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Fallujah Offensive Starts


NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) - Thousands of U.S. troops, backed by armor and a stunning air barrage, attacked the toughest strongholds of Sunni insurgents in Fallujah on Monday, launching a long-awaited offensive aimed at putting an end to guerrilla control of the Sunni Muslim city.

After nightfall, U.S. troops advanced slowly on the northwestern Jolan neighborhood, a warren of alleyways where Sunni militant fighters have dug in. Artillery, tanks and warplanes pounded the district's northern edge, softening the defenses and attempting to set off any bombs and boobytraps before troops moved in.

At the same time, another force pushed into the northeastern Askari district, the first large-scale assault into the insurgent-held area of the city, the military said.

With any luck these guys will be roadkill soon...

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein


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Comments (23)

Hope we can soften up their... (Below threshold)

Hope we can soften up their defenses before ground troops engage them. God keep our troops safe tonight.

When I saw this photo early... (Below threshold)

When I saw this photo early this morning the first thought was, "Too bad these guys have already found out there are no 72-virgins waiting for them."

To borrow a line from an Of... (Below threshold)

To borrow a line from an Office Space tune:
Die Mothafu**a Die Mothafu**a Die!

Note the excellent form and... (Below threshold)

Note the excellent form and extensive training received by the machine gunner. We need to stop overestimating our enemies.

Semper Fidelis

UNDERestimating these guys ... (Below threshold)

UNDERestimating these guys is definitely NOT the answer.
Get past the jammie bottoms and head gear and realize that are all dangerous fanatics who want nothing better than to rack up US casualties for the home team.
Pray that our troops stay safe from harm as this offensive escalates.

oh Daisy....you know... (Below threshold)

oh Daisy....
you know what I mean. Of course you are aware of how dangerous they are....after all...you are the DAISY SUTTER for crying out loud.

I still don't understand ho... (Below threshold)

I still don't understand how the cameraman is getting these shots, and not our SNIPERS!!!

- Good news everyone... The... (Below threshold)

- Good news everyone... The Pentagon has announced a new weapon of mass discouragemet...The "MOP" which replaces the older MOAB. Its a 30,000 lb beauty which promises to be real Terrorist ass bouncing fun...Insiders say the shell of the device will be festooned with the inscription "Allah Akbar This Mohammad!!!"... In a possibly related move the Iranian foreign Ministry said they are reconsidering allowing inspections on their nuclear bomb development for peaceful civilian destruction program.....

Doesn't the punk in the bla... (Below threshold)

Doesn't the punk in the black shirt look like a freaking rapper??

what I'd LIKE them all to l... (Below threshold)

what I'd LIKE them all to look like is blown apart in tiny little pieces.

I'm with you on that one De... (Below threshold)

I'm with you on that one Debra, why don't they show their faces...the epitome of cowardice...like the weasal kidnappers...hmmm I seem to recall some morons who hid their faces behind a big white hood...SHOW YOURSELVES, then be blown away!

stradasphere, Abso... (Below threshold)


Absolutely. I recognize him as a bankrupt former backup dancer to MC Hammer.

2Legit 2Quite, baby!

- I like the way Debra thin... (Below threshold)

- I like the way Debra thinks...I hear Bush is looking for a new defense secretary....

Yes, call W and get Debra a... (Below threshold)

Yes, call W and get Debra an interview...

I don't want to see them bl... (Below threshold)

I don't want to see them blown to bits. Because I want to see who ever takes these pictures blown up, too. This isn't photojournalism. It's propaganda for terrorists.

Julie is right...how DID th... (Below threshold)

Julie is right...how DID this "photojounalist" get this shot?

stradasphere,Ask Y... (Below threshold)


Ask Yassar how they get access.

Can I call my own, "OUCH"?

Did you catch the bias on t... (Below threshold)

Did you catch the bias on the part of the AP writer filing the report? While quoting Prime Minister Allawi referring to the insurgents, Allawi calls them "terrorists"--and the AP writer puts the word in quotes. Guess Allawi should have called them "freedom fighters" or "minutemen". Amazing.

Shouldn't mortars like that... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Shouldn't mortars like that have a baseplate or something to absorb the recoil from the charge that launches the round?

Patrick, It doe... (Below threshold)


It does. You can see the mortarman's right foot sitting on it. Looks like it's been chopped down for mobility. I'd say he's not going to be any more effective than the dipwad with the PK in the background. No sights on that 60mm, no bipod, and a chopped down baseplate. He's going to be limited to line-of-sight shooting. It'll jump around too much to effectively walk the fire onto the target. Not that they seem to have an abundance of ammo for either weapon. Here's to hoping that they end up like that git in the middle of the street with an RPG in that imfamous video.

well I guess I missed all t... (Below threshold)

well I guess I missed all the action being out yesterday afternoon. Silly me to think that a business meeting should take precedence over being nominated as SOD...:-)
Were it me, my motto would be "glass em'" I have never wished so much for the destruction of a people as I have in the last two years where these fanatic murderous idiots are concerned.
I tried to locate the link to the article that I read last Friday about reporters being offerred the opportunity to embed with the insurgents. I need to dig deeper but can't find the time to do so. The question posed as to how they are able to get these pictures would certainly be answered if I could only recall WHERE I read it.
Alas...I am brain dead after meetings all evening.

Well, I didn't think they h... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Well, I didn't think they had a version of the old Japanese mortar that was fired from a kneeling position. I guess it's another Darwin Award waiting to happen.

That is SOOOOO MC Hammer in... (Below threshold)

That is SOOOOO MC Hammer in the black shirt!






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