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"Send me"

On the radio just now, I heard speculation about just who President Bush should send to attend Yassir Arafat's funeral. A few thoughts I had:

Sarah Michelle Gellar, just in case the scumbag should rise from the dead.

The Tidy-Bowl Man, to give him the final flush.

DeForest Kelley, to finally pronounce "he's dead, Jim." (Unfortunately, Bones himself has passed on.)

But the best idea so far, trumping my above suggestions, was Bill and Hillary Clinton. After all, Bill was the President who actually gave the world's most successful terrorist the veneer of respectability and the official imprimatur of the approval of the United States of America.

Besides, we could always give them one-way tickets...



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Comments (23)

hahaha. i'm just hoping th... (Below threshold)

hahaha. i'm just hoping that someone finally shaves that god-awful retina-burning disgusting curly mangy-ass hair from his repugnant face before the viewing. for too many years i've been stirred to nausea by the sight of his cheek pubes on television. if for no other reason than that, good riddance.

Chevy Chase, so he can go o... (Below threshold)

Chevy Chase, so he can go over there and declare "Yasser Arafat is still dead!"

David Letterman, so he can ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

David Letterman, so he can do a TOP TEN reasons that PM Sharon wasn't invited.

Send Charles Manson. They ... (Below threshold)

Send Charles Manson. They are both cut from the same cloth, one was respectable (?) and the other wasn't.

Bill and Hilliary would cau... (Below threshold)

Bill and Hilliary would cause an international incident by sleeping through most of the ceremony.

The United States should no... (Below threshold)

The United States should not be represented by a person, but a MOAB.

The memorial and funeral will be the most target-rich environments that have assembled in years... decades.

He should send John Edwards... (Below threshold)

He should send John Edwards. The jokes are too plentiful... I'll just leave it to others to write them down.

Jimmy Carter can go. After ... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter can go. After all, he thought that Arafat was a duly elected leader of the Palestinian people, he apparently wants to go, and Generalissimo Franco couldn't attend.

Only Carter would be allowed a one-way ticket. Who says that we have to take him back...

<a href="http://www.nationa... (Below threshold)
I think a suicide bomber wo... (Below threshold)

I think a suicide bomber would be the most appropriate envoy. Burn in hell Arafat.

Lindie England.... (Below threshold)

Lindie England.

Unpopulist, don't pollute t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Unpopulist, don't pollute the issues with facts...

And Jon, in honor of Team America, how about an explosives-laden Michael Moore?


...how about an explosiv... (Below threshold)

...how about an explosives-laden Michael Moore?

What are you trying to do, plunge the entire planet into a thousand years of winter darkness?

McGehee, it'd be worth it..... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

McGehee, it'd be worth it...


MOAB is a good idea. Or a ... (Below threshold)

MOAB is a good idea. Or a division of Marines, combat ready, to ... uh ... "meet and greet" the "honored" guests sure to show up.

Send the whole freakin Holl... (Below threshold)

Send the whole freakin Hollywood crew then People mag can do a "best dressed" issue.

McGhehee...how abo... (Below threshold)


...how about an explosives-laden Michael Moore?

What are you trying to do, plunge the entire planet into a thousand years of winter darkness?


How about J.Edwards, he can have a splendid bad hair day with the arafish.
If there's a fund starting for the one way tickets for the weasel and hitlery, I'd like to donate.

The Munchkin City Coroner. ... (Below threshold)

The Munchkin City Coroner. I want him to walk up to the coffin and sing his little song from the Wizard of Oz.

(Then the Mayor of the Munchkin City can thank Mossad for doing it so "neatly" and "discreetly." I kid!!)

Yeah, Michael Moore would m... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Michael Moore would make a good suicide bomber, lots of schrapnel... a MOAB or a Daisy Cutter, in lieu of flowers, would also be appropriate.

How many thousands of people have been murdered on his orders, or by his supporters? Frankly, what astonishes and disgusts me is that Israel has allowed him to live, unharmed, for the last 40 years. Exile my *ss, they should have put a bullet in his head back in the sixties.

Mossad? Naaa, the rumor is that he died from AIDS. Apparently, there have been rumors circulating for decades that he is homosexual. Powerline has a post on it today. I'd like to know if that's actually true. But really, who goes for years without seeing their wife?


But really, who goes fo... (Below threshold)

But really, who goes for years without seeing their wife?

Sorry! Cut off- bad connec... (Below threshold)

Sorry! Cut off- bad connection.

But really, who goes for years without seeing their wife?

Old Yasser might have been the offspring of a syphilitic cow and a gangrenous buzzard- but he wasn't dumb...

I vote for Barbara Streisan... (Below threshold)
Michael Kazmac:

I vote for Barbara Streisand. She'll do a rendition of "Memories" that will bring down the house of terrorists. That is, until they find out she's Jewish.

Send Village People! (Or so... (Below threshold)
Shy Person:

Send Village People! (Or some good Village People impersonators.)They can sing the appropriate funeral dirge:

"Macho, macho man! I want to be a macho man..."

Not that there's anything wrong with THAT.






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