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Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! The Newspaper Cried

So I see splashed across the Drudgereport:


Can you guess my first thoughts?

In the post Jayson Blair/Rathergate/missing-explosivesgate era, you'll pardon me if I read that news somewhat incredulously.

How could I not? Like the boy who cried wolf, these two institutions have thrown away their credibility. We're even warned by Drudge that CBS has 'documents.' Tangible evidence is no longer looked at as dispositive when provided by CBS but rather a reason for suspicion. And they have only themselves to blame.

The media love to lecture us barefooted peasants about their singular importance. That they and they alone have the charge to speak truth to power. The problem of course, is that first you need truth on your side. Compounding their problem is the fact that they not only made horrific mistakes, but more importantly, showed no remorse. In fact, they have attacked all who had the temerity to question their methods or motives.

And our nation is weaker for their arrogance. What should be a strong and viable Fourth Estate is flirting with irrelevance. How can we trust them to investigate another corrupt business when they themselves are poster-children for corruption? How can we trust them to act as a check on government when they so obviously have an agenda?

Traditionally a news story like this would make Merck's stock nose-dive. I can't help but wonder if the blow will be softened by the nature of the messenger. Traders are sure to have doubts about the credibility of the story. A reputation is a hard thing to get back when you just give it away.


And if you needed even more proof that these two institutions are dinosaurs, the blogosphere has been all over this story for months.

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Just say No.... (Below threshold)

Just say No.

I read that as "singular im... (Below threshold)

I read that as "singular impotence" the first time through.

Admit it, Paul. You just wa... (Below threshold)

Admit it, Paul. You just wanted to write Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

True. But there is now the ... (Below threshold)

True. But there is now the 5th Estate. And we are it.

Any time either of these or... (Below threshold)

Any time either of these organizations breaks any new story information before a more reputable source, the story takes on the same level of credibility as the "90 Year-old Woman Gives Birth to Bigfoot's Love Child" type headlines in supermarket tabloids.

What everyone else has writ... (Below threshold)

What everyone else has written (^^), with, additionally, the fact that 60 MINUTES and TNYT appear to be grovelling with this particular "break" issue. Striking back, you know, because they can, because, you know, those evil, big drug companies, they are fair game, so, you know, Bush lied!.

At this point, it doesn't matter what either/both these two sources opine, I still consider it with the largest possible grain of salt first. If that.

I'm noticing an embarrassing sort of after affect by the MSM, including networks, following the election, like someone insisting on wearing a white jump suit to a day job thirty years after it was no longer trendy, the MSM insisting on the old liberal hack approach to presentation. It's really sad but sadder even moreso because not even losing audience numbers across the board for all these sources has gotten through to their uptight, ironclad liberal 'resolve,' and that is that their gig, she is a'up.

I heard about this several ... (Below threshold)

I heard about this several days ago on Phil Henry's talk radio show... Oh... Must have been last Tue. or Wed..

Media... arrogance. Who e... (Below threshold)

Media... arrogance. Who else is it that's arrogant? Liberals. Hence, the redundancy of the term "liberal media."

When I read about the story... (Below threshold)

When I read about the story being aired on 60 Minutes and being covered by the NY Slimes, my first thought was what sources are they going to ignore?
Also, these kinda stories end up being a bonanza for trial lawyers. It's similar to the DNC-MSM connection:
The trial lawyers involved in Vioxx cases feed NY Slimes/60 Midgets information. The MSM report that information. Then the trial lawyers point to the MSM reports as evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the drug(s) companies. BTW, I'm still waiting for the 60 Midgets story on how Jesse Jackson got beer distributorships for his son by threatening a boycott. But as usual I'm not holding my breath.

Well said, Paul, Jim and al... (Below threshold)

Well said, Paul, Jim and all above.

I just read the latest articles on "turmoil" at the CIA being reported in the Wash. Post, Reuters and the rest of the MSM choir. They would have the reader believe that Bush is wrongly decimating the top tier of CIA pros.

The truth is, FINALLY the lefties at the CIA who bear responsibility for misestimating the terrorist threat and resulting 9/11 events (not coincidentally, the same ones who used their positions of power and trust to rig partisan political attacks against Pres. Bush as a last gasp attempt to save their a...es) are being purged by new Director Porter Goss -- and what does the press do? Wash the CIA's dirty linen in public, attack Porter Goss and by inference Pres. Bush and undermine our unity and safety as a nation in the face of the enemy by making it look like our intelligence defenses are in "turmoil".

Re: CIA Purge CIA/MSM cou... (Below threshold)

Re: CIA Purge CIA/MSM counterattack on Bush continuing after the election.
Washington Post article and news.yahoo links to many others in similar vein: Deputy Chief Resigns from CIA, dated 11/13/04.

The real story is told here (especially last 2 pages): Porter at the Pass, dated 10/20/04.

The last two Presidents who had the guts to take on the entrenched one-worlders at the CIA were John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. Both were taken down. (Arlen Specter knows all about the one-bullet-theory and Washington Post knows all about Watergate.) This time WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Will it be different becaus... (Below threshold)

Will it be different because they are afraid of Cheney, or because they'll have to take out the P and VP at the same time?

But to get back on topic, I... (Below threshold)

But to get back on topic, I bet more folks take Vitamin E than Vioxx, yet note how this topic gets a secondary Editorial and no Front Page attention:


I guess the trial lawyers would have to work too hard to go after a multitude of "health" supplement manufacturers and distributers, and Merck is an wealthier and easier target.

Re: This time WILL BE DIFF... (Below threshold)


Because the lies and deception and whatever nefarious plans are being hatched can be exposed pre-emptively by the bare-footed, pajama-clad masses with pitchforks in conjunction with the patriots in the CIA and elsewhere.

BR, you've got the MSM pegg... (Below threshold)

BR, you've got the MSM pegged on the new CIA upheaval story. The CIA, unlike the FBI or Homeland Security Department, is populated by left-wing intellectuals who leak info to their comrades in the news media. So now Porter Goss takes over and tries to de-politicize the CIA and the MSM is trying to demonize him because they know their "anonymous sources" may be packing up and vacating their offices. One need only look at the Joe Wilson story to see how anti-Bush the CIA is.

For years I've been preaching how we need to get rid of the intellectual blowhards in the CIA and replace them with streetsmart guys and gals who know how to investigate, analyze and -- may I be so bold -- kill the enemy. Send the jerks back to the college campuses where the only harm they do is indoctrinating morons.

Indeed I also wonder if the... (Below threshold)

Indeed I also wonder if the credibility would be affected by the whole Marthagate scenario...where the drug Erbitux was ultimately approved by the FDA in February of this year.

I'm glad I smoke weed for m... (Below threshold)

I'm glad I smoke weed for my health problems instead of taking Vioxx.

Hmm news, does that mean yo... (Below threshold)

Hmm news, does that mean you smoke weed to cause your health problems (emphysema, cancer, heart disease) or to palliate them (use your imagination here).

While we miss the forest by... (Below threshold)

While we miss the forest by concentrating on a single tree or weed...

Talking of forests, reminds me of ex-CIA Director Helms' staunch ally, McCord's 12/21/72 letter to the WH threatening that if Helms should be replaced as CIA Director, "every tree in the forest will fall." Helms got fired early Jan 73. Then the forest caught fire with McCord's 3/19/73 letter to Judge Sirica, and April 73 testimony to Watergate Grand Jury in exchange for immunity laying the blame for the Watergate break-ins with John Mitchell and Nixon.)






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