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A Moment Of Reflection

In all the rush and tumble of our election coverage I sort of missed the fact that the Site Meter rolled over 5M. Obviously that's a big milestone, and I'd like to thank you - the Wizbang readers - for that kind of traffic. We'll keep working, hopefully you'll keep reading.



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Comments (8)

Congratulations!... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


Congrats. Oh, and can you ... (Below threshold)

Congrats. Oh, and can you send me the javascript for your sitemeter?? I want to install it on my blog ;-)

Congratulations! That's an... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! That's an excellent thing to hear!

Don't forget to occasionall... (Below threshold)

Don't forget to occasionally post pictures of hot Republican/conservative ladies.

"Don't forget to occasio... (Below threshold)

"Don't forget to occasionally post pictures of hot Republican/conservative ladies."

Scantily-clad ladies I might add...

Thank you, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kevin.

Congratulations Kevin, than... (Below threshold)

Congratulations Kevin, thank you for the great job you're doing at WizBang!

Dear Kevin, Paul and Jay Te... (Below threshold)

Dear Kevin, Paul and Jay Tea - very well done!

Just for interest's sake, are you able to tell us what portion of the 5 million started on 9/8/04 (the start of CBSgate) ?






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