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Media leads the "healing" process II

Can't you just feel the love from the Philadelphia Daily News.


Sen. John Kerry gave a gracious concession speech yesterday. President Bush delivered an equally graceful victory speech. And everyone is eager to take a few weeks away from divisive politics, either to celebrate or lick his or her wounds and peeling off Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers. ...

Yes, those who opposed this administration - including this page - lost the election. But despite some right-wing pundits who believe the loyal opposition should just shut up now, the opposite should happen. Sorry, Dick Cheney, a four-million-vote margin of victory in an election in which more than 114 million votes were cast does not translate into an overwhelming mandate. Bush deserves congratulations for his victory. But congratulations, not appeasement, is all he should get, because we know what his agenda will be for the next four years, and little of it is good for the long-term health of this country.

Cleaning up the current putrid mess of debt, division and despair in Iraq is as beyond this administration's abilities tomorrow as it was yesterday. We would be happy to be proven wrong, but we suspect we won't be.

I just love it when the media brings us all together to share warm fuzzy moments such as these.


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Comments (31)

If THEY say something negat... (Below threshold)

If THEY say something negative, or outright ugly, that's ok... but all hell would break loose if we did the same thing.

If Kerry had won, imagine what they'd be saying about US if WE were griping? What a bunch of sore losers....

I am sorry.But a 1... (Below threshold)

I am sorry.

But a 10 senator and a 30 representative margin sounds like a mandate to me.

NY Daily News had a laughab... (Below threshold)

NY Daily News had a laughable front page editorial today basically telling Bush that he needs to make nicey-nice by raising the minimum wage, rollback his tax cuts, and only appoint someone to SCOTUS who is acceptable to a bipartisian coalition.

What a toilet bowl full of crap.

Bush won. And he didn't need NYC to do it. If anything, the Daily News should go pandering to Bush if they want to "heal" the nation.

One wonders if a President Kerry winning by the same margin would be urged to enact significant portions of the GOP agenda, in the name of "healing"

Let Hillary and Teddy Kennedy take the first steps towards "healing"

Hate to disappoint anyone s... (Below threshold)

Hate to disappoint anyone still basking in the wram glow of this election, but there's still a lot of work to be done. "...current putrid mess of debt, division and despair..." isn't the language of cooperation or opposition, it's destructive hatred.

It may be true that "it's good to be king", but the Republican party needs some loyal opposition. Until the MSM is cleaned up, until the Democratic party purges itself of LLLs, we will face another Kerry/Gore clone in 2008, 2012, etc. Instead we're faced with the self-loathing of pinko/red wannabees. America needs parties that don't threaten every fiber of it's being.

Fantastic! Yet another Dem ... (Below threshold)

Fantastic! Yet another Dem heavyweight fails to recognize the lessons to be learned...thus doing its best to ensure a 2008 Dem candidate just as out-of-synch as this one. I shudder to think what the elction result would have been if the Dems had had the restraint and civic maturity to nominate Joe Lieberman. I think he could have easily been president, but he had a snowball's chance of approval by the Dem wacko base. Thank God they're as clueless and out of touch with mid-America as they are arrogant.

The media quagmire will con... (Below threshold)

The media quagmire will continue on!

see the post election picture & caption extraviganza at stungbythewasp.com for more hillarity!
(excuse the spelling it's been a long few days)

Just remember only 34% of t... (Below threshold)

Just remember only 34% of the voters identified themselves as conservatives so the remaining majority of 66% are moderates and liberals.

GWB needs to be the President of all the people not just the conservative minority.

He was elected primarily on the view that the american people believe that GWB would fight a more effective war on terror then John Kerry. He was not elected to pursue a RW conservative theocratic agenda.

Dave (the other one)

If the left keeps that up, ... (Below threshold)

If the left keeps that up, they're going to be staring at 60 to 63 US Senators and 250 or Congressmen as Republicans in 2006. Wonder how they'd react to that?

I get it: the Republicans s... (Below threshold)

I get it: the Republicans should try to be more like Democrats. As is being Democrats helped the Democrat Party win. I'm all for the Left getting even more vocal. Nancy Pelosi is a perfect face for the Democrat Party. I remember Ann Coulter once writing that if Liberals (let's call them what they really are: Neo-Marxists and Socialists) ever told the American people what they really wanted for America, the people would drown 'em.

The most important issue in the next four years -- besides the war -- is Supreme Court appointments. We have got to make sure there aren't activist judges put on that court. I know legal scholars who are Liberals and pro-choice who will tell you Roe v. Wade is bad law.

Wow, Dave knows why Bush wa... (Below threshold)

Wow, Dave knows why Bush was elected. Not only are liberals know-it-alls but they can actually read the minds of 59,000,000 people. The real exit polls showed that many people voted on social issues as well as the war. And how can we expect the Left to fight for a country which -- in the deepest fibers of their beings -- they hate. Liberals make up about, at most, 20% of the population. Moderates are the majority. Yet moderates have more to fear from the wackjobs on the left that from people on the right.

If you back out the 15 poin... (Below threshold)

If you back out the 15 points that Evan Thomas claims the MSM was delivering for Kerry, then it really was a landslide.

