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The 10 Spot - Election Hangover Edition

Ten election related items you might not have seen on the wondrous Internets...

  1. Steven Den Beste, a man famous for prodigious essays, has but 3 words to summarize the election.

  2. John Hinderacker has the inside story from 30Rock on how the exit poll data got into the blogosphere.

  3. Michelle Malkin shows, via an awesome graphic. just how overwhelming Bush's victory was at the county level.

  4. Ezra Klein at Pandagon has a different map that you can compare with Michelle Malkin's map.

  5. A slightly less serious new map of the US, based on yesterday's returns.

  6. Laurence Simon makes the case that George Bush owes his second term to Rosie O'Donnell's since voided San Francisco wedding. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear that news...

  7. Joe Gandelman examines the "blame the bloggers" meme being floated by the networks.

  8. This just in - CBS is preparing to call Ohio. No indications as to who they will call it for...

  9. Jon Henke gathers reaction from the left. enjoy the schadenfreude, if you're into that.

  10. Michele Catalano has the final words - many of them - on the election.


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Comments (3)

- I tracked and blogged on ... (Below threshold)

- I tracked and blogged on the whole scam from just before the debates, seeing the numbers move with no discernable reason in the RCC results, but more importantly in the magnitudes of the moves. To see moves of that great a range would require a revelation on the order of a candidate beating his wife or being caught in bed with a party worker. When I saw the 5 point switch the day before the election I knew in my gut the fix was in....

- So even contending that ALL the blogosphere was taken in is false...The MSM still doesn't "get it"....They think of the bloggers as operating in the same structured lockstep atmosphere that they inhabit. My comment when I saw the "exit polls": Either they'er getting their data from a sample of 4 liberals and 3 conservatives locked in a phone booth in Newark or out of the tip of a magic marker and I stuck with the 51/48 Bush average of 13 polls over three months. It just made sense....

- NBC should ask for its money back....

- FOX's own people spent the whole day laughing at their own exit poll numbers and calling them useless.....

- CBS will probably make a final projection for the winner sometime in spring 2005

(Note to Ann Coulter: Kennedy was last seen shoving a gin bottle in his jacket and crawling back into Boston harbor....)

Normally I don't subscribe ... (Below threshold)

Normally I don't subscribe to the idea of gloating, but I just couldn't resist a little "piling on" after all the crap we put up with during the campaign from the moonbats.


With regards to #3, on my b... (Below threshold)

With regards to #3, on my blog I have a side-by-side comparison between 2004 and 2000. Doesn't seem much, if anything, has really changed.







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