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Take that for what it's worth, but it sound legit. The official time of death was 9:30PM Eastern (GMT -5:00) 11/10/04, that's 3:30AM 11/11/04 Paris time (GMT +1:00). BBC is first with an online report.

Judith Miller writes The New York Times obituary.

Update: In The Arafat "Mostly Dead" Pool the best $25 I've ever spent goes not to Ploni Almoni who was 19 hours off, and not to Matt who was18.25 hours off...

The winner is Eric Akawie who was 11.5 hours off.


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Comments (29)

Perhaps a long constipated ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps a long constipated peace process has finally had a bowel movement.

If he is dead, who won the ... (Below threshold)

If he is dead, who won the pool?

Freaking CBS News. First th... (Below threshold)

Freaking CBS News. First they try using forged documents to hurt my man Bush. Then they collaborate with the NY Slimes to hurt my man Bush. Then tonight, after I watched CSI New York for almost an hour, they break at 10:55 PM to tell me a terrorist died. Now I have to wait for a rerun of that episode to find out why the guy wacked everyone in a restaurant. Screw Arafat. And screw CBS News. BTW, notice how everytime the MSM mention Arafat they make sure they let us know he won a Nobel Peace Prize?

Ding Dong the witch is dead... (Below threshold)

Ding Dong the witch is dead,
the wicked ol' witch is dead.


Get a load of the picture C... (Below threshold)

Get a load of the picture CNN has on their homepage commemorating Arafat. You'd think he's some sort of reputable individual.

The first true test of any ... (Below threshold)

The first true test of any transparent Palestinian National Authority will be if they demand SUHA return the ill-gotten spoils.

Julie, I'm still trying to ... (Below threshold)

Julie, I'm still trying to figure out who won the pool. I want to see the French press conference to see if they actually announce a time of death. I'll update the post when I know for sure.

Jim, I feel your pain...

Yessir Yurafart is ... (Below threshold)

Yessir Yurafart is dead.No loss.I do think his demise was accelerated in France.It is very mysterious.One day he is smiling an blowing kisses while adjusting his oversize hat.Within a day or two he is in a coma,and near death.My guess,he had AIDS and the plug was pulled.Enjoy Paradise.

I'll drink to that.... (Below threshold)

I'll drink to that.

When I was a kid, I saw som... (Below threshold)

When I was a kid, I saw some movie about ancient Egypt. After, the pharaoh died, the greedy, evil queen (Joan Collins) was buried alive with him. It scared the hell out of me. Even today, I don't think I could go into a pyramid without hyperventilating Maybe, that's what they shd do with Suha.

the AP bulletin that came d... (Below threshold)

the AP bulletin that came down said they announced time of death as 3:30am Thursday, though I didn't see any mention of if it was Paris time or what. (assuming it was).

I haven't seen any links or anything, you'll just have to take my good word. *laugh*

(If you want to take my REALLY good word, I think they meant to say he died November 19th at 5:25pm. *grin*)

Helen Thomas and 71 look a ... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas and 71 look a likes are getting ready to be defiled by this turd. I have to assume that she is a virgin. I've met guys that would hit any wet spot who wouldn't touch that skank.

Buh-bye...Ain't no 72 virgi... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Buh-bye...Ain't no 72 virgins after all, huh? Nope, there ain't. Burn, baby, burn.

How fitting that Joan Colli... (Below threshold)
Adam Wood:

How fitting that Joan Collins played the evil queen....

Okay, I'm sick of arafat. I... (Below threshold)

Okay, I'm sick of arafat. I don't want to be subjected to days of news coverage of his funeral. He was a punk terrorist. Any bets that Jimmy Carter will attend the funeral?

Anybody notice the CBS Spec... (Below threshold)

Anybody notice the CBS Special Report began with "Terrorist, Peace Prize winner" We knew that was idiotic, but hearing that in the same breath was very funny.

At every car swarm, you can... (Below threshold)

At every car swarm, you can see most of the kids with camera cellphones. I have no doubt they have access to the internet and sattelite tv. So, how can they be ignorant of the fact arafat and suhu have ripped them off into the billions? And that Suhu needs $100k a month to live on?

I'm with you, julie.<... (Below threshold)
Adam Wood:

I'm with you, julie.

It's already beginning to look like even Fox is going to make this as big or bigger than Regan's death. This puke deserved no more than a mere passing, "Oh, and Arafat is dead," mention at the end of the broadcast.

One good thing, though: hopefully this will get Scott Petersen (sp?) off my screen for a few days. GAWD, I'm sick of hearing about that....

Yeah, I can't wait never to... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I can't wait never to hear the Scott Peterson again. And if he walks, I hope Laci's mother takes him out before he reaches the courtroom steps.

As far as arafat, I think we should have our own tribute to him synchronized with his official burial. Everyone across the blogosphere should flush their toilets at the same time in his honor. I wonder what wd happen if a couple of million people did that?

Make that can't wait to nev... (Below threshold)

Make that can't wait to never hear the name of Scott Peterson again.

Gee Adam, you think I'd pre... (Below threshold)

Gee Adam, you think I'd prefer to hear Greta debate Yasser's guilt or innocence every night with a panel of frizzy haired lawyers?

McCain: Would you prefer Gr... (Below threshold)

McCain: Would you prefer Greta talk to you about Scientology?

I prefer that she just go a... (Below threshold)

I prefer that she just go away forever. I don't mean any permanent harm to the woman -- just retire to wherever lawyers retire, so a new scandal monger can replace her with still more guest panels of shouting nabobs.

The Arafish now smells like... (Below threshold)

The Arafish now smells like a dead fish.. Circled the bowl and got flushed like the rest of the crap. Goodbye, and have hot and toastey time in hell. Oh yea, the 72 virgins look like Helen Thomas! Serves ya right...

Let's hope he STAYS dead th... (Below threshold)

Let's hope he STAYS dead this time... I'm tired of this endless teasing.

If the story was reported b... (Below threshold)

If the story was reported by CBS, then it was probably fabricated, and done so in a way that tries, unsuccessfully, to hurt Bush. Hopefully, one of these days in the not too distant future, we can add CBS to the obits column as well. Oh happy day!!

I'd like thank all the litt... (Below threshold)

I'd like thank all the little people, who got me to where I am today. And I'd like to thank Arafat for dying. I'd like to thank him a lot.

Coming up on CNN: Yasser Ar... (Below threshold)

Coming up on CNN: Yasser Arafat -- the new Princess Diana.


Hey Jim: CBS issue... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim:

CBS issued an apology for interupting CSI - New York. Are you going to accept it?






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