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Speaking ill of the dead

A little while ago, I gave a commenter a brief spanking for being stupid, calling his stuff "recycled stupidity" vs. "original stupidity." I think I owe James an apology -- I found out I overlooked a previous comment of his that, especially in light of Yassir Arafat's finally ending terrorism, needs attention. In fact, I think I'll give James' piece a thorough Fisking to make my own points about Arafat.

There is no doubt that Arafat was a terrorist at one stage of his life and enriched himself at the expense of his people.

A terrorist at ONE STAGE of his life? How about nearly his entire life? Arafat started out in 1964 as a terrorist, and was still supporting, endorsing, and financially backing terrorism right up until the end. He ordered the death of a United States ambassador, and never faced justice for it. He publicly praised suicide bombers, and even (this is probably the most obscene) had a kid's summer camp named after one.
Some have cited other "terrorists' who went on to become heads of state and peacemakers, most notably Nelson Mandela and Menachem Begin. But they overlook one key point: they both gave up terrorism long before they rose to legitimate power. Arafat was a terrorist leader right up to the bitter end.
And as far as "enriched himself," that's a pretty mild term for someone who out-and-out stole an estimated 3 to 4 billion dollars from his own people (that's billion with a "B"), and had his "government" pay his wife $100,000/month to live in Paris while his own people wallowed in their own squalor.

However he is a moderate compared to other Palestinean groups.

Yes, let us praise the moderate. Let us all praise his moderation. Let us sing the praises of moderates like John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, who merely killed people, versus extremists like Jeffrey Dahmer, who would kill and eat them.

His demise will not help the peace process and may in fact make the matter worse.

The "Peace Process" under Arafat was a bad joke. The Israelis started living up to their side immediately. The Palestinians had three commitments: 1) renounce and uproot terrorism; 2) put forth leadership untainted by terrorism; and 3) hold democratic elections. Instead, the incitement, support, and backing of terrorism increased geometrically. Long-time terrorist leaders took posts in the Palestinian Authority. And as far as democracy goes, Arafat won the first election, with his term slated to end in 1999. A second election has yet to be held. Everyone, it seemed, was calling on the Israelis to be patient. To those people, "patience" is measured in dead Israeli bodies, especially women and children.

I can understand people's anger after 9/11. But bombing mountains in Afghanistan and deposing Saddam Hussein has not made the world a safer place and done nothing to alleviate the pain and loss of the friends and relatives of the victims of 9/11. If anything it has probably only made it more dangerous. The American people have been duped into a war, which they can not win. Their allies have been bribed and it will only be a matter of time before the coalition disbands as the real motives for the war become apparent.

Gee, thanks, James, for your understanding why we Americans are were a bit peeved at 3,000 of our people (citizens and guests of our nation) were killed and our economy took a huge blow. But if you can extend that understanding a smidgen, perhaps you can grasp these facts:
1) the mountains in Afghanistan you mentioned were where those who organized the attack on 9/11 were hiding. They, for the most part, ain't doing that any more.
2) Saddam, while most likely not involved in that particular incident, had a long history of backing those who did it and their allies, as well as killing Americans and innocents and starting wars in a region already too wracked with turmoil. He ain't doing that any more.
3) From most of the relatives of the 9/11 victims I've heard, they gain comfort from knowing the planners of that atrocity (and those who would emulate it) are largely dead or imprisoned, and more and more are joining them every day.
4) There hasn't been a major terrorist attack on American soil since that day, and the mastermind is reduced to sending out vaguely-threatening video tapes.
5) "The American people have been duped into a war they cannot win?" I think you're having flashbacks to the 1960's, James, when France did exactly that to us in a little place called Viet Nam. We went into this with our eyes wide open, and we are WINNING.
6) No, James, our "traditional allies" were the ones who were bribed. Take a look at the Oil-For-Food scandal. Saddam was paying off France and Russia to keep us off his back. France was going around Africa before the last UN session with threats and bribes to get others to vote against us. They even made pissy noises at Eastern Europe (where they actually appreciate freedom, having been vassal states of the Soviet Union for too long) for supporting us, the power that had helped them gain that freedom.

