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The 10 Spot - Media Gone Crazy Edition

Ten stories, mildly related to media maddness...

  1. Johnny Dollar chronicles Keith Olbermann's continued descent into madness as his ratings decline.

  2. The Command Post rounds up the current election irregularities.

  3. Robert Cox of The National Debate attended BloggerCon III, and notes that it could use a little more political diversity. Dean Esmay follows up...

  4. The LA Indymedia folks go ape-shit crazy when they see what the think is a tank. Never mind that it's not a tank and was in LA from Camp Pendleton as part of a Veterans Day parade. The Marines driving the two USMC Strikers were lost and looking for directions when they rolled up on an ANSWER demonstration. [Link].

  5. Isn't it about time for that Rathergate investigation? Glenn Reynolds follows up...

  6. Speaking of CBS, Les Moonves knows where the-hell-his-bread-is-buttered...

  7. Free Republic reports: "Joining Dick Cheney's motorcade in Green Bay, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Dale Guldan hoped to capture a unique image during an otherwise scripted campaign visit in September. Did he ever." Now everyone will be able to agree the Cheney is a big dick - literal or figurative; it's up to you to deceide.

  8. HBO pundit Bill Maher has his own "falafel moment," except his chick, Coco Johnsen, is much hotter [Extremly graphic, not safe for work pictures]

  9. The Command Post has another election irregularities roundup.

  10. Yesterday David Anderson linked to a post of mine where I was making fun of Keith Olbermann's continued descent into madness. Somehow he thinks that just becuase I think Olbermann is a kook, that somehow I don't want votes to be counted. David is mistaken - I'm all in favor of the paid election officials and observers continue their appointed work. Based on past elections there's plenty to be concerned about - read John Fund's Stealing Elections - How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy (excerpt). The 2004 election has a long way to go until it can match past excesses...

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Comments (8)

CoCo looks like one of the ... (Below threshold)

CoCo looks like one of the guys on Santa Monica Blvd.

Right on Kevin, class man. ... (Below threshold)

Right on Kevin, class man. You still got it.

Just as a point of clarifac... (Below threshold)

Just as a point of clarifacation those were LAV-25's not Strykers. The USMC does not have Strykers those are solely an Army vehicle. The LAV's are the second generation of a vehicle while the Strykers are the third generation of that same vehicle. THe Strykers mount .50 caliber machine guns or Mk 19 40mm grenade launchers while the LAV-25 mounts a 25mm chain gun, just like the Army's Bradley.

I don't know how you get "h... (Below threshold)

I don't know how you get "hotter" out of that chick Kevin. She looks like Wesly Snipes with boobs.

Not that I doubt the explan... (Below threshold)

Not that I doubt the explanation on the Marine vehicles (it sounds very plausible), but where did you get your information as to the Marines being lost? Do you have a link?

Just curious.

Rob: In defense of Kevin, m... (Below threshold)

Rob: In defense of Kevin, maybe he's strictly a boob man. Anything else, including extra appendages, he would never notice. :0

Rob: In defense of Kevin, m... (Below threshold)

Rob: In defense of Kevin, maybe he's strictly a boob man. Anything else, including extra appendages, he would never notice. :0

Julie, you're right. Coco ... (Below threshold)

Julie, you're right. Coco looks like a man. I swear I could see a moustache in her picture on TSG.






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