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Given their name, here's one group you might be surprised to learn is agitating to investigate the vote.

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Ha! They should move.on.ou... (Below threshold)

Ha! They should move.on.out.... to Canada.

And Republicans should welcome an investigation into Democratic-sourced voter fraud and break-ins, theft and violence directed at RNC offices & staff.

Slightly less surprised tha... (Below threshold)

Slightly less surprised than I was when Sullivan endorsed Kerry.

- I agree with BR...What Co... (Below threshold)

- I agree with BR...What Congress should be investigating is all the illegal and nefarious dirty tricks and outright vandalism that occured by the flying moonrats during the campaign....Of course calling for a bi-partisan investigation is a great idea....After the commitee made short work of all the baseless voter fraud the tinhats are yammering about they could "move.on" to the real frauds...

- The lefties had better be careful what they wish for....Drudge reported today that one DNC campaign official has already been discovered with 350K of election funds that somehow got side tracked into a bank account under his name.....

They were oxymoronic from t... (Below threshold)

They were oxymoronic from the start. They never were able to MoveOn from the 2000 election.

When was it that I first he... (Below threshold)

When was it that I first heard that irritating phrase "move on"? I think it was after Clinton's impeachment. Whenever the criminal element doesn't want to be further exposed, they want us to move on, i.e. go back to sleep.

But I am concerned about this, see: Ace of Spades HQ.






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