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Peterson Verdict Watch

The jury in the murder trial of Scott Peterson has reached a verdict after seven days of deliberations. The verdict is expected to be handed down at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific. More at CourtTV, and their Laci Peterson Case Blog.

That's exactly 45 minutes for predictions. You can see what the jury has as available options on the Verdict Form

Mine - I think he won't be found guilty of 1st degree murder in the case of the wife or baby. I'm not so sure he's going get off on a murder 2 conviction though. He probably gets convicted on 2nd degree murder. I would not be at all surprised if he is found not guilty on all counts.

The Verdict Guilty of murder in the first degree of Laci Peterson (with special) and murder in the second degree of baby Connor.


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Comments (42)

I think there's a very seri... (Below threshold)

I think there's a very serious chance of mistrial here. Isn't it strange that the reports are stating things like "one juror has family business to take care of so we're going to be done early today?"

Although I'm thinking along the same lines as you - I think he gets convicted, just am not sure what level it is.

- Hung Jury and retrial ...... (Below threshold)

- Hung Jury and retrial ... Adding two new jurors and getting a result this quickly tends to look like that at any rate.....BTW the area outside the courthouse looks like a cattle call....

murder 1 x 2... (Below threshold)

murder 1 x 2

In the words of Kyle Brofla... (Below threshold)

In the words of Kyle Broflavski, "Don't care, don't care, don't care."

Hung jury. No retrial.... (Below threshold)

Hung jury. No retrial.

If the jury isn't hung, the... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

If the jury isn't hung, they'll hang him.

Someone has to hang.

Hippies in a brown v... (Below threshold)

Hippies in a brown van kidnapped and killed Laci and then framed poor Scott. [NOT!]

Hippies in a brown v... (Below threshold)

Hippies in a brown van kidnapped and killed Laci and then framed poor Scott. [NOT!]

Not guilty, and Susan Smith... (Below threshold)

Not guilty, and Susan Smith's "some black guy" becomes the immediate suspect.

totally not gulty on all co... (Below threshold)

totally not gulty on all counts...
he walks free, to kill his next wife

- Lets hope not Veruka.... ... (Below threshold)

- Lets hope not Veruka.... for Lacie and Connors sake....Ok....we 've got a delay....Maybe they're holding off for Garogos to arrive....

Guilty on all counts...<br ... (Below threshold)

Guilty on all counts...
Let him rot in prison.

Whatever the verdi... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

Whatever the verdict, the moonbats will allege that the actual verdict is the opposite and the Karl Rove stole it.

Just heard it's not suppose... (Below threshold)

Just heard it's not supposed to be a hung jury. If not a hung jury he'll be acquitted.

Guilty... Unfortunately the... (Below threshold)

Guilty... Unfortunately there are going to be appeals out the ass and he will get that second trial.

OK punters, the results are... (Below threshold)

OK punters, the results are in:
Guilty 1st on wife
Gulity 2nd on child
Special circumstances

But he's so cute!... (Below threshold)

But he's so cute!

- Well its good....But I do... (Below threshold)

- Well its good....But I don't agree with the second on Connor....The guys so pathalogical about having a child in the entire time this has been going on he's never once reffered t Connor as "his son"...not once.....to anyone....So I believe that adversion is a large part of why he did it....

wow, the special circumstan... (Below threshold)

wow, the special circumstances are huge. Definitely expecting bigtime appeals.

Scott will have plenty of t... (Below threshold)

Scott will have plenty of time to have more girlfriends, and maybe get married like the Menendez brothers.

The last I heard, California is never in a rush to go through with executions (if the jury elects it). After all the appeals, many are never executed for 15-20 years or more.

-A lot better deal than Laci got.

Guilty on all counts. The s... (Below threshold)

Guilty on all counts. The sentence: to run against Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 -- and win.

Finally, I don't have to li... (Below threshold)

Finally, I don't have to listen to CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC report on this worthless story. What makes this murder any different from the daily shooting on the 6 o'clock news? Nothing, except for a pretty girl.

It always seemed clear to m... (Below threshold)

It always seemed clear to me that he was guilty, and I hope that he ends up in prison forever, or, better yet, DEAD, but it's too soon by far to tell what will actually happen to him once all is said and done.

If we're lucky, he'll get killed in some interesting way while in prison, and then we'll be done with him.

Appeals are automatic. Wher... (Below threshold)

Appeals are automatic. Where's the logic in that they came back with a verdict soley bc one juror requested to leave early one day? It's not unusual to get a quick verdict when alternates are seated. It happens. And they didn't prove the necessary intent for to find him guilty of first on Connor. It requires more then just killing the mother. And who cares in that a second in this situation has the same effect as a first, i.e., special circumstances.

News Junkie,10-1 tha... (Below threshold)

News Junkie,
10-1 that the news picks up on Mark Harmon's muder of his wife. He recently plead not guilty, and the trial should start some time next year.
If it isn't one thing, it's another.

