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If anyone wants to gather 20-30 special-ed students and bus them to New York to beat the shit out of Ted Rall, I'll chip in a couple bucks...


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Comments (29)

Man, this guy is a Pri*k! <... (Below threshold)

Man, this guy is a Pri*k!

If someone kidnaps him, and ships him off to North Korea, who would know?

I think we should do that.

A pox on him!

Don't forget to rate the 'c... (Below threshold)

Don't forget to rate the 'comic'.
I gave it a 1, zero not being available

People pay him for that?</p... (Below threshold)

People pay him for that?

Egads, what a turd. ... (Below threshold)

Egads, what a turd.
What's his fanbase anyway? 29 year old Kroger sackers whose high school football got them no where and they need to laugh at people to alieviate their pain?

Ted would have fit in well ... (Below threshold)

Ted would have fit in well with the planning meeting for the "Final Solution".

I hope you and Yassar are very happy together, in hell.

Oh shit! I haven't seen th... (Below threshold)

Oh shit! I haven't seen this anywhere, yet, but it is f***ing hilarious.

Israeli television has the goods on Yassar (.wmv)

But I'm all about the <a hr... (Below threshold)

But I'm all about the war-cry.

I think the most pathetic t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I think the most pathetic thing about that particular piece of Rall's is he didn't even bother to name the "special kid" "Sam."

Hmm... "piece of Rall..." OK, I think I have my new work-friendly expletive to use. "I'm sorry, Skip, but that is SUCH a piece of Rall..."


Thanks, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin.

Just so we don't forget, Ra... (Below threshold)

Just so we don't forget, Rall is the same wacko that did a cartoon just days after 9/11 called "Terror Widows"...

His cartoon, "Terror Widows," depicted some of the relatives of September 11 being crass. In one panel, Rall has Larry King ask: "So, when your husband called you from the 104th floor, he knew he was going to die?" And in the next panel, the widow says: "Oh, yes-He was on fire! By the way, Larry, that's a bitchin' tie!" Another panel has a widow saying on TV, "the $3.2 million I collected from the Red Cross keeps me warm at night."

In response to criticism, Rall said "I've done a few lousy cartoons in my time that I'd love to take back, but that isn't one of them."

-This man is heartless and sick!

If we are seriously taking ... (Below threshold)

If we are seriously taking up a collection, let me know. I'll chip in a few bucks. Not to kill him just to give him a better understanding of pain. You know break both ankles and both limp wrists. Also I believe broken ribs can make breathing lots of fun.

I'll drive!... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

I'll drive!

I spent part of one summer ... (Below threshold)

I spent part of one summer in the early 1980s assigned as a dormitory suitemate to Ted Rall. He was doing a ton of drugs and staying up all night. He also was dropping heavy objects down on the street 10 floors below, in one case cracking a windshield. Says something about his character, perhaps.

PS: Another suitemate, to whom he had been extremely rude and patronizing, reported Ted. And since Ted was on double-secret probabtion, he was expelled from Columbia.

Did anyone read his op-ed: ... (Below threshold)
Visiting friends at a farm ... (Below threshold)

Visiting friends at a farm I accidentally stepped into some Ted Rall. I had a heck of a time scraping it off the soles of my shoes.

Well being the mom of one o... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well being the mom of one of those "special" kids, I would be happy to hop on the bus to help out.

You know, this kind of unin... (Below threshold)

You know, this kind of uninformed, disproven-by-the-actual-facts garbage flowing from the unholy cracked fountain that is Ted's mind is the reason why I stopped tedrall.isfullofcrap.com

Sure, it was fun modifying his cartoons in a way where he legally couldn't stop
me. Just as it was his Constitutional right to produce them, it was my
Constitutional right to modify them in a significant manner for the purposes of
parody, satire and commentary. And it annoyed the living shit out of him,
rendered him uttery powerless and frustrated, and I know it got to him.

