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Wardrobe Malfunction

Tara Reid's dress surrenders...

More pictures of Tara Reid suffering an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet outside P. Diddy's 35th birthday party at Cipriani's in New York City here (NSFW). Also there is a video of the slip, just in case you thought this was a fake...

Hat Tip: Defamer [NSFW] who also point to another hi-res gallery of pictures at That's Just Not Right [NSFW]


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Comments (40)

God is a goooood God....</p... (Below threshold)

God is a goooood God....

Yummy!... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:


How exactly does one *not* ... (Below threshold)
Laura Z:

How exactly does one *not* feel a draft? She is obviously oblivious to what is going on...

I vote for this to be the Super-DUH moment of the month!

Sorry guys, but that saggy ... (Below threshold)

Sorry guys, but that saggy melon needs a little "botox uplift."

She's definitely a ... (Below threshold)

She's definitely a "Lefty".

Oh, so that's what NSFW sta... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Oh, so that's what NSFW stands for. I should have asked first.

I'm with Marc. She's halfwa... (Below threshold)
Bud Tugley:

I'm with Marc. She's halfway to kickin em down the street.

Hi! My name's Carl, and I'l... (Below threshold)

Hi! My name's Carl, and I'll be your breast implant scar. We'll be seeing a lot of each other, since you seem to enjoy hauling your teats out at public events as frequently as possible. Remember, I'm right here under the nipple, so be sure to give me as much exposure as you can. Try raising your arms above your head; that's a good way to draw attention to me.

Look forward to grossly disfiguring ya!

two on, one out... (Below threshold)

two on, one out

oh yea, that's how i like m... (Below threshold)
God Bless America:

oh yea, that's how i like my girls
so coked up they dont even know they are nekid

After the tense times that ... (Below threshold)

After the tense times that culminated earlier this week... I guess you could call Miss Reid's "coming out" A "PEACE OFFERING" GIFT FROM HER BLUE STATES TO ALL OF THE RED STATES...! We are again united...! Thanks Tara!

Kind of anti-climactic if y... (Below threshold)

Kind of anti-climactic if you ask me. I expected better - call me picky.

Hey people - REDSTATE opene... (Below threshold)

Hey people - REDSTATE opened a new site today to stop Arlen Specter from becoming Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Although Specter is a republican, he is also very moderate.

Spector warned the president not to nominate judges that are too pro-life or too conservative.

With the Supreme Court at stake, we do not need him chairing the committee.

Visit the new site at:


sign the petition at:


This is importiant and time is limited. Thanks People! :-)

Geoff,Thanks for ins... (Below threshold)

Thanks for inserting a critical news item into the usual puberty like behavior of grown men at the sight of a boob.

I'll never understand it, but it's nice to know one can get attention if one needs it.

she is really really gonna regret the enhancement at about 45.

I seriously wonder about at... (Below threshold)

I seriously wonder about attention the "Kerry Losers" seek. There is no doubt that the real rightwingsparkle DID NOT post the previous message. Just another liberal wingnut trying to fool everyone.

Please sign the petition:


This is something I never e... (Below threshold)

This is something I never expected to say in the Wizbang comments, but...

...those are some seriously scary nipples.

And now back to the political commentary....

It's spectacular. But who i... (Below threshold)

It's spectacular. But who in the hell is Tara Reid?

Contrary to the common wisd... (Below threshold)

Contrary to the common wisdom of the MainStreamMedia©, the Democrat party, P.Diddy, Michael Moore & John Kerry, the youth vote did not turn out in this election, even after much stroking, free underwear, and Paris Hilton threatening them to "Vote or Die" (presumably by some STD?). With the advent of Universal Internet Voting upon us, we here at docweasel.com have come up with a format that will guarantee more youth participation in the 2008 election by using an interface that is familiar and popular with the kids today.

Youth Vote

That looks like a fake pict... (Below threshold)

That looks like a fake picture. If not, someone should sue their plastic surgeon.

talk about a back-alley boo... (Below threshold)

talk about a back-alley boob job!

agrees with kimberly, any excitement i may have had was swept away once I spied the scarred moonscape that is her nipples...

doesn't she understand us Red State voters? we like our boobs fresh and uncomplicated....

