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Media leads the "healing" process

I think somebody at the Dallas Morning News didn't like the election results.

Removal of Arafat could offer new hope for Bush administration

The Dallas Morning News
WASHINGTON - (KRT) - Yasser Arafat's deteriorating health gives President Bush a chance to promote a dialogue with the Palestinians that was largely abandoned two years ago because of a terror-filled uprising that Arafat did not quell.

The shape of that opportunity is still emerging, however, and Bush administration officials - while saying they were watching carefully - showed no sign of seizing it Thursday, as reports of Arafat's condition zigzagged.

Bush is screwing up the middle east already. Here we have the golden opportunity but Bush refused to seize it and..

Oh wait...

White House speaks of new opportunity for Middle East

IT WAS unlikely to be mere coincidence. As reports that Yasser Arafat had slipped into a coma and might be dying reached the United States yesterday, the White House was speaking of "a new opportunity" to restart the Middle East peace initiative.

It is no secret that the US administration thinks of Mr Arafat as perhaps the biggest obstacle to a settlement with the Israelis. His control over the Palestinian establishment and his interference in the peace process have led the Americans to all but give up.

"We have a new opportunity before us to move forward on the Ďroad mapí and get to the two-state vision that the president outlined," the White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said. "We will remain actively engaged working with the parties to accomplish that goal."

Why do I get the feeling the reporter from the Morning News woke up bitter Wednesday?


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Comments (11)

Disappointing...the DMN is ... (Below threshold)

Disappointing...the DMN is usually so much better than that.

It's the only major newspaper in Texas I can actually stomach.

I'd write them a note. That... (Below threshold)
Non Dallas Res:

I'd write them a note. That really was out of line. If I lived there, I'd send them a nastygram. A polite nastygram but a nastygram.

I used to work at Belo (DMN... (Below threshold)
God Bless America:

I used to work at Belo (DMN parent co.)
DMN "officially" endorsed Bush, R. Decherd and crew are decent conservatives.
This only further inflamed the leftward minions.
And believe me those minions are heavy Kool-aid drinkers.
Just imagine their plight; they are forced to live with all us evangelical neo-con warmongers here in Dallas, hiding the fact they loath us. So I guess you could say the are the truly repressed liberal , and itís a wonderful thing!

- The media expected to be ... (Below threshold)

- The media expected to be feasting on a non-stop chorus of headline articles after Jan, issued daily from the bowels of the White house by the "Ketchup Slut", essentially telling all those scumbag lowlife rednecks out there to go f$$k themselves. Instead they get to hunker down for four more years and take cheap shots at Bush from the dark crevices of the press rooms of the liberal party think tanks...Its certainly not enough retribution for their scandalous actions in this election, but at least its a little gratifying to know they're adding a few rocks to their ulcer gardens...

- Judging from the comments coming out of Canadian immigration officials today, they don't want the moonbats infesting their shores either. Apparently what the Northeners lack in political astuteness they make up for in taste and common sense knowing a gaggle of delusional whacko's when they see them.....

- Reported to be in "grave" condition, one can only hope that means Arafat has already been embalmed and is ready to slide on down home. His wife flew to his side to show her love and respect for the supreme PLO leader, and make sure she gets her share of the booty.....

- In a parallel to the American elections, the Palestinians will hold their selection process for a new leader to replace Arafat by lining up all "undecided voters" and shooting them...Once the car bombing between the competing factions has narrowed down the field, look for a "strong leader", (most conniving murderer), to emerge with the full mandate of everyone still alive. Elections in Palestine give "exit polls" a whole new meaning.....

Since 1948 there's been 15 ... (Below threshold)

Since 1948 there's been 15 Israeli Prime Ministers, 11 U.S. Prestdents---and ONE Arafat.

Seems like every time the peace process was taking hold- Arafat would send a suicide bomber out so he could get center stage again.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Hunter I just want to warn ... (Below threshold)

Hunter I just want to warn you...

If you use the words Arafat and booty in the same sentence here again, I'm afraid I'll be forced to ban you from Wizbang forever.


Tip to the Israelis: roadma... (Below threshold)

Tip to the Israelis: roadmap, shroadmap. Keep building the wall...

Paul, O colleague of mine, ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, O colleague of mine, I gotta nit-pick ya here.

Hunter didn't technically use "Arafat" and "booty" in the same sentence. He made references to "his wife" and "the supreme PLO leader," but didn't actually refer to him by name.

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, however. Some things are just unforgivable. Hunter, consider yourself twice warned.


- Paul, JT.... I....I ...I ... (Below threshold)

- Paul, JT.... I....I ...I just don't no what came over me....Could it be this feeling of impossibly triumphant surrealistic miasm of elation and manic pleasure I feel for some undecernable reason....

* Gloooooaaattt *

"Shake, shake, shake. Shake... (Below threshold)

"Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty. Shake your booty."


"Sheik, sheik, sheik. Sheik, sheik, sheik. Sheik Yasser Booty. Sheik Yasser Booty."

Jim I can ban you too you k... (Below threshold)

Jim I can ban you too you know.






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