Mark Harmon?... (Below threshold)

Mark Harmon?

MAY THE GOOD BROTHERS IN JA... (Below threshold)


2 years, new trial, overtur... (Below threshold)

2 years, new trial, overturned on appeal, Jury error..


McGehee,Don't you re... (Below threshold)

Don't you remember Summer School? Harmon should be put in prison for making that film.....

What self-respecting elf wo... (Below threshold)

What self-respecting elf would want to be a dentist?

- Julie - How could he kill... (Below threshold)

- Julie - How could he kill his wife with premeditation, knowing she was pregnent with their child, without knowingly killing his son in the same way....Its total double-talk BS.... The way he's reffered to them both as "the child" and "the former wife", never saying "my...", shows he had a pathelogical aversion to the idea, even after the fact. It was so strong in him he couldn't bring himself to even so much as admit he was the father, even to help his own case....

Don't you remember Summe... (Below threshold)

Don't you remember Summer School? Harmon should be put in prison for making that film.....



I was just curious about in... (Below threshold)

I was just curious about insurance. Lacy and Connor are dead and the life insurance all goes to Scott. I thought I had heard that Scott's mom testified she had accidently taken money from Scotts account. She has access? Now that he is convicted,who gets the insurance?


newsjunkieWhat mak... (Below threshold)


What makes this trial so different is that it uses a litte-known (until now) law that says if someone murders a pregnant woman, then you can be held accountable for murdering her child (assuming she wanted the child). Which is very funny, considering that California, being a "blue state" thinks that abortion should be legal, and that life begins @ birth. (I personally live in California, but I believe life begins @ conception, and do not wish to belong to the "blue" part of California).

An afterward comment:... (Below threshold)

An afterward comment:

So, he's going to be executed, very probably, after being convicted of murder one and murder two. On almost all circumstantial evidence.

But a jury could not convict O.J. Simpson even with incriminating physical evidence? A LOT of physical evidence?

Something's very wrong here. Not about Scott Peterson's problems but about societies wrongdoing where Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman are concerned. O.J. did the deed, he was freed.

I just don't know about Peterson, however. It's a case of him being the likely suspect, and a lot of despicable character flaws, but, I really wonder how he can be put to death based upon all this circumstance. I don't like the guy nor the horrible events, but then again, I'd have opted for reasonable doubt, because I have them where he's concerned, simply because I do after not being aware of anything definitive about him being responsible for the deaths. Probabably. Intuitively, yes, but nothing evidences him as having actually committed two murders...is all I am saying.

Meanwhile, O.J. roams free, with enough DNA evidence to convict anyone else.

Ha, I just looked over the ... (Below threshold)

Ha, I just looked over the trackback titles, after I wrote previous (^^), and I read there that someone else has the same response as I do, and did.

What makes this trial so... (Below threshold)

What makes this trial so different is that it uses a litte-known (until now) law that says if someone murders a pregnant woman, then you can be held accountable for murdering her child (assuming she wanted the child).

This law was in place before Roe v. Wade and was unaffected by that ruling -- and wasn't little-known to me when I lived in California, and all I knew back then was what I read in the papers.

That the abortion lobby is terrified of the implications strikes me as very odd. Maybe they don't read the papers.

Most insurance policies hav... (Below threshold)

Most insurance policies have a murder clause in them - the ones Scott was beneficiary for won't pay out now.

Hunter: There is no ... (Below threshold)

There is no way I can explain the law in 50 words or less. A very simplistic explanation is when dealing with the murder of a fetus the prosecution must prove the defendant harbored malice towards the fetus, which is separate from the malice towards the woman carrying the fetus. Having an aversion towards fatherhood is not, in and of itself, evidence of the malice required for first degree murder. Additionally, the definition of second degree is much easier to find in the death of a fetus. In a second, they have to prove the death was the result of an intentional act, e.g., strangling mother. They don't have to prove that the defendant intended the act of strangling mother would result in the death of the fetus. In these type of cases, it is common for jurors to come back with a second.
If you want to read a rather ghastly case involving the deaths of a mother and fetus look here case

Whoops! I linked to the wro... (Below threshold)

Whoops! I linked to the wrong case. Blame findlaw.

Boy, nothing is working thi... (Below threshold)

Boy, nothing is working this morning.

- Julie - I understand the ... (Below threshold)

- Julie - I understand the mechanic's and practical aspects of what you're saying but they seem more expediant than logical, which of course may be the prudent approach to take. You simply cannot kill a mother knowingly carrying a child with malice aforethought without consciuosly deciding the childs life is unimportant to you in the same way...Its totured logic to argue otherwise... But I do understand the pragmatics of gaining a conviction... I guess its more an "I don't like it" than a practical objection thing....Thanks for the explaination and links....






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