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It's Not That We Don't Care...

It's just that we're tired of the election...

For every hare-brained supposed piece of evidence (even if it's presented by a respectable sportscaster, cum infotainer Keith Obermann) there's usually a good explanation. In this case the Yale Free Press is on the case.

Conspiracy theorists and liberals of all sorts for some reason believe that all of the inconsistencies they are just now discovering are a brand new phenomenon. They're not... Elections are the ultimate sausage factory experience - they always have been, and to a certain extent they always will be.

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And, of course, when you po... (Below threshold)

And, of course, when you point out a certain shockingly widespread and consistent set of "irregularities", they claim you're trying to disenfranchise people.

And newsrooms aren't sausag... (Below threshold)

And newsrooms aren't sausage factories?

Explain to me why it's more important to focus on the validity of CBS news stories than the integrity of the elections they're intended to influence?

I'm waiting for Olbermann t... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Olbermann to get around to pointing out all those REAL violations in Philly, Chicago and Detroit...

I think Olbermann's goal is... (Below threshold)

I think Olbermann's goal is to make sure Michael Moore doesn't walk away from the election as the Most Irrelevant Media Personality.

Olbermann defies definition... (Below threshold)

Olbermann defies definition. Newsman doesn't work. Sports caster... no dice.

The best available term is tin foil hatter.

Oh, and the drones on the New York Times forums are lapping up the "Bush stole the election" theme. Too bad Kruggles the Klown can't get him some of this conspiracy action...

Keith Olberman is the dumbe... (Below threshold)

Keith Olberman is the dumbest man on cable news.

Jim,I was wrong. ... (Below threshold)


I was wrong. He is definable.

Has anyone else noticed tha... (Below threshold)

Has anyone else noticed that Keith Oberman and Al Gore never make an appearance together? Could this be merely a coincidence?

McCain,For that ma... (Below threshold)


For that matter, I've never seen Olbermann or Gore in the same room with LaToya Jackson.

I'm seeing a pattern here...

I remember Olbermann from w... (Below threshold)

I remember Olbermann from when he worked in SF before his big makeover. By makeover I mean the physical kind. He really looked like a geek back then. In fact, he did bear an uncanny resemblance to LaToya.

For that matter, I've never... (Below threshold)

For that matter, I've never seen Olbermann or Gore in the same room with LaToya Jackson.

I'm seeing a pattern here...

Posted by andre3000 at November 9, 2004 02:46 PM

LMAO. Good one, Andre!

Even with my city shades on... (Below threshold)

Even with my city shades on, I am almost positive that LaToya Jackson and Al Gore are not the same person. But Oberman and Gore? Open your eyes, o you who are easily hoodwinked.

I think it is funny that Ms... (Below threshold)

I think it is funny that Msnbc Does not know how to read the election results directs.

For Fairview Park in CUYAHOGA COUNTY,

The number of regular ballots cast was 8524.

The next step is to add in the absentee ballots. The total ballots cast on the report says 18, 742.
That count includes absentee ballots for congressional districts, etc. The absentee ballots are counted by " by Congressional, House, and Senate district combinations." Because of this, the ballots cast totals for municipalities on this web page and on the summary report needs to be derived by using the following technique: For municipalities with wards, find the ballots cast total for each ward and total them.

MSNBC did read what the report means!

My co-blogger James (who's ... (Below threshold)

My co-blogger James (who's a statistician) has also been on the case. Several charts showing the breakdowns here.

Liberals can't admit that s... (Below threshold)

Liberals can't admit that something has been going on forever without their knowledge... and they seem to have forgotten about Kennedy/Nixon '60 (courtesy of Chicago's infamous Daily machine and the "graveyard vote") and Tammany Hall (New York City), whose power to make sure whoever they chose got elected was in full force by 1840 and lasted until 1932.

...my only real motivation ... (Below threshold)

...my only real motivation is to avoid being hassled...


What's the difference betwe... (Below threshold)

What's the difference between Keith Olbermann and Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson only HAS boobs.






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