Hey Jim,My buddies... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim,

My buddies over at Dogsnot coined the term "NeoComs" (Neo Communists) to describe them. And as I'm constantly called a "NeoCon", I think it's a fairly appropriate phrase to describe them. I will be using it liberally (hehe, liberally).


Jim,No I am basing... (Below threshold)


No I am basing it on exit polls. If you look at them only 22% voted on moral values, that means 78% did not vote primarily on moral values (the majority want GWB to focus on other things). Neither conservatives or liberals are the majority political philosophy in this country, the moderates are the largest block of voters in this country that voted.

So GWB's focus should be towards the moderates. And there were many liberals and moderates that voted for GWB that without the terrorism issue would not have voted for GWB and the rest of his domestic agenda with a "ten foot pole"

George W. Bush basically won the argument about the "best" way to fight terrorism.

I for one hope he is right. So GWB, go fight the terrorists, keep us safe 24 hours a day/7 Days a Week/365 Days a year over the next 4 years as you promised on the campaign trail - then if you have any time left over focus on transforming our nation to a Christian Theocracy.

I think Americans will be quite disappointed in GWB's legacy if he is successful in passing legislation that caters to the 22% that voted on moral issues and does not adequately protect us from terrorists.

Dave (the other one)

Mouthbreather. Plain and s... (Below threshold)

Mouthbreather. Plain and simple. Nothing democratic at all in what he says. What I don't understand is how or why he and organizations like MoveOn and others can claim to be champions of democracy and mock it at the same time.

The Miami Herald is full of... (Below threshold)

The Miami Herald is full of similar opinionists - and they say we're the dividers??

Ummm... didn't exit poll ju... (Below threshold)

Ummm... didn't exit poll just proved how wrong they can be? I have to admit that I may be one of the reasons why the poll was wrong. When asked who did I vote for when I left the poll, I said I voted for integrity. Not my fault that they took it as voting for John Kerry.

Ooops! I posted that in th... (Below threshold)

Ooops! I posted that in the wrong place. It was supposed to be under the Palast thing. Sorry

Neither conservatives or... (Below threshold)

Neither conservatives or liberals are the majority political philosophy in this country

Current makeup of the House, the Senate, the Governorships and the Presidency prove you wrong.

Bush was elected (no matter what the polls-haha-say) to enact his ENTIRE agenda.


And that's what he will do. He doesn't have to move towards the moderates in order to govern. He's got his 4 years and a congress to pass his agenda.

And that's what I hope he does.

And if you don't like it, too fricking bad.

It is just a matter of prio... (Below threshold)

It is just a matter of priorities. To take a mandate from 22% of the people who voted primarily for moral values rather than the 78% of people who voted for focusing on other priorities is working for the majority of the country.

You have to look beyond just a win-loss but what do the majority of the Americans want GWB to do not that they voted for him to do whatever he wanted in the same way if John Kerry got 140,000 more votes in Ohio (when the provisional ballots are counted, I suspect it will be well around 50,000) he would have to govern towards the moderates as well to build a coalition.

You all are acting like 51% is 80% of the country and he should go hard right on his social policies because 22% want that to be a priority.

If the Republicans think that the margin of victory was anything more than a validation of GWB's war on terrorism over John Kerry's war on terrorism, they are sadly mistaken. There are more than enough Moderate/Liberal voters for GWB that voted his terrorism message and nothing else in his domestic priorities (like the Ed Koch for instance and the "Security Moms")

The voters also preferred a different/better direction on Iraq, Healthcare & Education.

There was some validation of his tax cut strategies from the voters as well, so if he wants to give me more tax breaks that my children will be paying back, that is fine for me, I will take it.

My point is that GWB has a lot on his plate to keep us safe and I do not think he has any time to do major controversial social policy shifts that will distract from the major anti-terrorism initiatives.

Specifically, in addition to Iraq, he needs to focus on North Korea, Iran and containing Nuclear Proliferation.

So lets be united in keeping our nation safe not imposing a minority view of 22% moral issues on the entire country. Spend the political capital wisely.

Dave (the other one)

Shark,You are enti... (Below threshold)


You are entitled to your opinion on that but the polls and the exit polls do not support your opinion.

I understand that is your desire. Remember what people like Ed Koch and Ron Silver said, "as soon as GWB gets elected we will oppose his domestic policies that we do not agree with, but we believe that he will fight a better war on terrorism than John Kerry".

Dave (the other one)

Shark,If John Kerr... (Below threshold)


If John Kerry was elected he most certaintly would have reached out to Republicans to have a moderate agenda that addressed the issues important to the majority of Americans.

Partially out of necessity and partially out of a feeling that we needed to go back to having a unified country again. That is exactly what he campaigned on.

Dave (the other one)

And Shark, one more thing, ... (Below threshold)

And Shark, one more thing, your "if you don't like that it is too frickin' bad" comment is not very American.

We have a lot of things in this country we need to come together on to defeat the terrorists and we need more than 22% or 51% of the American people to do that.

I would respectively suggest that the "my way or the high-way" attitude will not be a good way to re-unify this country.

