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Another One Bites The Dust

Conspiracy theories that the vote in Ohio was being hacked or manipulated managed to command the first 15 minutes of a cable news cast the other night on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It turns out that the whole alleged conspiracy was, predictably, a figment of their imagination. The issue was that no one bothered to find out how to read the Board of Elections results page, though that's not exactly made clear in this limited mea culpa from Olbermann:

The punch, of course, is the explanation that the 29 more-votes-than voters precincts in greater Cleveland appear to have been caused by the addition of Absentee Ballots. The total difference between registered voters and votes (93,000) might be explained by that process, but it does little for one's confidence in the whole result from Ohio.
Actually it really does little for one's confidence in the quality of material presented on his show - a fact he conveniently ignores - as he launches into yet another, more far fetched tin foil hat theory.

Good for him (and the DU pack fueling him) if he can find wide scale problems in Ohio or Florida, but maybe Olbermann and his staff might allow the results to bubble up a bit before running to air, lest they looks like partisan hacks. Of course since Olbermann actually is a partisan hack one can only assume that he's not really interested in the truth but in stirring up the moonbats, generating controversy, and if he's lucky improving MSNBC's dismal ratings.


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Comments (13)

Keith Olbermann ... Groucho... (Below threshold)

Keith Olbermann ... Groucho Marx without the sense of humor.

He really should go back to... (Below threshold)

He really should go back to doing sports. At least the stats there aren't that difficult to figure out.

Is this the same Keith Olbe... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Is this the same Keith Olbermann who cheered on Chris Matthews' ambushing and brutalizing of Michele Malkin?

I say we sic Zell Miller on him, too. Asshole.


Sorry to interrupt with rea... (Below threshold)

Sorry to interrupt with real news, but this paragraph from an NYT story on the Falluja offensive might be of interest:

"Iraqi troops have found "hostage slaughterhouses" in the city where captives were held and killed, the commander of Iraqi forces in the city, Maj. Gen. Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassem Mohan, told reporters today. Computer discs showing beheadings and black clothing worn by insurgents in some of the videos were discovered, he said."

fooltomery...please never m... (Below threshold)

fooltomery...please never mention those two in the same sentence again, even in an unfavorable-to-Olbermann comparison. :)

WHAT ratings?... (Below threshold)

WHAT ratings?

Wonder what he did with all... (Below threshold)

Wonder what he did with all the money that was put up to buy the O'Reilly " tapes" ? LOL

Joe R. the Unabrewer ... pr... (Below threshold)

Joe R. the Unabrewer ... profuse apologies! But, hey, look at the guy!

"Iraqi troops have found "h... (Below threshold)

"Iraqi troops have found "hostage slaughterhouses" in the city where captives were held and killed

There is something worse than naked twister

keith olberman has a New... (Below threshold)

keith olberman has a News show? I thought "Countdown" was a game show. You know...where liberals compete with each other trying to count backwards from the number five.....

Does anyone know MSNBC rati... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Does anyone know MSNBC ratings number? I told someone I would find out how many living relatives Chris Mathews has. Thanks.

Keith Olberman might want t... (Below threshold)
l cox:

Keith Olberman might want to check out the townhall website and see what ACT - that's Harold Ikes' 527 - did in the Missouri with ballots. That's the same Harold Ikes that the Clintonistas want to head the DNC. A real shark if there ever was one.

I suspect all this noise ac... (Below threshold)

I suspect all this noise accusing the Republicans of voter fraud has 2 purposes: (1) an attempt to distract others from looking at the actual voter fraud and violence committed by their side.* (2) Then, when the farce is realized, they probably hope it would discredit any valid internet investigation by conservative bloggers. A pre-emptive strike by the left to discredit all bloggers.

*Just like the long-term AWOL attack on Bush was probably intended to be a smokescreen to hide Kerry's own discharge matter.






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