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Maybe the Big Media Should Have Read Wizbang

I've started to post various versions of this about 50 times but passed... Now CBS (surprise) has me so annoyed that I have to partake in a bit of blatant back-patting and partisanship.

From a completely condescending piece on CBS's website.

Blogging As Typing, Not Journalism

.. what I saw in the blogosphere on Nov. 2 was more reminiscent of that school paper or a "Breaker, breaker 19" gabfest on CB than anything approaching journalism.

From early afternoon to very late in the evening, those who checked in with the leading political blogs like Drudge, Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, evote, mydd.com, Daily Kos, and others were given the distinct impression that John Kerry would win the election. The website Slate.com, well-funded and generally a responsible voice, joined in the folly.

The bloggers, obtaining through leaks partial, in some cases suspect snippets of information from the early "cut" of data gathered by MSM through exit polls, were spreading a story that the network and wire service bosses knew to be incorrect because their own experts – and their journalistic experience -- had warned them of the weaknesses in such data.

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG and furthermore he is wrong.

For starters, the MSM did NOT know they were wrong because, let's review, they've sent a week now telling us how shocked they were when the votes were counted. The MSM all believed the numbers. To now say "Oh we knew better it was the stupid bloggers who fell for bad data," is just an obvious attempt to take a swipe at the bloggers who took CBS down a notch. (or 3)

Furthermore, what we have in the blogosphere is a repeating pattern. The MSM and the left side of the blogosphere go wild with bogus news and it falls to the right side of the blogosphere to clean up the mess. The bogus CBS documents and the missing explosives were only the more high profile of the stories.

Maybe CBS should read Wizbang!

Within about 30 minutes of the numbers hitting the net, I ran a piece saying the numbers were bogus. Kevin, operating independently, was a mere 10 minutes behind me. Kevin and I updated as "the bigs" in the conservative side of the debate weighed in.

Drudge had the information just a few minutes after I posted that women were over-sampled. (59-41)

Brit Hume on FoxNews took to the air about 20 minutes after I posted and he called the numbers into question.

Jonah Goldberg knew something was wrong.

The whole right side of the blogosphere knew the numbers were bogus long before CBS and the MSM knew.

Maybe CBS should read Wizbang- We lead the way.


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Comments (17)

Yeah, and not just Wizbang.... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and not just Wizbang. If the whole left side of the blogosphere read parts of the right, their reality based thinking would be a whole lot more reality based. Not least on election night.

Didn't any of those hooting liberals remember that early on in 2000, based on faulty exit polling, it looked like Florida was going for Gore. And the networks called it early and depressed conservative vote turnout in the panhandle. I can't say I felt unaffected by the early poll returns but I remembered Florida 2004 and decided it was just wrongheaded, as it had been last time. It was so far off, the results didn't seem rational.

I think conservatives get much more passive, non-volitional intake of liberal sourced news than liberals get of the conservative stuff. So we have a much easier time seeing both sides of the picture than they do.

- Hmmmm....I seem to vaguel... (Below threshold)

- Hmmmm....I seem to vaguely recall something about a bottle bet before the elections but I'll let that slide....More to the point for a group that is so "un-important" we seem to be garnering a lot of press, albeit negative, which is only to be expected when you're being marginalized as quickly as the MSM.....Whatever...Like all things in himan communication, old ideas fade, new ideas prosper, but it always has a way of sorting itself out.....

Plus who voted earlier in t... (Below threshold)

Plus who voted earlier in the day? People who don't take their jobs seriously as they do their politics.

While you discuss last week... (Below threshold)

While you discuss last week's argument the lefty Bloggers are pushing the election fraud issue:

Here is a link from ustogether:

