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It's Sounds A Bit Dirty, But...

Wizbanging does have a nice ring to it...

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Make it official <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Make it official here.
I was going to do it, but decided you should be the first to officially coin the word. You know,,, because it IS yours.

But this post does it again... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

But this post does it again, for Professor Kaos,
so is that a Gangwizbanging or as Wizgangbanging.

Sounds ... messy.... (Below threshold)

Sounds ... messy.

Another link. Professor Ch... (Below threshold)

Another link. Professor Chaos will be beside himself with glee.

Kevin, I swear I didn't kno... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kevin, I swear I didn't know the thing was loaded!

(sigh) At least the first proud recipient of a coveted "Wizbanging" is someone I approve of, and not certain other morons I could mention or link to here but won't...


Better buy the domain name ... (Below threshold)

Better buy the domain name before someone eats it up.

And now that you have multi... (Below threshold)

And now that you have multiple authors, it COULD be a Whizgangbang!


Kevin, Jay Tea & Professor ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Jay Tea & Professor Chaos:

Quick, quick, someone better use Roo's advice and define your great new term at the urban dictionary - it's already coming up three times in a Google search! (And slightly misunderstood at Patterico's.) Hee hee, what fun!

While googling "wizbanging"... (Below threshold)

While googling "wizbanging", I came across a really beautiful poem by Russ Vaughn* called "The Last Battle of Vietnam" at a related site: here">http://ashandtrash-johnforbeskerry.blogspot.com/">here, in honor of the Swiftboat Vets and their courageous efforts to expose Kerry.

(*Russ Vaughn: 2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam 65-66)

Now you HAVE to do it!<br /... (Below threshold)

Now you HAVE to do it!
I just told a friend of mine who wanted to know what I did for lunch that I was "wizbanging"
Catchy phrase!!

Then, she wants to know the web address so she can check it out






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