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Bush may tap Reynolds

That's the headline from The Cincinnati Post

Wither Instapundit? Not this time...

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- OT - Marine Commander new... (Below threshold)

- OT - Marine Commander news conference from Fallujah on FOX in the next few minutes.....

- FOX just announced Albert... (Below threshold)

- FOX just announced Alberto Gonzoles...

Just in....Timberl... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Just in....

Timberlake to tap Diaz.....video at 11:00

It would make sense that Bu... (Below threshold)

It would make sense that Bush tap a prominent Ohio resident. Bush has a lot of favors to return in the Buckeye State; and who better to do so than the Secretary of Commerce?

It's Gonzo. His demonizati... (Below threshold)

It's Gonzo. His demonization can now commence post haste.

I don't think the Dems in t... (Below threshold)

I don't think the Dems in the senate will make Gonzalez's confirmation difficult. What are they going to complain about? That he'll be too tough on terrorists? Also, are the Dems going to blow it with the remaining Latinos on their plantation? As it is 44% of Hispanics voted for Bush. Unlike the monolithic Black vote, as Latinos enter the middle-class, they find they have more in common with the GOP than with the moonbats. So Alberto Gonzalez -- unless the Libs and MSM can concoct a scandal -- will be the new Attorney General.






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