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Arafat Still Not Dead

Rita Cosby of FOXNews has interviewed Arafat more than any other western journalist. I've long held he has the hots for her.

She is reporting tonight that a Palestinian source says Arafat is out of his coma and not on life support. Take it with an entire box of salt considering it is a PA source, BUT I give it some credibility because Cosby has the inside lane on this story.


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Comments (27)

"Rita Cosby of FOXNe... (Below threshold)

"Rita Cosby of FOXNews has interviewed Arafat more than any other western journalist. I've long held he has the hots for her."

Impossible, Arafat has the hots for little boys.

Dude, he's soooo bi, DeWaun... (Below threshold)

Dude, he's soooo bi, DeWaun. It's totally obvious.

by the way, the Demosophist... (Below threshold)

by the way, the Demosophist, a regular now over at My Pet Jawa, has a pretty good anaology.

"Oh my gawd. They killed Kenny!"

<a href="http://www.la4isra... (Below threshold)

Oh my god, they killed Corrie!

Can't wait until we can say about Yasser, like Generilissimo Francisco France, that he's still dead.

Dammit, why won't he do the... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dammit, why won't he do the decent thing for once in his misbegotten life and just DIE already? I wrote his death notice a WEEK ago, and it's like he's teasing me!


Seeing that film footage of... (Below threshold)

Seeing that film footage of Arafat blowing kisses: Can you imagine those lips coming at you? Ew! Ew! Ew!

Does anyone else have the f... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else have the feeling that Araft is channelling Monty Python?

(heard in the background....) "I'm not dead yet!"

He did die already. <a hre... (Below threshold)

He did die already. Days ago. They're only keeping him "alive" for propaganda purposes, so that later they can blame it on the Jooos, while they try and figure out where the money is and how to screw up the succession so there is eternal war.

It's a new state of vampirization. Breathing and undead.

Arafat is dead. "H... (Below threshold)

Arafat is dead.

"He is no longer in a coma and no longer on life support." - because he is dead and there is no point. I think they're dragging it out to try to depict Arafat as a brave fighter trying to "hang on for his people".

There are many on the Left ... (Below threshold)

There are many on the Left who actually believe this terrorist is a great man. I'm still shocked when the MSM remind people that Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Seeing that film footage... (Below threshold)

Seeing that film footage of Arafat blowing kisses: Can you imagine those lips coming at you? Ew! Ew! Ew!

Was that with or without the patented Lisa-Kudrow-as-Phoebe triple flinch?

C'mon guys...he is just sle... (Below threshold)

C'mon guys...he is just sleeping.....really really deeply. You can just see the air escaping from those large lucious lips of his.

Arafat - AIDS more likely. ... (Below threshold)

Arafat - AIDS more likely. "Blood disease". Notice how Fox keeps replaying clip of him in his pjs, trying to kiss aide's hand, and aide pulling it back fast. Also clip of him wearing white surgical-type gloves getting out of helicopter.

Interesting article at worldnetdaily.com: here.

Nice interpretation of that... (Below threshold)

Nice interpretation of that hand kissing bit. I saw it and wondered.

But unfortunately Fox also keeps on replaying the rumor that he is still alive as well. Brit Hume needs to come on, cut through the MSM bullshit and call it for death, just as he had the cajones to call it for Florida and Ohio and Bush on election night.

Sorry J. Rita's kind of a moron. Even if she has interviewed Arafat. Too bad they didn't send the far more intelligent and feisty Linda Vester, who actually knows the subject and is willing to play hardball. But she doesn't play dumb blond, and certainly not in the convincing manner that Rita uses.

DEBKAfiles says he's dead <... (Below threshold)

DEBKAfiles says he's dead http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=932

I'm sure I don't know, but in any case I doubt he is in a position to maintain his rule.

[email protected]

The media is finally starti... (Below threshold)
Scott Free:

The media is finally starting to cotton onto the fact that Arafat has been nailed to his perch.

Have now read the Debka art... (Below threshold)

Have now read the Debka article. Having the body lie in state in Paris, or anywhere, would present problems if there are visible AIDS sores on the hands. Could be why that proposal was shot down. But, the main thing seems to be that no one wants the cold potatoe in their soil - whatever location becomes the final burying place could become a rallying point for endless, future violence. It would be nice for the Palestinian people if he had written a will (listing the missing Swiss bank acct. numbers and bequeathing their money to them; and requesting that his ashes be scattered from a plane instead).

Arafat is note dead.... (Below threshold)
God Bless America:

Arafat is note dead.
He's pinning for the Fjords

Will somebody please stick ... (Below threshold)

Will somebody please stick a wooden stake in the guy.

They're only keeping him... (Below threshold)

They're only keeping him "alive" for propaganda purposes, so that later they can blame it on the Jooos --alcibiades

They're already trying to blame it on the Jews. Haven't you heard all the "poisoned" rumors? Of course, being poisoined sounds better than dying from AIDS.

Arafat also likes little bo... (Below threshold)

Arafat also likes little boys and monkeys.

I hate Rita Cosby, freakin'... (Below threshold)

I hate Rita Cosby, freakin' gossip queen.

Don't get me started on Greta and her obsession with the Scott Peterson trial for an hour every single day since Dec 24th 2003 either.

Unless she saw him with her... (Below threshold)

Unless she saw him with her own eyes, she's fallen for the bait.

The MSM's getting played by the French and PLO over this one. The accidental release of the truth on Wednesday is the only real news out there: he's dead.

How many 'dead' stories doe... (Below threshold)

How many 'dead' stories does it take to finally get this guy pushing up daisies? He must be powered by 'energizer' or something. It almost sounds like a skit from "MAD TV." LOL.

The motley collection of su... (Below threshold)

The motley collection of successors are no better. What's a mild case of death anyway? Keep Arafat on ice indefinitely. No one wants his moldy remains and if he can still be the leader while being dead, it gives everyone else plenty of time to quietly find his billions and tuck them away nicely and still pin it on the Jooos

Actually, dead politicians ... (Below threshold)

Actually, dead politicians make formidable political opponents. The masses rise to support them -- just remind John Ashcroft and Jean Carnahan. The colder Arafat gets, the more power he consolidates. Totally unfairsies.

One has to wonder how many ... (Below threshold)

One has to wonder how many golden tokies are given to the Frenchie Docs to 'keep him alive' so to speak.

I am still waiting for his sound byte (delivered from the nether region) proclaiming Suha, "Queen of Palestine." That ought to go down well. If the Islamies can accept his adoration for little boys, they shouldn't have a problem with a fat, blonde, self-indulged, ex-Christian, female, parasitic Supreme Ruler. I think they deserve her.






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