Olbermann:NEW YORK— Here’s an interesting little sidebar of our system of government confirmed recently by the crack Countdown research staff: no Presidential candidate’s concession speech is legally binding. The only determinants of the outcome of election are the reports of the state returns boards and the vote of the Electoral College.
That’s right. Richard Nixon may have phoned John Kennedy in November, 1960, and congratulated him through clenched teeth. But if the FBI had burst into Kennedy headquarters in Chicago a week later and walked out with all the file cabinets and a bunch of employees with their raincoats drawn up over their heads, nothing Nixon had said would’ve prevented him, and not JFK, from taking the oath of office the following January.
This is mentioned because there is a small but blood-curdling set of news stories that right now exists somewhere between the world of investigative journalism, and the world of the Reynolds Wrap Hat. And while the group’s ultimate home remains unclear - so might our election of just a week ago.
Stories like these have filled the web since the tide turned against John Kerry late Tuesday night. But not until Friday did they begin to spill into the more conventional news media. That’s when the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials in Warren County, Ohio, had “locked down” its administration building to prevent anybody from observing the vote count there.
Suspicious enough on the face of it, the decision got more dubious still when County Commissioners confirmed that they were acting on the advice of their Emergency Services Director, Frank Young. Mr. Young had explained that he had been advised by the federal government to implement the measures for the sake of Homeland Security.
Gotcha. Tom Ridge thought Osama Bin Laden was planning to hit Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville. During the vote count in Lebanon. Or maybe it was Kings Island Amusement Park that had gone Code-Orange without telling anybody. Al-Qaeda had selected Turtlecreek Township for its first foray into a Red State.
The State of Ohio confirms that of all of its 88 Counties, Warren alone decided such Homeland Security measures were necessary. Even in Butler County, reports the Enquirer, the media and others were permitted to watch through a window as ballot-checkers performed their duties. In Warren, the media was finally admitted to the lobby of the administration building, which may have been slightly less incommodious for the reporters, but which still managed to keep them two floors away from the venue of the actual count.
Nobody in Warren County seems to think they’ve done anything wrong. The newspaper quotes County Prosecutor Rachel Hurtzel as saying the Commissioners “were within their rights” to lock the building down, because having photographers or reporters present could have interfered with the count.
You bet, Rachel.
As I suggested, this is the first time one of the Fix stories has moved fully into the mainstream media. In so saying, I’m not dismissing the blogosphere. Hell, I’m in the blogosphere now, and there have been nights when I’ve gotten far more web hits than television viewers (thank you, Debate Scorecard readers). Even the overt partisanship of blogs don’t bother me - Tom Paine was a pretty partisan guy, and ultimately that served truth a lot better than a ship full of neutral reporters would have. I was just reading last night of the struggles Edward R. Murrow and William L. Shirer had during their early reporting from Europe in ’38 and ’39, because CBS thought them too anti-Nazi.
The only reason I differentiate between the blogs and the newspapers is that in the latter, a certain bar of ascertainable, reasonably neutral, fact has to be passed, and has to be approved by a consensus of reporters and editors. The process isn’t flawless (ask Dan Rather) but the next time you read a blog where bald-faced lies are accepted as fact, ask yourself whether we here in cyberspace have yet achieved the reliability of even the mainstream media. In short, a lot gets left out of newspapers, radio, and tv - but what’s left in tends to be, in the words of my old CNN Sports colleague NickCharles, a lead- pipe cinch.
Thus the majority of the media has yet to touch the other stories of Ohio (the amazing Bush Times Ten voting machine in Gahanna) or the sagas of Ohio South: huge margins for Bush in Florida counties in which registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 2-1, places where the optical scanning of precinct totals seems to have turned results from perfect matches for the pro- Kerry exit poll data, to Bush sweeps.
We will be endeavoring to pull those stories, along with the Warren County farce, into the mainstream Monday and/or Tuesday nights on Countdown. That is, if we can wedge them in there among the news media’s main concerns since last Tuesday:
Who fixed the Exit Polls? Yes - you could deliberately skew a national series of post-vote questionnaires in favor of Kerry to discourage people from voting out west, where everything but New Mexico had been ceded to Kerry anyway, but you couldn’t alter key precinct votes in Ohio and/or Florida; and, What will Bush do with his Mandate and his Political Capital? He got the highest vote total for a presidential candidate, you know. Did anybody notice who’s second on the list? A Mr. Kerry. Since when was the term “mandate” applied when 56 million people voted against a guy? And by the way, how about that Karl Rove and his Freudian slip on “Fox News Sunday”? Rove was asked if the electoral triumph would be as impactful on the balance of power between the parties as William McKinley’s in 1896 and he forgot his own talking points. The victories were “similarly narrow,” Rove began, and then, seemingly aghast at his forthrightness, corrected himself. “Not narrow; similarly structured.” Gotta dash now. Some of us have to get to work on the Warren and Florida stories.
In the interim, Senator Kerry, kindly don’t leave the country.
Thoughts? Let me know at [email protected]

You are making the assumpti... (Below threshold)

You are making the assumption here that CBS actually wishes to find and disseminate the truth.