By all means, will on the demise of Arafat if you must. He was a man looking for a homeland for his people. His methods in the beginning might have been crude, but show me any conflict in any part of the world where both sides have not stooped to the lowest level of humanity, America included.

Arafat was "looking for a homeland for his people?" Hmm... I guess Egypt (the land of his birth) and Jordan (the real homeland of the "Palestinian" people) weren't enough. And he wasn't interested in a homeland -- look at the Palestinian Authority's web site. Every map shows "Palestine" as occupying the entire region now known as Israel. The clear goal of the PA is obvious to anyone willing to believe the evidence of their own eyes -- the utter obliteration of the Israeli state.

Yes, his methods at the beginning were crude. But he improved with age. He brought us such great refinements as airplane hijackings, school seizures and shootings, Olympics massacres, cruise-ship hijackings (with old men in wheelchairs being shot and tossed overboard), and then his crowning achievement -- the suicide bomber, where young people with their whole lives ahead of them strapped themselves with explosives (impregnated with nails, screws, and rat poison to maximize the carnage) blow themselves up in such high-value military targets as buses, pizza parlors, night clubs, religious dinners, and shopping malls.

Yassir Arafat was a walking AIDS virus, spreading death wherever he traveled. He tried to lead a rebellion in Jordan to overthrow the royal family. He failed and fled, leaving thousands of civilians to be killed in his wake. He went to Lebanon, where he triggered a civil war there that left that nation (once a shining example of peace and prosperity and tolerance) a battered, strife-torn wreck, with Syria occupying most of it and the Bekaa Valley a haven for terrorists of all stripes. He turned Germany's 1972 Olympics into a charnel house, ordered the attack on an Israeli school that killed over 20 children. I don't know if I can count the numbers of innocents we can lay at his feet, and it was a great day for humanity when he finally died (too peacefully, but at least he's gone) and would not claim any more lives.

And it speaks volumes that the United Nations accorded him the respect of a head of state by flying it's flag at half-staff. I think there's a Biblical verse about "ye shall know them by the company they keep..."

And show you a conflict that doesn't stoop to the lowest level of humanity? How about Israel's fight against terrorists, where they reduce the explosives in missiles to minimize casualties? How about the current war in Iraq, where the gravest sin so far proven against Americans is we put panties on some guys' heads?

One final point. When a teenage girl blew herself up and killed numerous innocents in Israel, Yassir Arafat named a summer camp after her. When we caught our soldiers abusing and humiliating prisoners in Abu Ghraib, we arrested them. Simply saying that "bad things happen" and everyone to blame is the most simple-minded form of moral relativism. Where the real differences appear is when you see how they are handled by the offending side.

James, James, James... you are a grave disappointment to me. I have such respect, affection, and gratitude to our Aussie allies, and you diminish that slightly.

But I do owe you a little gratitude, James. I don't think I'll ever get to travel to the Middle East so I can properly piss on Arafat's grave. But your idiocy gave me the excuse and the venue to do so figuratively.

(Author's note: the best sources for the truth about Yassir Arafat that I've found are here, here, here, and here.)


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Comments (21)

Jay Tea, there is also a ve... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, there is also a verse in the Bible that says, basically, "Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil...."

Just thought it was germane to your post.

I'm going to have to show this to my husband: we had a, um, "discussion" about Arafat last night. His stance is, basically, "The guy is dead. Let it go."

Mine was, "The guy is being lionised for being a statesman, and a leader. That kind of revisionist history is anathema and a lie. I refuse to encourage it."

Results were, so far, inconclusive. *sigh*

Keep up the good fight!

I support President Bush on... (Below threshold)

I support President Bush on this one. I read his comment upon hearing of Arafat's death (sorry don't have the source). It was truly a political masterpiece: his words were of comfort and consolation to the Palestinian *people*...and he didn't compromise his position of supporting a known terrorist, even in death.

Living in the middle-east, though, will open your eyes. The average person on the street here will tell you how heroic he was. A real "man of the people." A "father" to the Palestinians. I wonder if they know how much money he suckered out of the west...and withheld from his "people"?

