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Salute America's Heroes


The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes held their kick-off luncheon in Washington, DC today featuring a speech by retired General Tommy Franks and several of America's true heros like Corporal J.R. Martinez and Sgt. Joshua Forbess. I had the opportunity to interview General Franks at the Republican National Convention along with the rest of the RNC Bloggers, so today was my second opportunity to meet the General in person. One thing abundantly clear to me is, should he choose, Gen. Franks is going to become an A-list star of the lecture circuit.

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes, a non partisan/non-profit organization, announced The First Annual Road to Recovery Conference and Tribute to Salute America's Heroes at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida December 8 th-12 th, 2004. Invitees will include 400 of the most seriously wounded and disabled heroes of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as their families. Assuming that the logistics can be worked out, Wizbang as well as other bloggers will be on hand to cover the conference. I can tell you from my experience today, that if you spend just a few minutes with any of these fine American soldiers you will, whether you are for or against the war, never be so proud to be an American.

For more information about The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes, call (703) 556-4376 or click here to find out how you can help.


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Comments (3)

Don't know if it's appropri... (Below threshold)

Don't know if it's appropriate here, but operation A/C has plenty of soliers to adopt. Mine's an MP Pfc.

Saluting heroes... just wa... (Below threshold)

Saluting heroes... just watch, some liberals will find a way to spin THAT as "bad."

Franks really is awesome. ... (Below threshold)

Franks really is awesome. All our soldiers are heroes. Don't mess with the American military.






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