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The Spectre Of Specter

Senator Arlen Specter's potential appoint as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has unleashed a wave of protest by Republicans who view Specter with great apprehension. The folks at RedState have even setup a site NotSpecter.org detailing the many sins of Specter and at The Corner at National Review, they're downright apoplectic at the prospect of a Specter chairmanship.

On the opposite side, Hugh Hewitt argues for not picking this battle and leaving the seemingly inevitable Specter chairmanship alone. Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan chime in in support of Hewitt.


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Comments (8)

The Key Monk has <a href="h... (Below threshold)

The Key Monk has an interesting view about all this.

I totally support the embol... (Below threshold)

I totally support the emboldened Republicans on this. They should throw Arlen under the bus so the Judiciary Committee is stacked with the most conservative edge of the Republican party for all of America to see.

If Arlen is there, the Republicans will continue to have the "big tent" argument.

I want to see Arlen marginalized in the Republican party along with the other 5 moderates.

Go for it, I say!!!

Dave (the other one)

Dave, stop with your sinist... (Below threshold)

Dave, stop with your sinister plan.

Now to espouse wisdom upon the blogging public, I would say the Republicans can't afford to alienate Specter or his northeast pals in Maine. They need every vote, and the surest way to get those votes is stick him in the charman's job.

But what about your beloved... (Below threshold)

But what about your beloved Evangelical Base, for shame to marginalize the 22% of the so called "value-based" voters for GWB.

I don't know, they will not go silently and just turn the other cheek as they say.

Dave (the other one)

I have never loved a base. ... (Below threshold)

I have never loved a base. I prefer that hot soprano pictured below. She has turned her cheek swimmingly.

Touche' McCain!!!... (Below threshold)

Touche' McCain!!!

Is this what 52% of the cou... (Below threshold)

Is this what 52% of the country voted for as well, outlawing most contraceptives?


Dave (the other one)

I don't know what to think ... (Below threshold)

I don't know what to think about this Arlen Spector flap. He's always been pretty loyal & has fought for GOP judicial picks.

If he is concerned about his political carreer (a more liberal constituancy) then maybe it's best for the GOP senators to pick another person for the chairmanship.

Overall, Arlen Spector has always been there when it counted. Yu think?






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