My brother commented that i... (Below threshold)

My brother commented that it looks like a fake picture untill I pointed a few things out... Some of which are beginnings of stretchmarks on her skin, shadows under breast, her hair flowing over her breast and not looking like it's floating over them, veins you can see through the skin, The fact that the sparkles she is wearing on her chest can be seen, much lower, on her breast, and several more which I'll let you pick up on (Hint: Hair shadows
on her chest.)
Also, I saw people mentioning scaring... Sorry to disappoint, but they insert from underneath the breast (in the crease between the breast and the chest.) or through the abdomen. Her nipple isn't deformed, nor is it scar tissue... Err, I stand corrected... It may be scar tissue. They can insert through the Areola, but the chances are pretty slim in this case. I don't see Tara Reid having a half assed boob-job (That strikes me as very funny for some reason) done with the kind of money she makes... In all honestly, the only way we'd ever find out is if she showed us the full pair. Then we'd be able to see if it was a good job, or a poor job (I.E. misshappen breasts, matching scars on her right breast, and things along those lines).

She's still hot, either way, and in the dark you can't see them anyways....

The Chinese Maiden "Tu Hung... (Below threshold)

The Chinese Maiden "Tu Hung Lo"

Really bad fake boobs are l... (Below threshold)

Really bad fake boobs are like generic ketchup (catsup)

Check out this site, <a hre... (Below threshold)

Check out this site, Awful Plastic Surgery. Tara is the most recent entry.

Heh. The Specter comment be... (Below threshold)

Heh. The Specter comment belongs in a boob thread, wouldn't you say?

There is an old Bur... (Below threshold)

There is an old Burlesque skit(Burt Carr) that contained the comment"my wife used to have 'grapefruits with cherries',now she has'pancakes with prunes'". It looks like Tara is headed toward the latter.

Ok...Tara Reid is hot. But.... (Below threshold)

Ok...Tara Reid is hot. But...dude her breasts were fine! Why did she go and ruin them! Damn you boob jobs!

Looks pretty tasty to me!</... (Below threshold)

Looks pretty tasty to me!

Hint: If you enlarge all th... (Below threshold)

Hint: If you enlarge all the photos from the thumbnail size and then use your backward and forward buttons, you can get the full effect of a strip tease! Great entertainment! :D :D :D

were can i find the pic of ... (Below threshold)
boob guy:

were can i find the pic of her boob?

Dude i dont care if there f... (Below threshold)

Dude i dont care if there fake or not, id suck on those fun bags anyways.

I don't think they sag, I t... (Below threshold)

I don't think they sag, I think they are greeaat!! To bad there is a time delay on TV. To many prudes in the world.

Why they went through the n... (Below threshold)

Why they went through the nipple with the implant is unclear to me. As for all of you guys who are dissapointed and complaining about the pics, I ask you one question: You'd still fuck her, Wouldn't you, be honest? I sure would!

I would jump her like a spr... (Below threshold)

I would jump her like a springtime rabbit!

She's still hot. Her boobs ... (Below threshold)

She's still hot. Her boobs look good but need some healing. Not that she need a job b/c she had pretty breasts before.

The scar isn't from the imp... (Below threshold)

The scar isn't from the implant, it's from having a breast lift. Granted, she probably has implants, but that scarring is how they raise up the boob. Detach the nipple, pull it and the skin up, and reattach. A little lesson for today.

Yeah. thats plastic surgery... (Below threshold)

Yeah. thats plastic surgery, though not implants. that scarring and stretch marks come from a major boob lift, called a mastopexy or partial mastopexy. Its a surgery commonly used in breast reductions, bit since its inconceivable she wanted them smaller, she probably had the surgery to bring her breasts up from her waist. how do i know? ive had the surgery. and the franken-nipple on her is positively invisible compared to most other surgeries including mine. only a real idiot would get that surgery to make their breasts look better, but Ms. Reid has never been known to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Are you kidding me? Y'all ... (Below threshold)

Are you kidding me? Y'all realize she had no clue because they're fake and she has no feeling in them? Any woman would know that he breast was exposed - she can feel the air on it. And if that's what surgery does to the nipple, I am glad that I'm natural, still up where they belong, and can feel if someone's showing me their nice.

Does any one have a good pi... (Below threshold)
Patrick Lane:

Does any one have a good pic of Paris showing her beaver at puffs party?

i want the paris hilton pic... (Below threshold)

i want the paris hilton picture of her at p.diddys party too, she has her beaver clean out ive been told :)






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