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Schwarzenegger calls Democrats `losers'

The might look back fondly to the days when they were only girlie men.

Schwarzenegger Calls Calif. Dems 'Losers'

SACRAMENTO, Calif. --Two days after the Democrats took at drubbing at the polls across the country, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to leaders of the state's majority party as "losers."

At a Thursday news conference, the Republican governor who branded Democrats "girlie men" during a budget fight last year was asked whether he would listen to tax-increase proposals from Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata or other Democratic leaders.

"Why would I listen to losers?" Schwarzenegger asked. "Let's be honest."

As soon as he made that remark, however, he tried to suggest he was referring not to Democrats themselves, but to their tax increase proposals.

Schwarzenegger said that Democrats had "lost every single ballot in the Bay Area" and that "the big spenders wanted to go with increased taxes, many different taxes and fees and all kinds of things and lost all of that."

"And in Los Angeles it lost. People don't want to be taxed," he said. He added: "Why would we go and follow a losing formula? It doesn't make any sense."

The reason Dems are so bent out of shape is because they don't know they lost yet.

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Arnold kicks some ass, peop... (Below threshold)

Arnold kicks some ass, people don't sass the governator for fear of being beat down

Yeah Schwarzie, where is ou... (Below threshold)
Bitter Californian:

Yeah Schwarzie, where is our balanced budget like you promised? A refi does not a balanced budget make. You are as bad as the democrat that you replaced. And with your stands on gay civil unions and stem cells you are not even a real Republican. Just another liar who made a bunch of promises to get elected that you wont be able to keep. We have noticed your fund raising as well which you said that you wouldnt do. It is stupid to call names in a democratic majority state. All you are doing is making people mad and uncooperative. Grow up.

Bitter Californian

Like anyone would listen to... (Below threshold)

Like anyone would listen to a dickhead that starred in kindergarten cop and twins... what a joke.

Yeah, who's going to listen... (Below threshold)

Yeah, who's going to listen to the man the people of California overwhelmingly voted in as governor?

Karl, you're a fool and a coward in need of a real email address.

what do you expect from a b... (Below threshold)

what do you expect from a blockhead, human steroid with a deep throat lisp. he's a joke,
when a grown man uses the word sissy the conversation is officially over!!!

- To all my democratic frie... (Below threshold)

- To all my democratic friends in the blogosphere...just a personal observation...take it or leave it....its your call....

"The longer you presist in making it all about personal attacks, wasting you energies and inherent intelligence, the longer you will remain in the political wilderness and the farther away from the trust of the electorate and meaningful governance you will get"....

Hunter is my hero!I ... (Below threshold)

Hunter is my hero!
I long ago abandoned my home state (calif) because of all the liberal crap they kept ramming down my throat at every turn. Get with the program (all of you out there in the land of whispering bushes) and realize that "it ain't happenin'
President Swagger has a mandate and he intends to use it

Let me see if I get this ri... (Below threshold)

Let me see if I get this right: the Dems can call people liars, miserable failures, traitors, Nazis, chicken hawks, etc., etc., etc.. But if a Republican says they are losers (which they are), he's polarizing. Hmmmmm. Only in the wacky world of the Left-Wing of the Democrat Party. Which is why the GOP and conservatives cannot just sit on their victory. There's a lot that must be done because -- like the terrorists -- the Democrats don't know when they've been defeated. I heard one Liberal egghead say he was in fear that Rudy Guliani would be the new Attorney General. The egghead --
Ellis "sissy boy" Henican on Fox News -- then proceeded to lie about Ashcroft rounding up Americans and incarcerating them. Even the Fox News anchor had to correct the schmuck.

The Libs will not go away. They have plates in their heads and will never get it. They have nothing else in their lives except their neo-Marxist ideology. Conservatives and moderates have other things in their lives -- family, God, country, work (yes, those nasty capitalists actually do create wealth), etc.

I think the Govenator is do... (Below threshold)

I think the Govenator is doing a terrific job under very difficult circumstances, but I think the "losers" comment was out of line. No matter how he tried to backpedal it was just an insult, plain and simple. Kicking the Dems when they're down - bad form.

They are losers. Losers to ... (Below threshold)

They are losers. Losers to the tune of 39 Billion bucks before the recall. And still they wanted to spend, spend, spend. All but one of the tax increase initatives lost. Losers.

And let's talk about the summer of 93 when we were in fiscal crisis and without a budget. Goldberg, and Kuhl, and the other pwogressives were meeting privately but forgot to flip a switch on the mike that broadcast all over the state bldg. We got to hear them talk about stretching the crisis until March the following year. They thought by doing so they could get a proposition passed saying you only need a simple majority to raise taxes. Without a budget people don't get paid. State workers, vendors. They didn't give a shit bc they are LOSERS!

Make that the summer of 200... (Below threshold)

Make that the summer of 2003 *not* 93. Me = loser!

Give them some time, they'l... (Below threshold)

Give them some time, they'll catch on and catch up.

what do you expect from ... (Below threshold)

what do you expect from a blockhead, human steroid with a deep throat lisp.

Look, Theresa Heinz Kerry wasn't my cup of tea, either. But now that the election is over, can we just stop with the name calling?

Yeah, let's stop the name c... (Below threshold)

Yeah, let's stop the name calling. The Dems are not losers. They're victory-deprived.

No, not victory-deprived, v... (Below threshold)

No, not victory-deprived, voter-challenged. (or mandate-deficient).

Where would one find a soun... (Below threshold)

Where would one find a sound clip of Schwarzenegger calling people losers.

It's a must have in my book.






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