However, it also meant that occasionally I'd read his columns or look at his
cartoons to find the most deranged wea points, or the moment where he went from reasonable-sounding twit to unmasked raving moonbat and just sigh with disgust.

I figure that every dollar the syndicators and independent magazines waste on Rall is a dollar they don't spend on fostering other young talented writers or cartoonists that might actually put a sane face on the moonbat left. Where the newbies might find ways to sugar the drug-laced Kool-Aid to convince gullible bluestaters to gulp it down, Rall makes no effort to disguise the acidic polluted nautral wrongness that allows the intelligent to properly vomit it out of their systems as a reflex.

So Laurence... Don't... (Below threshold)

So Laurence... Don't sugar coat it. How do you Really feel?


Hmm... From the supposedly... (Below threshold)

Hmm... From the supposedly tolerant and compassionate people who brought you the racist cartoon of Condi Rice (which was quickly covered-up, of course) comes more ignorant, intolerant garbage.

Why am I not surprised?

If he was trying to be funn... (Below threshold)

If he was trying to be funny, he failed. If he was trying to make a political statement, he really failed. I know a certain e-zine that would go nuts with this. I just feel ill, and want to bash his head into the wall.

I've been compiling hatred.... (Below threshold)

I've been compiling hatred. This seems like a crowd who might enjoy such.

Ted Rall is amazing. Think... (Below threshold)
Ralph Gizzip:

Ted Rall is amazing. Think about it. Here you see a man making a good living by doing something he has absolutely no talent for.

I teach high school special... (Below threshold)

I teach high school special ed, and I am quite certain that most of my students could easily mop the floor with Rall's face. If I ever showed them that tasteless and pathetic cartoon, they probably would.

I don't get how he continues to be syndicated. He's not even remotely funny. He's hateful and sickening.

Jason -- good post. As for ... (Below threshold)

Jason -- good post. As for the reaction being "shockingly mild," I'd say we're just kind of jaded. There's only so many times you can watch a guy blow his own brains out before you begin to think he enjoys the attention.

Hey, hey, guys ... Rall's r... (Below threshold)

Hey, hey, guys ... Rall's right.

If we had elected Kerry, that poor retarded kid would stand up, would get up out of that wheelchair and walk again! (and probably have a 150 IQ to boot.)


Well, all I can say is that whenever I think this turd with hair has sunk as low as he can go, he surprises me by sinking even lower.

I love Ted Rall. Specifical... (Below threshold)

I love Ted Rall. Specifically, I'd love to have Ted Rall's head in a little jar.

Think about it! A jar, half-filled with some green liquid; and in it, his floating melon, pickled in a solution of equal parts vinegar and madness. I would open the jar once or twice a week to piss in it, to re-lubricate his mis-firing synapses so that I could talk to him and see the horror of his new jar-centric life realized in his eyes.

He is a pig; half-human, half-puppet of ideology, a faximile Man, his brain suffering the transcription errors of extreme jingoistic rage.

Fuck Ted Rall. Fuck him with a thorny stick covered in angry bees.

I used to think it was enou... (Below threshold)

I used to think it was enough to admit that, yes, Ted Rall IS full o' crap, but now I think the nation actually has special form of terrorism going on and it is Ted Rall the columnist. Along with Michael Moore and a few like these two (Rall and Moore), there does appear a special form of intentional infliction of harm going on, to and about not only the U.S. but pretty much 'America' as concept and place, nation of peoples.

He's full o'crap -- both Rall and Moore, actually, are -- but he's/they are also full o'crap and launching missiles at the same time.

Maybe Rall will be a... (Below threshold)

Maybe Rall will be added to the Dem's list to sit next to President Carter, Michael Moore, and (the now rich) Mrs. Arafat at the Democratic Convention in '08.

Ted is helping, in his own... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Ted is helping, in his own special way, to make all Democrats unelectable. Sooner or later he'll somehow insult Islam and they'll take care of Ted in their own special way.






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