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Foreign fighters now reviled in Fallujah

It is not often I find a news story well written enough and informative enough that I link it for the quality of the piece and not just for the value of the news it reports. (not sure I explained that right)

Hannah Allam of Knight Ridder has such a piece, Foreign fighters now reviled by Fallujah residents

It offers a good insight into the dynamics of Iraq you don't often get elsewhere.
It is worth the read.


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Thanks for finding this art... (Below threshold)

Thanks for finding this article.

Unbelievable (no, I take that back, very believable) that an article of this quality is being published in Kansas. What did I expect, the NY Times?

Allam is part of Knight-Rid... (Below threshold)

Allam is part of Knight-Ridder corporate, so her articles can be picked up by any of their papers. The link Paul provides is to the Wichita Eagle -- it would be interesting to see how many K-R papers (San Jose Mercury News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, etc.) picked up on this story.

Wally, not as many as picke... (Below threshold)

Wally, not as many as picked up the "body count" stories. They're obviously important too but I found this one more informative.

Wow! real news. Well writt... (Below threshold)

Wow! real news. Well written and informative.

The thing that struck me was this:

"An outsider beating an Iraqi in his own town?" Hudaifa asked, outrage still in his voice. "It's such a shame for us."

His friend Amer interrupted: "But we have to respect them. They left their families to come fight with us."

Seems there's still a large cultural divide to cross for both sides. I wonder what it will take for the Iraqis who fee like Hudaifa and Amer to finally tell the Muslum foreigners to get the heck out of Iraq? And do something about it.


Viewing events from this ar... (Below threshold)

Viewing events from this article's angle could soon be used by some as a Trojan">http://www.dailypundit.com/archives/015981.php#015981">Trojan Horse to undermine American policy by ensuring that the new Iraq doesn't stabilize.

This is almost better than ... (Below threshold)

This is almost better than Fox News. Almost.

"Of Knight Ridder?" Remarka... (Below threshold)

"Of Knight Ridder?" Remarkable.

This proves what a friend o... (Below threshold)
Steve UK:

This proves what a friend of mine serving with British forces in Basra says.

He says that most of the ordinary Iraqis are decent people who want just peace.






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