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Defining Moonbattery

The Washington Post has a story disabusing the moonbats- well assuming facts could do such a thing. It looks at the 3 major "stolen election" theories and debunks all of them.

Here's a clue. If you still think there is evidence that the election was "stolen" you are not just a moonbat, you have reached the level of barking moonbat.

Conspiracy theories about presidential election flood Internet
...There is the one about more ballots cast than registered voters in the big Ohio county anchored by Cleveland. There are claims that a suspicious number of Florida counties ended up with Bush vote totals that were far larger than the number of registered Republican voters. And then there is the one that might be the most popular of all: The exit polls that showed Kerry winning big weren't wrong they were right....

Ultimately, none of the most popular theories holds up to scrutiny...

The Ohio vote-fraud theory appears to stem from the curious ways of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. During even-numbered years, the county's canvassing board posts vote totals that include the results from congressional districts outside the county that spill over Cuyahoga's borders. The quirk made it look as if the county had 90,000 more votes than voters. ...

The Florida case is more nuanced than the Ohio voting battle. Numerous [moonbat] bloggers have noted that President Bush's vote totals in 47 Florida counties were larger in some cases much larger than the number of registered Republican voters in the same counties. A widely distributed piece on Consortiumnews.com said the results "are so statistically stunning that they border on the unbelievable."

The article's main numbers are correct. But the central premise that there is something suspicious about Bush getting more votes than the number of registered Republicans in rural counties, which use paper ballots may not be suspicious at all. It does not account for thousands of independents or for voters who do not list party affiliation. It is also common for Florida Democrats, particularly the "Dixiecrats" in the northern reaches of the state and the Panhandle, to vote for Republicans, a pattern repeated in much of the Deep South.

[A fact supported by the fact that these same Democrats voted for Bush 4 years ago and Dole 4 years prior, but don't give a moonbat facts, it will only confuse them. -ed]

The theories on exit polls are even more slippery. Because the early exit polls that were leaked and caused so much excitement among Democrats are not publicly distributed, the criticisms have not been based on statistics. Instead there are comments such as those from Zvi Drezner, a professor at the California State University at Fullerton business and economics school, who wrote that "the exit polls did not 'lie' " and described "a gut feeling that the machines did not report the correct count."

Many voting experts say the theory that the exit polls were correct is deeply flawed because the polls oversampled women. MIT political scientist Charles Stewart III also has said focusing solely on the early polls favoring Kerry in Ohio and Florida is the wrong approach because exit polls in some Democratic-leaning states tilted toward Bush, evening out the national picture.

Here is a note to my moonbat friends. If you want to know why your side lost the election, find a mirror. You and your ilk are a major cause.


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Comments (13)

Remember that study that sh... (Below threshold)

Remember that study that showed that Michael Moore actually HURT Democrats more than he helped them? The Left should be paying close attention to that.

so...if Bush was 'selected,... (Below threshold)

so...if Bush was 'selected, not elected' in 2000 with a total number of votes only about 500,000 votes less than Al Gore...

and that was a 'bad' thing...

why do these goofballs want Kerry to be 'selected, not elected' when he's got about 3,500,000 votes less than GW's total?

GW won in Florida and Ohio by hundreds of thousands of votes each...

i mean...there's hypocrisy and then there's stupidity...

A "therapist" who drives ar... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

A "therapist" who drives around with a life-size cardboard cut out of John Kerry sitting in the passenger seat? Other barking moonbats? They are pictured and described here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2004/11/07/MNGQO9NJOK1.DTL

Forgive, I'm new at this. G... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Forgive, I'm new at this. Go here.

Was listening to Randi Rhod... (Below threshold)

Was listening to Randi Rhodes on Error America today and she was enthusiastically reading from an article about how Bush stole the election but getting past all the impressive-sounding statistical analysis, the entire argument seemed to rest on the assertion that exit polls are always and everywhere infallibly accurate (!!). And since all the exit polls had Kerry up by substantial margins, then obviously something fraudulent happened.

So Rhodes was lapping up this swill like it was Kool-Aid and I had a good laugh.

Has anyone got the stomach ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone got the stomach to watch the Count to Five idiot reacting to the WaPo fisking of his conspiracy theory?

Paul, I'm afraid you missed... (Below threshold)

Paul, I'm afraid you missed the real story here, in that you neglected to mention the source of all the crackpot theories. That source being the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat crackpot theory generator.

Oh, Sean - just hilarious! ... (Below threshold)

Oh, Sean - just hilarious! And the "conspiracy chart" posted at your site by Clem had me in stitches! Thank you.

Sean that is soooo worth a ... (Below threshold)

Sean that is soooo worth a link on the front page... but I'm putting it below my wikipeda story.

An instant classic.

It's embarrassing to realiz... (Below threshold)

It's embarrassing to realize that people from all over the world are hearing about these sore-loser, sour-grape, pitiful theories about how a perfectly clear-cut election was in fact the result of the sort of conspiracy theories usually found locked mental wards.

Glad y'all liked it. Thanks... (Below threshold)

Glad y'all liked it. Thanks, Paul!

- If the flying moonrats wo... (Below threshold)

- If the flying moonrats won't listen to their own DNC leaders and candidates why would you think for a heart beat they'd listen to reason from anyone else.... The wookies are in their own zone of dementia....Waste of time even trying....

Those darn ole polls oversa... (Below threshold)

Those darn ole polls oversampled women eh? Dammit men, I knew we shouldn't have given women the vote.






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