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Every Vote Counts

From the Billings Gazette:

POLSON - The provisional vote of a mentally handicapped elector who works at a sheltered workshop in Ronan could change the results of Tuesday's House District 12 race, where Constitution Party candidate Rick Jore now leads Democrat Jeanne Windham by a mere one vote.

The leadership of the House of Representatives hangs in the balance. If Windham wins, the House would be split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, allowing the newly elected Democratic governor to name the House speaker. If Jore wins, the House leadership will remain Republican.

Lake County election officials will meet today at 3 p.m. in the courthouse in Polson to determine which of the 33 provisional ballots cast in the HD 12 race will be counted in Tuesday's canvas of the election.

The handicapped elector's vote is likely to be one of the few provisional votes cast in the HD12 race that will be counted. At least 25 are expected to be rejected because the voters were not residents who registered to vote in Lake County.

Like one of the lawyers says later in the article, "There's no law that says you have to have a certain IQ to vote."

In a semi-related vein, Snopes weighs in on rumors that a study finds that persons of lower intelligence are more likely to support President George W. Bush.

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Great! Thanks for finding &... (Below threshold)

Great! Thanks for finding & linking to this piece

Regardless of what the outc... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Regardless of what the outcome will be in this situation, I don't think that people who are disabled to the point that they can't understand the issues should be allowed to vote. That means that Alzheimers and dementia sufferers, people in comas, people who have the mind of an 8-year old, etc. should not be allowed to vote. It's not about getting warm fuzzies because the news says that every vote has been counted.

According to the CNN exit p... (Below threshold)
Pat H:

According to the CNN exit polling, Bush won all levels of education except No High School and Post Graduate degree. High School Grad, Some College and College grad went Bush.

- In a similar study it was... (Below threshold)

- In a similar study it was found that people of lower intelligence tend to rely on polls to form their opinions instead of total vote tally's....

I got that wonderful analys... (Below threshold)

I got that wonderful analysis showing the IQs of the states Bush won v. those Kerry won. The sad part was it was an actuary who sent it to me.

So I responded with the analysis showing that Bush was actually smarter than Kerry when their military exams were converted to IQ scores. Then he responded that as an actuary, he has to be concerned with credibility of numbers and the credibility of two numbers is significantly less than the credibility of the numbers he'd originally provided.

So then I went in for the kill (he'd copied several actuaries and I'd copied them all back with my responses and he did the same in his response rebuttals) by informing him that "speaking of credibility" the numbers he'd sent were based on a 4 years old hoax.

I haven't gotten another e-mail from him yet...

Apologies for the poor stor... (Below threshold)

Apologies for the poor story-telling above.

So then I says to Schmitty, "Schmitty, ya can't stand for that." So Schmitty, he gets all pissed off and says, "Dang it, I know what I'm doing", so then I says, "Schmitty, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground."

Those who believe these fau... (Below threshold)

Those who believe these faux studies or arguments that people who vote for Bush are less intelligent, are the stupid ones.

I tell people that if you think Bush is a moron, then that makes you an imbecile. I.Q. ranges:
50-69 Moron
20-49 Imbecile
below 20 Idiot

(And I wonder why I have so few friends!)

- Thats alright julia....Th... (Below threshold)

- Thats alright julia....They'd never understand you anyway.....

Julia. You. Just. Need. To.... (Below threshold)

Julia. You. Just. Need. To. Speak. More. Slowly. It. Works. Great. For. Me. In. Massachusetts.

John Kerry:You want ... (Below threshold)

John Kerry:
You want me to be a slow talker?






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