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Michael Moore Planning Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2

The poster-boy for angry Hollywood liberalism doesn't want to stop trying to "help." Coming Soon! reports:

Michael Moore tells Variety he met with Harvey Weinstein and they plan to start working now on Fahrenheit 9/111/2. "We want to get cameras rolling now and have it ready in two-three years," Moore told columnist Army Archerd.

"We want to document and commercialize it," added Moore, "Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them. They weren't told the truth. We're communicators and it's up to us to start doing it now. The official mourning period is over today and there is a silver lining -- George W. Bush is prohibited by law from running again."

The issues (for the next film) have not changed because of the election. "They are Iraq and terrorism."

Let see... the 2004 election was "stolen" from Kerry, al Quada terrorists were warm and cuddly until Bush attacked them, bin Laden is an elder Arab statesman, etc... I can see it now...

Also, the "Michael Moore Hates America" DVD is available for pre-order and should ship in time to make a great Christmas present. Order details, for the movie Ebert and Roeper give Two Thumbs Up!, available here.


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Comments (33)

How fitting that this is fi... (Below threshold)
Adam Wood:

How fitting that this is filed under "Asshats."

Perhaps it should be "Assholes?"

You know, just for this one special occasion.

Not content with losing the... (Below threshold)

Not content with losing the election for Gore in 2000 and costing Kerry his lifetime dream, Michael Moore is now going to work his magic on the 2008 election.

Go mikey go! At this rate, the libertaians are set to become a national party, while the democrats whill go the way of the whigs.

Ready in two-three years = ... (Below threshold)

Ready in two-three years = One of these times I will get credit for influencing an election..just like the terrorists.

Document and commercialize it,fifty-one percent lacked information= I could have gotten more money damnit..how the hell did Gibson get all that cash over a guy that died two thousand years ago.

They weren't told the truth=this time I will hide it better.

Talk about dumb! Here is a ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Talk about dumb! Here is a guy that has not got a clue! Seems he is also unable to read. Or listen to some very big names in the Dem party who said he (along with Frisco mayor) hurt JFK. I hope he does; and I hope the MSM gives it tons of free publicity just like 911. Most of us are actually smarter than Mike, or than he thinks we are.
Rod Stanton

If at first you don't succe... (Below threshold)

If at first you don't succeed, just keep trying the same, tired crap all over again!

The point is Moore only car... (Below threshold)

The point is Moore only cares about Moore. "There is a silver lining." Yep, especially for Moore. He has plenty of people willing to line up and buy his snake oil.

"We want to educate and enlighten them." Why does that sounds just like propaganda from the Communists? Oh. Yeah...

The "Mike Hates America" mo... (Below threshold)

The "Mike Hates America" movie has a perfect 100% fresh rating on Rottentomatoes.com. This is a must-see movie. I will buy it for my friends. I will buy it for my family. I will ensure it is nominated for an Oscar for documentary of the year.

here I thought his next pro... (Below threshold)

here I thought his next project would be "The Passion of the Arafat". You know, to show what a great peacemaker he was...

At the VERY least, he could release a bio pic called something like "How I Ate 12 Pounds of Butter in 3 1/2 Minutes"...

Why not turn this into a Mi... (Below threshold)

Why not turn this into a Michael Moore fan site. Nobody did more (unintentionally) to get Bush elected this time around than Moore. Except of course the flatulent Arab, Osama.

Film, Michael, Film! Film like the wind, you stupid bastard!

I hereby renounce all donations intended for my vacation at camp (thanks anyway) and redirect them to Michael Moore's next project. Whatever it is.

We need to encourage MM to counter the lies and the mis-information all of us dummies relied on when we voted for Bush.

Oh, and if Howard Dean isn't the new Dem Party Chairman, I'll be terribly disappointed.

tony,Unfortunately... (Below threshold)


Unfortunately for us, somebody already made "Supersize Me!"

This statement from Moore i... (Below threshold)

This statement from Moore is the closest to the truth he has made in some time. If he just changed “51% of American people lacked information” to “48% of American people lacked information”, he would just about get it right.

I completely disagree with ... (Below threshold)

I completely disagree with Moore that 51% of the people were uneducated......it's that 51% of the people were stupid. Can't wait for 2008!!

andre...rue, but t... (Below threshold)


rue, but the "Supersize" guy was trying to make a point. MM just thinks that cheese goes best when deep fried and slathered in butter.

Ok, who gave MM the extra 1... (Below threshold)

Ok, who gave MM the extra 15 minutes?

How flipping arrogant! 51%... (Below threshold)

How flipping arrogant! 51% of the American people lacked information? Does he honestly believe that if we'd only just gone to see the pile of misleading half-truths and outright misinformation he tried to call a documentary that we'd actually have voted for Kerry?

Some of us did see it, and some of us read a detailed review of the information contained in it instead... and chose to vote how we did because the "information" he presented did not strike us as being particularly accurate or relevant.

I personally do not denigrate the intelligence of every person who voted Democrat in this election, I have heard many people's arguments who carefully considered the issues at hand and made the decision they did because their priorities were different than mine, or they felt that a different approach to the problem was a better one. I don't consider them "uninformed" or "idiots" because of it, and I take offense to those who consider me in that light because I voted Republican.

I'd best end my rant now, it's lunch time and thinking about Michael Moore just may ruin my appetite.

- Gunney R. Lee Ermey cutti... (Below threshold)

- Gunney R. Lee Ermey cutting them a new ass on FOX today... Damn he's dah man... Only man ever in Marine history to get a promotion AFTER retiring.... Ohhhhrahhhh... Semper fi

- Pearl comments: ..."Don't say my name in the same sentence as that scumbag Moore"... "Arafats dead... only thing the French have done right in 200 years"...