Dave (the other one)

And Shark, one more thing, ... (Below threshold)

And Shark, one more thing, your "if you don't like that it is too frickin' bad" comment is not very American.

We have a lot of things in this country we need to come together on to defeat the terrorists and we need more than 22% or 51% of the American people to do that.

I would respectively suggest that the "my way or the high-way" attitude will not be a good way to re-unify this country.

Dave (the other one)

To offset the additional ta... (Below threshold)

To offset the additional tax cuts and achieve his goal of reducing the deficit by 50% over the next 4 years, I would suggest cutting welfare across the board by 50%. This would of course affect "red states" more since there are more per-capita welfare recipients in those states than the blue states. Cut medicaid, get rid of that Prescription Drug entitlement. Lets get the federal government out of all those terrible programs. Get rid of dept of education and federal aide for schools.

I want to see the citizens of for instance Missisippi deal with their problems without be subsidized by taxpayers in NY, NJ and CT.

Let those states decide what they want to do with their poor populations.

If we cut them off and make them suffer a little more maybe they will start voting and voting in their interest rather than staying home or voting for some divine intervention from god.

Dave-1) Bush doesn... (Below threshold)


1) Bush doesn't take a mandate from what polls say a voters most important issue is. He takes his mandate from- get ready to learn an important point here- the fact that he was elected. PERIOD. There was no column on the ballots for itemization. If you voted for Bush, you voted for his agenda. If you were voting for "moral values' you balanced that against his views on Iraq, etc. That is where he draws hsi agenda from.

2)You all are acting like 51% is 80% of the country and he should go hard right on his social policies because 22% want that to be a priority

Stop being so obtuse. 51% of the country may as well be 100% of the country, because that is all it takes. Voters know this, and understand this.

3) If John Kerry was elected he most certaintly would have reached out to Republicans to have a moderate agenda that addressed the issues important to the majority of Americans.

hahahahahahaha. Very funny. What Kerrys agenda would've been- it would've been HIS aganda, 100% down the line, because had he been elected, HIS aganda would've been what was important to the majority of Americans. He wouldn't be looking to make the tax cuts permanent or fix social security, or tort reform, or any of the other elements of the GOP platform as a sop to "unity". He'd do what he was put there to do.

4) "Too fricking bad" is unamerican? Man, you have low standards. How about "tough luck" or "life isn't fair" or "deal with it"- because they all amount to the same thing.

Look, I don't mean to be harsh, but get your head out of the exit polls. They're MEANINGLESS.
Dems didn't get their way by winning, they won't get it by whining.

You vote for the man, you're endorsing his agenda, no matter what your most important issue is. If you couldn't stand the thought of his enacting his full agenda, you should've voted for the other guy.

End of story (if that's not unamerican either?)

Or if I may put it another ... (Below threshold)

Or if I may put it another way- the people didn't elect Bush and give him a solid republican congress so he could enact the other sides agenda.

Well Shark, I guess we can ... (Below threshold)

Well Shark, I guess we can just agree to disagree on your point

Well Shark, I guess we can ... (Below threshold)

Well Shark, I guess we can just agree to disagree on your point

Because Shark, some people ... (Below threshold)

Because Shark, some people have this old-fashioned notion that the President is just a little above politics and is the President of 100% of the people not just 22% who want a Theocracy and not just the 51% that voted for him.

I really feel sorry for you that you do not feel that way. It really seems like you do see 2 Americas instead of seeing that we are all Americans no matter if we are Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Moderates or Liberals.

That is what makes this country great is that we are one America that we govern for all of the people not just the majority rule. I don't know how old you are but you should realize that these things go in cycles and always gravitates back to the middle. Right now it is pretty high to the right but it will gradually go back to the middle, then left then back right again.

You will see as you go on in life. At the heart of the matter we are a moderate country, not a Conservative or Liberal country.

But I wish you well, and hope you get all you wish for in the 2nd term of GWB.

Dave (the other one)

Dave continues to flail aro... (Below threshold)

Dave continues to flail around even as his party loses more limbs, and argues they're still in the fight, it's close, just let them catch their breath and then they'll REALLY show us a fight, etc. As many of his political persuasion, Dave labors under the misconception that perception is reality. Thus, should he simply ignore what happened on 11/2, and pretend on conser\vative boards that the emporer's clothers are still stunning, well, those vile, stupid, racist, fascist, breeder, Jesus-freak cons can be convinced they have sold their souls to have won, at best, a Phyrric victory. Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to see reality is reality, and let the libs pretend their little hearts out; because it changes nothing, and is kinda fun to watch all that wasted effort.

Not really sure I understan... (Below threshold)

Not really sure I understand Jumbo. I understand that GWB won the presidential election. But when you put it in overall perspective from history, it is not as you portray it. But I guess you too are too myopic to see the big picture of a great country of the United States of America.

I understand the limitation of your capability to see this and I hope you enjoy your brief time in history. In every minor partisan victory, the victors have declared the end of the opposition party is here and it has never materialized in 225 years.

Please bask in the glory of your folly and have a great time at my expense. That is fine with me.

Dave (the other one)






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