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Good riddance to bad rubbish

Yassir Arafat: requiescat in feces.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Ad aeternam.



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Comments (14)

First!Rot in hell!... (Below threshold)


Rot in hell!

I guess his family and the ... (Below threshold)

I guess his family and the PLO finally found where he hid the money. My theory: he died in agony with liver failure with no hope of any working pain-killers- and they kept him that way until they got what they wanted.

In France, he could have be... (Below threshold)

In France, he could have been dead quite a while before someone noticed the smell. Rigor mortis probably erased the grimace of pain from his face that they had mistaken for an anti-American sneer so they decided to check for a pulse. Doesn't rigor usually take about 6 hours to set in?

Look, we're talkin' bout Fr... (Below threshold)

Look, we're talkin' bout France. When the terrorist arrived, the good French doctors surrendered. Tis hard to competently judge death when your hands are up the air.

I find it difficult to swal... (Below threshold)

I find it difficult to swallow that the MSM is giving the worlds oldest terrorist so much press time. Who gives a crap that he's dead? So many more important things to focus on...So many.

The world is now a better p... (Below threshold)

The world is now a better place to live in. One of these days, we'll be able to add the MSM to the obits column. What a wonderful day that will be.

I just rechecked.H... (Below threshold)

I just rechecked.

He's still dead.

Here's to hoping he get's h... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Here's to hoping he get's his 72 Virgins, enough to make any sheep farmer envious. (and I hope they kick)

I think Neal Boortz summed ... (Below threshold)

I think Neal Boortz summed it up very well today:

"The caption under Arafat's picture on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's website says "The icon of Palestinian national aspirations, who had won the Nobel Prize, has died in Paris." Icon? Let's get rid of the spin. Arafat was an icon for violence, for murder and for terrorism. Rather than working toward the goal of an independent Palestinian state, Arafat spent the last two decades doing everything he possibly could to prevent one. Arafat knew that as soon as a Palestinian state became a reality he would become irrelevant. In addition to being a terrorist murderer, Arafat was a thief. He stole millions, perhaps billions of dollars that were donated to Palestinian causes. While Palestinians were suffering Arafat's wife was flitting around Paris spending her $100,000 a month allowance, money stolen from Palestinians. Arafat's death came decades too late. It's about time."

So Suha is available now, h... (Below threshold)

So Suha is available now, huh? Rooowwr.

Move over Mrs. Reeves, there's a new hot widow in town!

Speaking of which, if her b... (Below threshold)

Speaking of which, if her balance sheet can be confirmed, look to Kerry to dump Tuh-Ray-Zuh and hop onto a new gravy train. He could run for President of Palestine!

Come on Su wee I mean Su HA... (Below threshold)

Come on Su wee I mean Su HA deserves all the plunder she can get away with. I mean she did have to sleep with Jaba the Hut. She deserves 100,000 g's a month just for putting up with the smell.

How fitting that they had t... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

How fitting that they had to remove rubbish to bury him in a parking lot at Ramallah.

arafish the turd is gone...... (Below threshold)

arafish the turd is gone...who's next? castro?

These things usually happen in threes....






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