush, more popular AND e/c votes

Bush, better quality wife, and better looking wife too

Bush, better values and STICKS TO THEM

I'd say we have a WINNER and a weiner, wouldn't you?

I hate it when I link to so... (Below threshold)

I hate it when I link to something, then update my post a few times, and badda-boom badda-bing, I've thrown three trackbacks.

Oh well...

Cheese Wiz, you guys...at l... (Below threshold)

Cheese Wiz, you guys...at least she's not FFN like sKerry's daughter at the Cannes flim flam festival. Yikes. She can't buy a slip? no class.

'Babs the younger' looks like most of us pushing our carts thru the frozen food aisle: Chilly.

Just my two 'scents'. :)

What are you guys talking a... (Below threshold)

What are you guys talking about? LOL.

How old are you?... (Below threshold)

How old are you?

Too old. I thought it woul... (Below threshold)

Too old. I thought it would be a funny break :)

Honestly though, I can't believe she would give some photog the opportunity of catching her actually wearing something like that.

It does look low class, but the dawgs love it. :)

Wearing what? It's a leotar... (Below threshold)

Wearing what? It's a leotard type top. You try coordinating all your lingerie with everything you wear. Guys don't have to do it. Can't be too thin. Can' be too lumpy. Can't be white under a dark top. Can't be black under a light top. Can't have the straps show.

julie, quit your whining.</... (Below threshold)

julie, quit your whining.

Have you ever tried to match faded flannel with faded blue jeans? Getting the same level of fading together can put a guy at his closet for minutes on end.

And don't get me started with combing our hair...

Jenna just doesn't do it fo... (Below threshold)

Jenna just doesn't do it for me... looks too much like her father. As much as I admire the President... well, let's just not go there.

Now Barbara on the other hand, appears to have inherited her mother's looks... wowza!

perky!!I remember th... (Below threshold)

I remember that once...perky...
Julie...you offended by the male banter?
Male exhibited excitement is entertainment at its best.
Enjoy the sideshow

She and Jeff Goldstein clea... (Below threshold)

She and Jeff Goldstein clearly have something in common.

Actually after I stopped ga... (Below threshold)

Actually after I stopped gawking,I think she looks a bit like the actress Kate Beckingsale(sp?) from Pearl Harbor,Underworld,Van Helsing movies.

I think I coined this phras... (Below threshold)

I think I coined this phrase over at Jeff G's site...

Ahh...The power of the boobs.

Oh..and McGehee..so...that's what Jeff's looks like, huh?

andre3000: You forgot about... (Below threshold)

andre3000: You forgot about lining up the holes in your underwear with the holes in your pants.

Jeez, guys, it's the Presid... (Below threshold)

Jeez, guys, it's the President's daughter for crying out loud. ... I hate to think of anyone trying to trash her reputation. Like Laura, the whole Bush family is so decent and good. When I look at the rest of the country - the MTV-types - I really want to protect anyone with a semblence of integrity.

Julie:Women also n... (Below threshold)


Women also never seem to appreciate all of the effort it takes to wash all of our new and old laundry together, over and over again, until all of the colors match.

I have to know - what the h... (Below threshold)
reg carlton:

I have to know - what the heck does "FFN" mean?

Sparkle, that's what Jeff's... (Below threshold)

Sparkle, that's what Jeff's nipples look like.

McGehee: How would you know... (Below threshold)

McGehee: How would you know what Jeff's nipples look like?

Twins *sigh*... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Twins *sigh*

i believe the line is, "Twi... (Below threshold)

i believe the line is, "Twins, Alvie. Imagine the possibilities."

Barbara is absolutely smoki... (Below threshold)

Barbara is absolutely smokin'.

Julie, you really do... (Below threshold)

Julie, you really don't want to know.

She certainly is the pretti... (Below threshold)

She certainly is the prettiest first-daughter in many decades. And, I hate to admit that I even noticed this, but she has a very sexy, confident, way of walking.

I shall take my leave now, so that I might practice said walk in front of the mirror.

Oh, and what was that word ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and what was that word we so often heard spoken of Chelsea?

Poise, was it?

McGehee: How would you k... (Below threshold)

McGehee: How would you know what Jeff's nipples look like?

Ask Jeff. He'll tell you. In great detail.

It's fascinating.


Swear to God.






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