Nevertheless...the day of A... (Below threshold)

Nevertheless...the day of Arafat's death is a Jewish Holiday! So goes the joke....

I believe the MSM and the L... (Below threshold)

I believe the MSM and the Libs like Arafat more than they like Bush. And that's the problem. When Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2008, watch how the MSM attempt to coverup the fact that she supported the PLO in her younger days. And that was when there was no question that Arafat was a terrorist.

James you wrote "Show me a ... (Below threshold)

James you wrote "Show me a conflict in any part of the world where both sides have not stooped to the lowest level of humanity."

I'll be happy to.

The current war in Iraq for one. The American military has waged this conflict with constant regard for the welfare of the civilian population. Stooping to the lowest level of humanity would entail the use of the most vile weapons at our disposal and would involve the deaths of millions of Iraqis. Just so you know, humans have shown that they can stoop pretty low. Examples of human stoopage include events like the murder of millions of Jews and others during the second world war. And how about that little unpleasantness in Rawanda a few years back. Then there was the Aztec practice of eviscerating thousands of captives for sport. The list could go on and on.

Why do the Jameses of the world feel the constant need to put America and Americans--particularly American soldiers-- on the same moral plane with monsters like Yasser Arafat?

I didn't like Bush's "God b... (Below threshold)

I didn't like Bush's "God bless his soul" comment. I was hoping for something like "go burn in hell" to rally the base!

James falls into the catego... (Below threshold)

James falls into the category of 'idiot by choice'. His deliberate and carefully rehearsed ignorance is stereotypical, and fails under even less then rigorous analysis. 'Duped into a war they cannot win' says it all. Of course, just like Viet Nam, the lefts favorite analogy but for different reasons, we can lose if there are enough Moore gullible 'James's' out there to weaken us to that point. Has it occurred to him that this is a war that we must win? What are his alternatives. I, for one, am mighty tired this type of invective that fails to offer any even halfway valid alternative. Is that because there aren't any?

As far as Arafat, well, let me see... James indicates that Arafat really was a terrorist earlier, but suddenly changed into sometype of warrior Mother Theresa who was deeply concerned about the fate of his people. Has he consedered that Arafat just found it more lucrative to tone down his public rhetoric while continuing his terror campaigns on the sly? Look at Black September, or more recently the refusal of the best deal the Palestinians are likely to see in order to begin massive terror attacks against the Isrealis. Indeed, Arafat just found out that playing the statesman game brought in a whole lot more money from the bleeding hearts in Europe and the US than playing the ruthless terrorist did. If anyone has doubts, just ask one's self how Suah is getting 22m per year for life from his 'estate'... Where the hell did that money come from while Arafat's beloved 'people' have been living in squalor?


Excellent post, I don't thi... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Excellent post, I don't think I could add more.

I will say that I have been sickened the last few days over how Arafat has been treated in the international world and in the media. It seems they think he is some kind of great statesman, when in fact he was nothing more than a murderer who got rich stealing from his own people. I can't help but wonder how many homes, schools and hospitals those billions could build, and if I were a Palestinian I would be pissed that 22 million a year is going to his widow-I don't think she has done anything to earn that kind of pension.

I say good riddance and I hope the Palestinians are smart enough to put somebody in leadership who actually believes in compromise and peace, not somebody who plays lip service to it, and then proceeds to support murder and theft.

foxnewsfan/anyone else with... (Below threshold)

foxnewsfan/anyone else with similar about that statement by Bush about Arafat after Arafat's death:

Accomplishes far more to wish good upon those who have perished, if their works on earth were evil, and accomplishes far more on earth to not proliferate what evil remains that they committed while alive. So, I understand asking God to bless the soul of Arafat, as in, "have mercy."

Then, move ON afterward, as in, forgive him and do otherwise than he did while alive.

Nice post. That was an ass... (Below threshold)

Nice post. That was an ass rippin'

Am I the only one who caugh... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who caught James' "mistake" when he called the Palestinians Arafats people?
Arafat was born, grew up and graduated as an Engineer in Egypt. He only moved north when he found out he could kill people and make money doing it.

Ooops, had some commotion h... (Below threshold)

Ooops, had some commotion here at the house, missed that part of the post, sorry.

