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Arafat Still "Mostly Dead," Now "Partially Buried"

Is he dead or alive? The best guess is he's mostly dead and partially alive

Are they going to bury him even if he's not dead? It sure looks that way He might need a little push...

Did Arafat's wife poison him to speed collecting on his multi-billion dollar estate? Just speculation at this point. He was getting better when he first got to Paris, then he took a sudden turn for the worse. One thing all sides agree on is that they hate the wife.


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Comments (18)

Billy Crystal pushed on Ara... (Below threshold)

Billy Crystal pushed on Arafats chest and the death rale sounded like "To Blave".

Any guess what "To Blave" meant? And should Billy bring him back to life? And is Suha Arafat really Michael Jackson's former wife/baby momma?

Shit! I've solved it.... (Below threshold)

Shit! I've solved it.

Suha Arafat is really Linda Tripp.

If you doubt me, has anyone seen them in the same room together at the same time? Didn't think so.

I think the french mistaken... (Below threshold)

I think the french mistakenly threw him into some fresh water and not sea water. His poor gills just couldn't adjust....

I was talking with a Palest... (Below threshold)

I was talking with a Palestinian coworker this afternoon. Hes been a US citizen for about 15 years, but most of his family is still scattered across the mideast. He is a rather argumentative type, and quite opinionated (to put it mildly). But he admits as much, and blames it on his Palestinian genes and upbringing.

When the subject of ole fish lips came up today, he had an insightful comment. He said, See why there is no hope for an Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement? Palestinians can never agree on anything. Anything! They have been arguing with themselves for a week now over whether a guy is dead or not!

A little Python - ... (Below threshold)

A little Python -

Bring out your dead, bring out your dead......

The salmon in warming on th... (Below threshold)

The salmon in warming on the counter and the digital camera is fully charges with a fresh memory stick.

The cats dine well tonight.

Update (and best headline o... (Below threshold)

Update (and best headline of the day): Arafat in Further Decline (see http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-13247771,00.html).

Could it get any worse? YES. Not just brain dead but liver dead and spleen dead too.

"The Palestinian foreign minister Nabil Shaath has said Mr Arafat's brain is only functioning partially, while all his organs except his heart and lungs have failed."

If his brain is functioning... (Below threshold)

If his brain is functioning partially now, its no wonder they're confused over there.

That's better than it was doing 10 years ago.

What's next? Skin failure?... (Below threshold)

What's next? Skin failure?

"Nabil Shaath has said that Mr. Arafat's skin can no longer maintain its integrity and stuff is oozing out of the Chairman. "We believe the greenish hue that Mr. Arafat has achieved is only temporary as we expect that soon he'll become purplish and then rather gray"".

Laurence, it's not salmon m... (Below threshold)

Laurence, it's not salmon mousse, is it? (In keeping with the Monty Python theme that ... actually hasn't been established here, has it?)

I surrender.Let's ... (Below threshold)

I surrender.

Let's freeze the body and move forward.

- After He finally croaks i... (Below threshold)

- After He finally croaks if he hasn't already (They're having trouble deciding based on his flatline brain waves....everyone in Palestine is braindead)...Look for a "will" to suddenly surface and a battle royal to commence between the loving wife and the equally lovable leadership over the stash....Today Hamas demonstrated in the streets of Ramallah stating "You'll take our guns away over our dead bodies"...An invitation I'm sure Israel will get busy on as soon as possible.....

They will bury arafish afte... (Below threshold)

They will bury arafish after he's been revived and then allowed to die again.
Are all of those arguing over the money wearing bullet proof equipment? I expect there will be bullets richocheting pretty soon.

It would be nice to hear the money will be left mouldering in their accounts because no one knows exactly where they are located.

I'm aware that the followin... (Below threshold)

I'm aware that the following comment is off point but I thought this was important.

A couple of hours ago Bill O'reilly made the following comment on his show: "If this kind of chaos is still going on a year from now, done, the American people won't sit for it."

Terrorists in Iraq heard..."If we can continue to create chaos the Americans will quit in one year."

Bill O'reilly and other "journalists" need to realize that our country is at war and that their poorly chosen words will likely result in the needless deaths of American soldiers and others.

I have begun to wonder where the loyalties of news personalities lie.

Anyway, I hope you'll join me in emailing Mr Oreilly and others who fail to think before they speak.

Here is his web site address http://www.billoreilly.com.site

I believe the quote cited above is 100% accurate. In any case it's not off by much.

A little more python... (Below threshold)

A little more python
He's dead.

No he isn't

When I brought him home, I discovered that he had been nailed down.

If he hadn't been nailed down he would have muscled up them bars and flown off.

He can't muscle bars he's bloody dead!

No, he's pining for the fjords!

Pining for the fjords?

this parrot has ceased to be! This parrot is no more! This parrot has died and gone to meat his maker! this is a Late Parrot!

oops "meet"*... (Below threshold)

oops "meet"*

Can we half-bury him head f... (Below threshold)

Can we half-bury him head first?

By the way, I did a photoshop of the dead parrot - Arafat thing last week.

Apologies Aaron, I came up ... (Below threshold)

Apologies Aaron, I came up with that on my own without even seeing your blog. Nice job on the photoshop, though, that's pretty brilliant, what we need to do is come up with a flash movie or at least a script inserting "arafat" for "parrot" (note the similarities in name pronunciation).






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