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Guilty pleasures...

Sunday night is the new "must see" night of TV thanks to her...

Eva Longoria from ABC's Sunday night hit "Desperate Housewives" (Via FHM)

Actually, Felicity Huffman's exasperated mother of hyper-rowdy twin boys is my favorite part of the show - maybe because the humor hits so close to home.

Update: For a more introspective look at the show be sure to visit Feministe and join the discussion.


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Comments (29)

i clicked on "Full Size" an... (Below threshold)

i clicked on "Full Size" and was very disappointed. she only got a little bit bigger, and nowhere near my idea of "Full Size"
sniff ;{

This is why ABC is now dele... (Below threshold)

This is why ABC is now deleted off our television.

Whoa!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


I think I need to rent "Wei... (Below threshold)

I think I need to rent "Weird Science" and see if I can copy their formula.

She sure is cute an... (Below threshold)

She sure is cute and sexy.(for adults)However,I take issue with this and other shows that can be accessed by our most vulnerable...kids.I hope parents are going to do a better job of filtering out the adult oriented shows from their childrens perusal.Let's start being smarter about our viewing choices.I think this may be an increasing trend:The Hollyweirdo's can't help their side to win an election,so they will attempt to poison the youngest of minds to further their goals:To wit;A whole new generation of depraved,Godless,non-thinking,Liberal reprobates.

Shameless adult content bel... (Below threshold)

Shameless adult content below - you have been warned......

Chris - she'd probably be disappointed with your 'Full Size' as well.

I'm still perplexed about all the noise about this particular show... they don't show nudity (no NYPD Blue butt shots of Dennis Franz, no old lady ER boobs, etc.) As for the show being viewed by the vulnerable, if you have basic cable, at 7pm last night, my kids could've watched vampires sucking on the necks of scantily clad Aaliyah or some other re-run show (CSI / Law & Order etc) that shows graphic footage from time to time.

Isn't it your duty as a parent to control this activity? Turn the tube off, get a v-chip, or watch age appropriate tv with your kids.

BTW, Eva is one hot doll.... oh to be her gardener....

My wife has pointed out tha... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

My wife has pointed out that afternoon soaps have more sexual content than this show. On the Weirdness scale this show has a feel like Picket Fences or Northern Exposure with a little more adult innuendo content. From my view point the show is pretty hilarious. If they have enough material lined up it may last a while.

I Have to admit I h... (Below threshold)

I Have to admit I haven't personally seen this show -and have no desire to.I find most of what I have briefly watched of similar shows to be LAME and boring.(Seinfeld not included of course)
The title of this show may even send a confusing signal to kids:[Hey,'my Mom is a housewife, maybe she is desparate and desires something other than my Dad'].
Nudity is not the only criterior for parents to nix a show from their kids.'Subtle' messages and violence are also serious considerations.
Let's start LIVING the lives and values of Red State America.Let's give our kids a wholesome upbringing,so that when they are of age to make their own choices,hopefully they will choose wizely.

Prude alert. I am a prude ... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:

Prude alert. I am a prude and I admit it. This show is put out by Disney on SUNDAY night. I can remember as a child watching Disney movies in a room with my three older brothers and Mom and Grandmother on Sunday nights. Walt would come on and talk about the "world of magic", we would eat ice cream and it all felt so soft and sweet and even then I understood that this is good. Good times, good people, good stuff going in my little mind.

What a difference 35 years makes. I feel sad for kids these days. Walt would turn red with shame. Soft porn on Sunday night, by Disney. Would would have ever BELIEVED this. Not my Grandmother. I have never watched this show and I will never watch this show. Call me prudish, call me out of step with the times, call me nostalgic as I settle back with a tape of Andy Griffith and ice cream. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and I am looking backwards at what use to be heaven on earth.

Eva's nice, but I use "Desp... (Below threshold)

Eva's nice, but I use "Desparate Housewives" to satisfy my weekly Teri Hatcher fix.

Kathrine:Don't be t... (Below threshold)

Kathrine:Don't be too harsh on yourself.I would bet you are not a 'prude',but an appreciative and caring baby boomer who lived the good life,and will alway's cherish it.I too had a childhood of Disney and ice cream.(My dad worked for Breyers Ice Cream Co. YUM!)

Eva can water my lawn any t... (Below threshold)

Eva can water my lawn any time she wants. Now would you folks PLEASE post a Teri Hatcher pic? LOL

If this is how the other Am... (Below threshold)

If this is how the other America lives, count me in baby.

I've said for a while that ... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

I've said for a while that the late fifties were the apex of Western culture. It's been downhill since then.

As to the comment, "baby boomer who lived the good life...", I'd like to thank the baby boomers out there that spent there youth "living" the good life instead of ensuring it would stay good for those of us who followed. Don't get me wrong, many of that generation did fight to keep our culture intact. But too many wallowed in their own pursuit of the next experience or "cause" to concern themselves with those of us who followed.