J Many thanks for ... (Below threshold)


Many thanks for the mention and in particular for your long winded and pedantic response to a post that I made a week or two ago.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to get into a debate with you as you are so far up your arse, ass if you prefer. Perhaps this blog is just a way for you to while away the hours because you have nothing better to do with your time/life Semantics aint my bag and neither of us are going to say anything to change the other's point of view! When you climb down off your self righteous high horse, then perhaps I will entertain the idea of a debate as it seems to me that you are more interested in deriding anyone and everyone whose view is different from yours.

I shall now just watch from the sidelines and keep my thoughts to myself as your site panders only to those whom we call brown nosers and affords no room nor respect for those whose views differ from that of the editor. Your insights and spin cheapen the real issues. No doubt though, you will get a sack full of fan mail offering support so I'm sure my post wont dampen your spirits or affect that incredibly large ego of yours.

James, ever since you first... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

James, ever since you first blighted the landscape around here with your presence, I've noticed something: you answer arguments of facts with personal insults. It's why from the outset I dismissed you as not worthy of attention, but gave you the benefit of the doubt anyway. That was an error, but I try not to regret presuming the best of people.

However, you have since then amply disabused me of the notion of appealing to your higher nature, by proving you have none. Therefore, I will finally answer you in the language and context with which you are most familiar -- the personal insult.

You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

And you're an asshole.


(You know, I'm starting to see the appeal of James' methodology. It's so much easier than marshaling facts and citing evidence to prove one's case.)

Many thanks for the... (Below threshold)

Many thanks for the mention and in particular for your long winded and pedantic response to a post that I made a week or two ago.
Quick ad hominem attacks are superior to a calculated argument.

Semantics aint my bag and neither of us are going to say anything to change the other's point of view!
I can't debate, so I'll declare debate to be pointless!

J.I find it odd th... (Below threshold)


I find it odd that you cite my response as a peronal insult, when this piece that we are discussing was nothing more than a big Fuck Off to me. What do you expect, a clap on the back and me to kowtow to your every proclamation?

You are not interested in the facts because your hatred of all things Arabic or Islamic taints your every argument. Why is that? Are you Jewish? And before you twist that last question to suit your own ends, it would explain the vitriol in your views.

When the state of Israel was created, 800,000 people were uprooted from their ancestral homes to make way for the incoming hordes. Did you expect them to leave quietly, without a fight?

The Israeli military forces have shown about as much restraint as a bull in a china shop. No one condones the suicide bombings and neither did Arafat, in fact he condemned them. But ask yourself the question why is it that so many people are prepared to give up their lives for a cause they believe in? We are not talking about one or two bombers, but hundreds. Of course their actions are wrong but if you fail to recognise the legitimacy of their cause, then pity on you.

As I have said before this is psuedo intellectual masturabation and like a cheap peep show perfomer, you revel in the attention of your adoring fans. By all means call me an asshole for disagreeing with you and seeing you for what you really are, a Class A Wanker.

James finally found some wa... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

James finally found some way to irritate me. He actually used ARGUMENTS and FACTS in a posting, just as I was heading out to work.

This will be answered, James... and here's a preview: that 800,000 number will come back and bite you on your ass. Hard.


JGee, now I'm scar... (Below threshold)


Gee, now I'm scared. I have irritated the great Jay Tea and am about to suffer his wrath. Get over your self dude, you'll blow a bllod vessel and we wouldn't that. Where else would the underground masses, the bloggers of this world get daily dose of spin and hyperbole. Come on then, show me what you got?

Excuse typos please. Doing ... (Below threshold)

Excuse typos please. Doing other things as well

JamesHow is it tha... (Below threshold)


How is it that Arafat named a kids' summer camp after a suicide bomber if he "condemned" them?

Just a thought

Hmmm...let's see...who in t... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...let's see...who in this blog started first w/the ad-hominem attacks? Jay Tea wins: "But your idiocy gave me the excuse and the venue to do so figuratively." Terrorism is never the answer, but foreign occupancy and imperialism is often the cause. I am so tired of the justification and excuses from both sides.






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