- Saw a piece that said it was more like "Half" getting the Axe at the BBC... Rumors have it that CBS mucks are seriously thinking of dropping the News programming completely ...lowest revenue source in the CBS broadcasting bag... Rather retired in disgrace would be the icing on the 2004 cake...

- Moore's eloquint efforts in helping LurchKerry and the Ketchup Slut spend "Christmas in Cambodia" has the moderates in the Dimocrap party saying enough already, deciding to scuttle the wingnutz asshats and campaign seriously the next time around.... Hint: Try refraining from calling people stupid and they might think about voting for your candidate.... 2nd Hint: Stop running effete snob Mass. candidates to the left of Marx.... 3rd Hint: Don't f**k with Zell Miller, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, or the U.S. Marines.....

FYI, Hindrocket from Powerl... (Below threshold)

FYI, Hindrocket from Powerline will be discussing "Blue State secession" with the Asshat in waiting, Lawrence "You're a stinking Liar!" O'Donnell on CNBC at 7, 6 central.

Of all the stupid things to come from the corporate stillbirth we call MSNBC, O'Donnell is at the top. But he's in close competition with the Count to Five idiot, Old Yeller and whoever decided to call Ron Reagan Jr. a "political analyst".

Does anyone remember the Pa... (Below threshold)

Does anyone remember the Palestinian funeral procession where the coffin was dropped and the "corpse" turned out to be alive?

I'm not saying Araskinny is alive, but it'd be hilarious to see a repeat with him starring as the "Not Dead Yet" corpse.

Ahh, the Detroit Donut Dest... (Below threshold)

Ahh, the Detroit Donut Destroyer™ strikes again. Bad news Mikey: Bush voters did it *because* of your ham-fisted propaganda, not in spite of it.

<a href="... (Below threshold)


Could someone compile a bunch of photos of gloating Republicans and convert it into Michael Moore's fat face?

my guess is it backfires an... (Below threshold)

my guess is it backfires and bush wins a third term.

Jenna or Barbara?I... (Below threshold)

Jenna or Barbara?

I'm already on record as having said that Jenna has peaked in loveliness. Barbara, on the other hand is just getting more lovely by the day.

here's a real sick thought.... (Below threshold)

here's a real sick thought...

Can you imagine the stench that fills the moore bedroom when he and his wife/girlfriend/farm animal have sex?

A real M Mooreron fan site... (Below threshold)

A real M Mooreron fan site! :)
The guy is a pariah and doesn't know it.
He can film til the sun don't shine, but it wont make his case of leprosy go away. He'll find out soon enough that he is up and alone with his greasey self. He should enjoy the smell of his waxy fat layers wafting to his smegum filled nostrils.
The next elections will find him celebrating as the untouchable.
I can't wait to hear his sobs when he finally discovers he has no family, friends or even enemies. He's not worth the effort of hating.

Roger, if those 51% (actual... (Below threshold)

Roger, if those 51% (actually it's closer to 53%) are stupid, why didn't they vote for Kerry.

Seriously, the Libs are still arguing that this election was stolen and they still believe their message of socialism and one-world government will resonate with the American people. I think would should encourage these maniacs to do the same things in 2008 that they did in 2004. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and over again but expecting different results. LOL. The Libs surely need a 12-Step Program.

Re: (actually it's close... (Below threshold)

Re: (actually it's closer to 53%)

Actually, it's closer to 51%. It was looking like 53-47 at one point, but as we get closer and closer to all the votes being counted (are any states still accepting mailed in absentee ballots?) the 51% number is firming up. Realclearpolitics updates the total daily and links to their data source.

Oh yes please, Michael, "en... (Below threshold)

Oh yes please, Michael, "enlighten and educate" us! Just like Mario Cuomo and Al Franken did. Har.

Only a liberal could be so ... (Below threshold)

Only a liberal could be so arrogant as to claim that EVERY person who voted differently from them lacked information, and will vote their way if provided with education and enlightenment... the fact that some people didn't vote for Kerry because they hate out-of-touch elitists like Moore himself, who are seen as representative of the Democratic party's cluelessness and condescension, never occurs to them.

If the Democratic party ever wants to be in power again, the first thing they should do is line up all these extremists against a wall and mow 'em down... because these lunatics cost them any # of votes.

The Dems are already prepar... (Below threshold)

The Dems are already preparing the seating arrangements for their 2008 convention. Poster boy Moore between Presidents' Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

According to Variety, Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 should be ready in advance of the elections.

This is almost too good to be true!

andre3000 - 'Weekend at Ara... (Below threshold)

andre3000 - 'Weekend at Arafat's?' - No thank you. I bet his house is no where near as nice as Bernie's.

I can't wait to NOT give hi... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to NOT give him a single penny, by NOT watching or renting his bullshit propaganda.

Then I look forward to seeing FahrenHYPE 9-11 (on the big screen though, or network TV).

Idiots like Moore can't be content with just making money from a single travesty. He is doomed to repeat the same nonsense until he exposes himself, to even his most misguided following, as the foolish idiot that he is.

Hey Mike I saw your stupid ... (Below threshold)

Hey Mike I saw your stupid movie and I voted for Bush. You are full of it. YOU say that WE are "uneducated"? If we WERE in fact uneducated, maybe your movie would have put Bush out of the White House!

OH yeah I paid for another ... (Below threshold)

OH yeah I paid for another movie and snuck in.






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