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Cheney Heads to Hospital

This is sure to bring out a dose of ugliness in places like DU...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President Dick Cheney, who has a history of heart trouble, was being taken to a hospital on Saturday for tests after experiencing some shortness of breath, a White House spokesman said.

"On the recommendation of his doctors, the vice president is going to George Washington University Hospital for some tests," spokesman Ken Lisaius said. "He experienced some shortness of breath Saturday morning and has had a bad cold, which could be the cause for the shortness of breath.

Of course it's already started...

Update: Farker's weigh in with probably the funniest headline of the day (regardless of your political persuasion):

VP Cheney rushed to hospital. Bush notified, ready to assume power if necessary


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Comments (20)

I hope he gets well. Which... (Below threshold)

I hope he gets well. Which of course was my sentiment when Bill Clinton had his heart trouble.

compare contrast with DU's response...

Imagine how many of those D... (Below threshold)

Imagine how many of those DUmmies would have their own spate of breathing troubles if Ashcroft were to boomerang right back into the VP slot.

Screw them. I really like C... (Below threshold)

Screw them. I really like Cheney. Hopefully, because of his position they are being extra cautious and it will turn out to be just his cold.

This from the party of comp... (Below threshold)

This from the party of compassion...hmmmm.

They're still mad because Cheney wiped the floor with Edwards (the Breck Girl) during the debate.

I'm sure he's ok, but I'll say an extra prayer anyway.

Jay, love your work here! ... (Below threshold)

Jay, love your work here! Wanted to drop in and say something after lurking around since the elections.

I'm curious: This has happened before, and I'm starting to wonder if Dick will continue in such a high stress position. Any comments on whether he'll stick around full term and, if not, who the front-runners could possibly be?

I hate jumping the gun though. VP Cheney's a terrific man, a solid VP.

Hmm.. I hope he's doing bet... (Below threshold)

Hmm.. I hope he's doing better but this brings up an interesting Constitutional question... if the elected VP cannot be sworn in because of health issues, who becomes the VP? In other words, if these problems escalate to the point where Cheney has to resign before the inauguration in January resulting in his inability to take office, would Edwards become the new VP or would Bush appoint a new VP for the new term?

In the event the VP is unab... (Below threshold)

In the event the VP is unable to perform his duties, the President will select a replacement who is then approved by both the House and Senate.

Poor Cheney-the stress was ... (Below threshold)

Poor Cheney-the stress was bound to make him sick eventually. I hope he's going to be ok.

Just a cold. He's out of th... (Below threshold)

Just a cold. He's out of the hospital, his heart checked out fine.

An experienced healthcare p... (Below threshold)

An experienced healthcare professional of my aquaintance assures me that Cheny's condition is extremely common and easily treated, particularly nowadays. In other words his condition probably isn't all that serious and his trip to the hospital was probably just precautionary.

Pssshhh! What's stressful a... (Below threshold)

Pssshhh! What's stressful about inquiring daily about the health of the president? What -- is the bucket of warm spit too heavy for him?

But to be serious, this could be more of a consequence of the stress of the campaign having been relieved in the last week and a half. Now, as long as Bush stays safe and healthy, it should be almost a free ride for Cheney.

I like the guy too and wish him well. He needs to be in good health when he goes to tell Arlen Specter what he told Pat Leahy before.

One of the reasons it bothe... (Below threshold)

One of the reasons it bothered me that Cheney stayed on the ticket was it does not provide for an heir apparent after Bush. Cheney is too old (sorry Gipper).

I always pictured Cheney after the election doing a Red Foxx routine, cluthing his chest going, "I'm com'n 'lisbeth." And then Bush would have to replace him with... the next Republican presidential candidate.

Am I the only one who think... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who thinks that DU thread makes them look BETTER?

After they finished crying and screaming, I sent my die-hard liberal friends back home a link to DU. The snide anti-GOP remarks is something they'd like, but with the DU being consumed with tinfoil hat "the election was STOLEN" posts, even my uber-liberal friends declined, because that was just a little TOO beyond the edge of sanity for them.

And the fark headline is pretty funny.

Forget FARK, FARK sucks!</p... (Below threshold)

Forget FARK, FARK sucks!

Scott Ott was all over it. http://www.scrappleface.com/MT/archives/001925.html

Bring on McCain for VP! Giv... (Below threshold)

Bring on McCain for VP! Give him a head start for 2008!

After a certain story ran t... (Below threshold)

After a certain story ran through freerepublic yesterday, I sure hope that a certain Scud Missile lives on in service to our country, along with a great and wonderful man commanding that Scud Missile, Vice President Dick Cheney.


P.S.: the fascinating sense of power that emanates from Dick Cheney and makes Farkers cower is now more fully explained, after yesterday's information (hint: Dick Cheney really loves custard!).

In all seriousness, I can t... (Below threshold)

In all seriousness, I can think of many times in my life when I thought a trip to a hospital was in order when I had a really bad cold, and twice when I was sent there with what I thought was a really bad cold but turned out to be a case of really bad pneumonia.

So, if I was the Vice President of the United States and knew that I had cardiovascular conditions, whatever they were, I'd go to a hospital too, with a really bad cold. Just to be sure.

I hope that V.P. Dick Cheney continues to improve and maintains and thrives, even, because he's sure a gift to the world, and our nation particularly.

I'm remembering the nasties from the week after Reagan passed away from the DU and such, and, well, I think by now many of us Americans know that we'll never be able to rely on the DU element among Democrats for any sense of compassion, understanding or leadership.

Good luck and best wishes to V.P. Cheney. And to President Bush, always.

JEH, very few vice presiden... (Below threshold)

JEH, very few vice presidents are able to win election as president.

Fox News Fan, John McCain is definitely not my choice for VP or as a presidential candidate in 2008. He cares too much about being the Liberals' favorite Republican. I'm also not very happy with his comments about the Swifties and his lukewarm campaigning for Bush.

The DU comments are kids' s... (Below threshold)
Adam Wood:

The DU comments are kids' stuff compared to Kos. Talk about some nasty bastards....

While stress isn't going to... (Below threshold)

While stress isn't going to kill you, how you deal with the stress may. But, please, has anyone ever seen Cheney break out into a sweat?






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