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OK, this is just creepy...

This morning, before leaving for work, I wrote a piece that I titled "Sarah, Smile!," from the Hall & Oates song.

On my way in to work, I saw two different license plates.


I'm just mildly freaked out at the moment...


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Seems the Matrix had a glit... (Below threshold)

Seems the Matrix had a glitch....... now you know it is all a computer generated dream! Welcome to the real world! ;-)

Will you hold it down, Jay?... (Below threshold)

Will you hold it down, Jay? I'm listening to "Sarah Smile" playing in my head, thinking about some good times in 1975, when....erm, nevermind.

I'll just go back to humming.

'Scuse me...it was '76.... (Below threshold)

'Scuse me...it was '76.

Just because you're paranoi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you.

I just love it when I get '... (Below threshold)

I just love it when I get 'notes' from God. I mean, you didn't expect a letter, did you?

I think I can snag the meaning for you pretty easily, tho you probably got it yourself.

"Where there is hatred, let me sow love."-St. Francis

"Reality based community?" ... (Below threshold)

"Reality based community?" Feh. Give me a nice psychosis any day. :)

I was thinking of that song... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

I was thinking of that song with the chorus "8-6-7-5-3-0-9", and then I looked up a number and dialed "7-8-6-6-5-4-3"...... well, I guess that doesn't correlate very well. Nevermind.

Could be spiritual forces h... (Below threshold)

Could be spiritual forces have conspired to reveal a message to you from the ethereal plane, hours of research is needed to decipher the cryptic significance of the words Sarah and Smile and how they relate to your forward life path... or it's just a freaky coincidence.

Jay, you might relate to th... (Below threshold)

Jay, you might relate to this story...

I fell asleep on the couch last night watching TV. Well, I recall dreaming about hot college girls showing their breasts when I woke up to see what? An ad for the Girls Gone Wild videos!

The hair on the back of my neck stood right up. It was so eerie.

- We definately need to tak... (Below threshold)

- We definately need to take up a collection to send andre to camp....he needs a looooong vacation.... *chuckle*....

Hunter, Alls I'm s... (Below threshold)


Alls I'm saying is the Lord works in mysterious ways...

But you can e-mail me if you need to know where to send those donations.

Ok. This thread made me smi... (Below threshold)

Ok. This thread made me smile.

- And Jay T - Just for the ... (Below threshold)

- And Jay T - Just for the record....whenever one of those sweet "trancendental" happy/strange things occurs in my life I immediately think of the Fleetwood Mac golden oldy with the line....

- "...Sarah....you're the poet in my heart...don't you change....don't you even start...."....

Time to rent "Repo Man" and... (Below threshold)

Time to rent "Repo Man" and pay particular attention to the "plate of shrimp" stuff. My friends refer to this sort of thing as a "plate o' shrimp" episode.

andre...sorry...no donation... (Below threshold)

andre...sorry...no donation from me...I'd need three hands just to count the number of times those commercials are played in an hour late at night.
Timing is about all you had in this one (at least I think it was only timing!! It depends on which part of the commercial you woke up at...*big snicker*

Debra, well, I woke up at a... (Below threshold)

Debra, well, I woke up at a part where some girls were pulling their shirts up and then they started kissing each other. It was remarkably similar to my dream.

BTW, it's still not too late to send me your donation.

Andre..whoa...we can't get ... (Below threshold)

Andre..whoa...we can't get too erotic here. (ha)
Sorta got off topic as well...Still..I want to know why I'm not seein' Men Gone Wild video for sale at 3:00 am. What's up whit that?

Wonder how poor little Sarah wouls react to know that she has been linked to soft porn now???

GGW was the invention of a ... (Below threshold)

GGW was the invention of a hedonist with a camera and a dream.

If you have the dream of selling MGW videos on late night television, I suggest you "Ask Lesko" how to get a government grant to get started. Where there's a bill there's a way.

As for Sarah, it doesn't appear she'll be capable of smiling for several months. Perhaps you can be the one, with your MGW dream, to help her out of her long nightmare.

Oh, and the First Amendment... (Below threshold)

Oh, and the First Amendment fucking rocks!

Just wanted to say that.

*blush-blush-blush*N... (Below threshold)

No..not my cup of tea to share MGW videos with anyone like Miz Sarah. Not a good mix she and me.
One of us would not survive and I'm confident that I'll be around another day.
With that said...Still the question is posed...WHY is it that everything relates to men on late night tv?
I don't have transcendental moments like Hunter or Jay either....~sigh~
Andre..I'm not quite sure what you have! (grin)

"I want to know why I'm ... (Below threshold)

"I want to know why I'm not seein' Men Gone Wild video for sale at 3:00 am. What's up whit that?"

Debra, we don't need one. If we want to see men go wild, we just unbutton the top 3 buttons of our shirts. They are sooo easy...

But you knew that.

- Oh yeh....sure.....If it ... (Below threshold)

- Oh yeh....sure.....If it isn't the little black party dress or the black T strap heels its the ole "top three buttons" ploy..... you gals are cruel....really really cruel.... ( keep up the good work )

Righty...I'm shocked at you... (Below threshold)

Righty...I'm shocked at you. You really shouldn't be giving away gender secrets... ^^
Hunter..Don't listen to her...we don't use the breasts to gain momentum...HONEST
It's all intellect my dear. All intellect. The shapely legs in spiked heels with the slinky little tight party dress (black i might add) are just coincidences.
We feel good about ourselves and that's the only thing we are after...A feel good feeling...

Sparkle-Debra, ... (Below threshold)


Debra, we don't need one. If we want to see men go wild, we just unbutton the top 3 buttons of our shirts. They are sooo easy...

Are you kidding? I don't even need that much.

Long hair worn "up" so a little neck shows...
Tight skirt just above the knee...
Stockings with the little seam up the back...

Urk!!! Excuse me for a moment... ;o)






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