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Sign Of The Times

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Comments (19)

Classic!!! LMAO!... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

Classic!!! LMAO!

"Hey stop "f%cking cussing!... (Below threshold)

"Hey stop "f%cking cussing!"

Another Kerry 'Flip... (Below threshold)

Another Kerry 'Flip Flop' perhaps???

- "Brought to you, courtesy... (Below threshold)

- "Brought to you, courtesy of the Soros/Moore party of peace and love...."

no...Maha...not JKI ... (Below threshold)

no...Maha...not JK
I errected this just outside of Raleigh fo the best atty in NC...

Hi Debra:Touche'... (Below threshold)

Hi Debra:Touche'

he's gotta come home someti... (Below threshold)

he's gotta come home sometime Maha...(hee hee)
I'm so friggin proud of him I can't stand it.
Thank God I'm a transplant here. Otherwise I'd have to hide in shame.

aww geez...feeling p... (Below threshold)

aww geez...
feeling pretty bad about now.
I think that in light of the news about JE's wife I'll depart from my verbal abuse...

Debra:I can't wait ... (Below threshold)

Debra:I can't wait until the Prez get's the much needed tort reform passed..That should rub salt in some wounds...especially now that "the Breck Girl"is out of a job.

ha!!ok Maha...one mo... (Below threshold)

ok Maha...one more...
pretty hair..yes...very pretty hair..What's up with that bump on his lip?
Is that like Pinnochio's nose? It grows with every lie? Is it me or is it getting bigger every day?

Debra:You are 'ruth... (Below threshold)

Debra:You are 'ruthless'...I like it!
I also feel sad about Elizabeth,and wish her well.

Speaking of going and f*&ki... (Below threshold)

Speaking of going and f*&king yourself, please go to www.michaelmoore.com.

He claims to not be going away.

But will he try Trimspa?

Andre,yeah...pretty... (Below threshold)

pretty sick that he used photos of fallen troops to create that picture I think...
What a fat bastard he is.
He had such an impact on the election didn't he? NOT...
He's a hapless flea that I'd like to flick off the ass of my horse.

The horse that was unlucky ... (Below threshold)

The horse that was unlucky enough to catch such a flea would instantly go lame from the extra weight, and you'd need a baseball bat to beat him off of your poor horse.

Hey Debra, I actually have to live near Edwards, he bought a farm in Carrboro..... Count yourself lucky.

Caltech...I'm sorry...<br /... (Below threshold)

Caltech...I'm sorry...
There should have been some sort of ordinance that prevents livestock from moving so close to you???
How fortunate for us in one regard though. He never made it to vote for anything since he was elected..at least we have comfort in knowing that he won't vote for anything between now and January

Michael Moore will go the w... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore will go the way of Rev. Al Sharpton -- a joke with a stupid TV show on Spike TV.

*sigh* let's hope moore do... (Below threshold)

*sigh* let's hope moore doesn't jump on the growing grassroots call for a hand count and investigation... the tinfoil hat crowd is claiming election fraud...

Um, in the cases of electro... (Below threshold)

Um, in the cases of electronic voting, how do you do hand counts? you'd have to have the entire election over again, and no one wants that (except raging liberals who think that they will win again).

Profanity is the crutch of ... (Below threshold)

Profanity is the crutch of inarticulate f*ckers...






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