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Andrew Sullivan Puts His Best Face Forward

Some would say he's been doing essentially the same thing at AndrewSullivan.com for the last several months...

During the closing credits of this weeks Bill Maher HBO show, Sullivan is caught on tape repeatedly squeezing his own buttocks...


Click the picture to view the QuickTime video - the screen capture and description don't do it justice.

Hat Tip: James Wolcott and OneGoodMove


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Comments (24)

speaking of that...h... (Below threshold)

speaking of that...
he did a good job of ripping Maher a new one though...give the guy his due

I guess it's more subtle th... (Below threshold)

I guess it's more subtle than taking out a personals ad.

So is Bill holding up a map... (Below threshold)

So is Bill holding up a map?

His pager was on vibrate.</... (Below threshold)

His pager was on vibrate.

"Please Support This Butt!"... (Below threshold)

"Please Support This Butt!"

Kinda gives new meaning to ... (Below threshold)

Kinda gives new meaning to the term "stink finger"; doesn't it.

Maybe he was really just ta... (Below threshold)

Maybe he was really just talking out of his ass?

Tooooooooo funny, lol!!... (Below threshold)

Tooooooooo funny, lol!!

Now we know what the other ... (Below threshold)

Now we know what the other America looks like.

Another blue state turns re... (Below threshold)

Another blue state turns red.

I'm tolerant of other peopl... (Below threshold)
Bald Eagle:

I'm tolerant of other people's lifestyles.
I believe this is called flirting.

Indeed, he must be Italian.... (Below threshold)

Indeed, he must be Italian.

Ya know, I enjoy insulting ... (Below threshold)
Il Padrino:

Ya know, I enjoy insulting someone's autoerotic buttocks fondling as much as the next guy, and Sully has been so much of a jerk the last six months that I've even sent him a nasty note or two ... but let's not denigrate his performance on Real Time. He kicked the everloving crap out of Maher, Hughley, and Chomsky (!). And in their total inability to counter his offensive (other than Hughley's screechy "Lessee you go t' Mississippi!") he forced them to reveal why the Democrats won't carry the White House til 2024.

speaking of his time in LA,... (Below threshold)

speaking of his time in LA, this from his site...

"On to a quick gay fix at the Abbey where I got hit on by a beefy anti-Chomsky homo. Most flattering."

Sully was obviously speaking in code to his viewers...

btw, 'head prop' is way to funny to be captioning that pic....

So, umm, I guess it can be ... (Below threshold)

So, umm, I guess it can be written that what Sullivan had this to say was this...in recap:

"Blurrgghhph, bipbip, foooooohhh, bweeeeeep, fwap!"

So, O.K., that was eight year old humor. But it's still funny. Err, gross. Which is funny.

"It's a dirty job, but some... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it..."


Is it just me or do his pan... (Below threshold)

Is it just me or do his pants' bum look a taaad off colored? Urgh. Gross. I think this may indicate that Sullivan has *done that before.*

"Boxers or briefs, Mr. Sull... (Below threshold)
craig mclaughlin:

"Boxers or briefs, Mr. Sullivan?"


Or, depending on just how l... (Below threshold)

Or, depending on just how long it took to tape the segment, it could just be that his ass fell asleep. I know I had a major case of numb-bum after 9 hours in stop & stop traffic evacuating from a hurricane this summer. Of course, I just walked it off.

Or, Cybrludite, it could ju... (Below threshold)

Or, Cybrludite, it could just mean that it's Sullivan's version of a security blanket sorta thing. You know, some people grab their lucky ties, some people grab their lucky hats, some people grab their lucky bums...err, buns, err...

- Maybe he was just looking... (Below threshold)

- Maybe he was just looking for his asshat...

- Maher looked really petty in the contrite interchange with Simpson...Even his liberal audience weren't quite comfortable applauding the rabid religeous bigotry that Maher rejoices in trumpeting at every opportunity...If I were in the audience I'd feel compeled to yell out..."Alright already....we know you hate religeon....Now do something funny that you get payed for"...

- I did notice he slipped a few zingers in on Kerry/Teresa. No doubt the barely hidden anger of the left that their darling candidate let them down....

But when Sullivan did his A... (Below threshold)

But when Sullivan did his Ace Ventura - Pet Detective impersonation, Maher laughed so hard he peed his pants.

LOLIt looks like he ... (Below threshold)

It looks like he is wearing tighty whiteys and was trying to subtly (or not so, as the case appears to be) dislodge a wedgy. :oP

"repeatedly squeezing his o... (Below threshold)

"repeatedly squeezing his own buttocks" is one of the funniest phrases to ever grace these pages.






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