It's great that they are all dwelling on the state of Social Security now that they are all getting old.

Whatever. Hey boomers, just go away.

she can be MY running mate,... (Below threshold)

she can be MY running mate, if you know what I mean

She's an eye-popper all rig... (Below threshold)

She's an eye-popper all right...What's her number? 867-5309...Anybody remember that one?

I think this article is very appplicable to this thread:

The Guardian interviewed Tom Wolfe and he referred to America as a sexual carnival.

Dear Johns:Why are ... (Below threshold)

Dear Johns:Why are you so unhappy?Too many "Dear John letters?Thus the name?Many boomers are not close to SS.
Most of the Baby Boom generation were and are concerned about future generations,that is what separates us from today's 'self indulgers'.
You can only blame YOUR failures on the choices YOU have made as an ADULT.

If she's desperate, I'm Kin... (Below threshold)

If she's desperate, I'm King Tut.

Katherine, I am wi... (Below threshold)


I am with you (and I am a guy).
Nix the "Disney" and break out the ice cream with the kids, though I do say "Whoa!" on the Andy Griffith. I used to dig watching the Deputy be a dunce but never thought much of old Andy and Company.
You can buy all the old favorite board games for peanuts these days. You will find them in the abandoned corner of Toys R' Us, about $7 gets you most of them.
(I will say the LOTR version of Risk is quite well done.)

Pray for your kids tonight! They need it.

Uhh...Maybe some o... (Below threshold)


Maybe some of you should WATCH the show before you get out your Nervous Nelly yardsticks and start whacking people. Besides, if your kids are watching it and you don't approve, that's YOUR failure and no one elses.

Back to the topic; While I think that Eva Longoria is a gift to all mankind, I still find myself drawn to NRA mom Marcia Cross. Her character just needs to lighten up a little. :)

JimK - wife and I in bed th... (Below threshold)

JimK - wife and I in bed this evening, she looks over at the night stand and says, hey at least there's no sandwich fallin' off it.... I almost cried, but I waited until I was finished.

MahaRichie,I don't w... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

I don't want to go too off-topic with the baby boomer deal. It came to mind due to the comments of "whatever ever happened to..." with respect to the old Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney (which I dimly remember). But you've got to be kidding calling following generations self indulgent.

1950's - Rebels without a clue
1960's - Protest as a lifestyle
1970's - if it feels good...let's screw
1980's - How 'bout some junk bonds/where's my money
1990's - It depends on what the definition of Is is
And now, respect your elders, you self-indulgent slackers, because I'm getting old.

The WWII generation was the greatest generation and their kids are the worst. Sorry.

BTW, "Dear Johns" is left over from the Stop the Johns efforts.

I'm not listening "LA LA... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I'm not listening "LA LA LA LA LA....."
(More information than I need to know OneDrummer.)


Puleeeze.....way too much d... (Below threshold)

Puleeeze.....way too much dissection of what is clean and wholesome for kids...Be a parent and CONTROL what they watch.
Watch the show...It's entertaining and not at all as bad as some think.
I'd like to live on Wysteria Lane...At least it wouldn't be as boring as the cul-de-sac where I currently redside.
Eva is a beautiful woman as are most of the cast and those women who protest loudest against the show are simply not secure in their own bodies and minds.
Turn it off it it offends you. You have the choice to watch Nick at Night with your kids instead.

OneDrummer: Now THAT is com... (Below threshold)

OneDrummer: Now THAT is comedy gold. :)

Katherine,My concern... (Below threshold)

My concern as a parent is the commercials for "Housewives," which can be quite racy. It's much harder to shield your children from commercials for the program, since the commercials can pop up during otherwise innocuous programs (sports, for instance). I've sometimes thought TV needs a policy towards commercials like the film industry's practice that all trailers are supposed to be G-rated regardless of the rating of the film.

Bud - need to do what I do.... (Below threshold)

Bud - need to do what I do... namely, as soon as it's commercial time, switch it to Sportscenter. Drives the wife crazy, but, hey, keeps her from seeing some ad for some cool trinket she'll want me to buy her....

I wouldn't mind to be this ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't mind to be this desperate housewife!

I really hope that the peop... (Below threshold)

I really hope that the people who are complaining about this show, and this image, are also complaining about shows like 24, or CSI or any of the other shows on the air that show consistant, explicit or implied violence... no? Didn't think so.

MahaRichie posted some knee-jerk, reactionally response about liberal thinking and low moral values... and I suppose in a country that replies on a healthy dose of media brainwashing to convince generation after generation to go over seas and fight and die for questionable reasons, that violence is a far more important quota to get in than sex... the *rest* of the western world gave up "crusading in the holy lands" hundreds of years ago... welcome to the 21st century.

Just because there is a constitutional right to bear arms in America, doesn't mean that it should be more moral for violence to be shown on television and in film than sexuality. Perhaps there needs to be a constitutional right to bare breasts too.






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