The greatest lesson learned during this election is that many in the MSM have no interest in the truth. Instead, they wish to create and project an agenda-based “reality”. Truth just gets in their way.

heh- Hunter- I "vaguely rec... (Below threshold)

heh- Hunter- I "vaguely recall" it too. (no literally) what was it?

I can only assume I lost. LOL


You've got to be kidding! T... (Below threshold)

You've got to be kidding! The MSM would never stoop so low as to read blogs of red-necked-gun-toting-gay-bashing-bible-thumping hicks living in fly-over country. What the hell could those people know? Rather than admit you were right they are slowly but surely building the case for voter fraud as the major contributor to the actual vote differing from the exit polls. We got four more years of republicans in office, but we're going to get four more years of sore loser cry-babies claiming we stole the White House. The blame can only be on conservative bloggers, first they claimed you were misleading the people, now they'll have you involved in covering up the fraud.

And how could that've helpe... (Below threshold)

And how could that've helped. Let's see. Convince another million to vote for a corrupt politician. Good idea. Glad I don't live there.

Corrupt politician? No, Ran... (Below threshold)

Corrupt politician? No, Randy, Kerry lost. Remember?

- Paul - I was so elated ov... (Below threshold)

- Paul - I was so elated over the election results I was moved to send you your choice of apertif anyway....Lets both be happy you lost.... (Notice not one reference to "booties" in the past 4 days)..... proud of myself..... *chuckle*...and by the way congrats.....

Liberals are great lovers o... (Below threshold)

Liberals are great lovers of the Big Lie theory; they figure if they tell their lies often enough, and with enough conviction, we'll all believe them... sadly for them, we on the right have fully functioning memories, and don't buy it.

Where it gets tough for us, though, is that, while it takes only a moment for them to fling out a lie, it takes us time to methodically rebut it... during which time they've spouted 10 more lies.

Too bad for them that sheer volume of lies doesn't win elections, lol.

- Either Olbermann should c... (Below threshold)

- Either Olbermann should check himself in for immediate drug testing or he's doing the "10 big stories" thing he does on His parody newscast. If you run down the list of "Cinch" news stories peddled by CBS, the NY Times and the MSM et al, during this election cycle, the only lead pipes where the ones the blogsphere was dropping on the fourth estates noggins...Since he straddles both worlds he should look down.....The gap is widening as his enherent bigotry, "the old school" side of the Swiftboat, sinks slowly in the west....

For what it's worth, last w... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, last week one of the networks cited internet blogs as their source for the story about Yasser Arafat's death. I first heard the story on the radio. Of course, the story proved to be untrue, but it's a clear indication that the MSM is beginning to take bloggers seriously.

Here's another one.

A local radio talk show host has quoted my blog word for word on a couple of occasions. I know he checks my blog because I see his email address under "referrers" when I check my stats. I don't mind in the least, but I wonder how many news personalities get plagiarize their material from the net?

Say - - - how's that intern... (Below threshold)

Say - - - how's that internal CBS investigation on those phony TANG documents going?

The only way you'll get MSM... (Below threshold)

The only way you'll get MSM (andCBS for sure) to read you is to fax them from an Abaline KINKOS

Look, they still haven't ca... (Below threshold)

Look, they still haven't caught on that free exchange of ideas, and transparency of bias (rather than muffling an inconvenient voice, and false pretensions there is no bias), are the power and the glory of the blog. Why should we expect them to understand that it was just this smug, smart-ass condescending bi-coastal superior that got Kerry his head handed to him. And this same attitude about bloggers assumes the posters are liars and the readers are idiots.

Never underestimate the resentment that intentional insult, even mindless condescension, can cause, particularly in my area of the country, the South. Hell, that was actually the REAL cause of the Civil War: after about 200 years of beibng sneered at by the cultural elites of the day, we just by God weren't gonna take any more. The 2004 election feels very familair to me on that score. And so does the type of scorn MSM is spewing on blogs.

CBS is going to wake up one day with their affiliates down to about 15, split between the coasts, and their stock worth about a nickel. We can tell them then, they never should have pissed on bloggers.

What do you mean the MSM is... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

What do you mean the MSM is "wrong"? If they were just wrong, then roughly half the stories would hurt repubs/conservatives and roughly half would hurt dems/liberals. But it seems to mostly be mistakes that 'just happen' to hurt the Right and/or help the Left.

They're not just wrong; they're biased.






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