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The Father of Modern Terrorism

Andrew C. McCarthy, in the National Review, writes of Yasser Arafat's true legacy.

While Arafat's mantel as the "Father of Palestine" is dubious given that he is singularly responsible for the failure of a Palestinian nation to emerge, his credentials as the "Father of Modern Terrorism" are solid.

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It's this weekends "must read."

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Couldnt agree more...And I ... (Below threshold)

Couldnt agree more...And I couldnt believe it when BBC correspondent Barbra Plett was overcome by tears for that terrorist. I've always been skeptical about right wing blogs claiming that BBC has an overwhelming anti-Israel bias, but this time i really had to concur. I guess we can really look forward to a moderate stepping in to actually achieve something for the Palestinians- and I think Abbas would be the right man

Please! Someone enlighten ... (Below threshold)

Please! Someone enlighten me!

The Blokes and Frogs start this mess when they artificially created the boundaries that currently stand in the Middle East...with total disregard and abandon for ethnic/poltical/cultural "centers?" Look here for a nice explanation of how it all started:


I wonder if the BBC will do an in-depth expose of the Balfour Agreement and how the European Colonial Empires attempted to destabilize that region by cutting it up into little-bitty chaotic puppet governments.

Agh. Now the U.S. is dealing with the fall-out...

A friend challenged me to n... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

A friend challenged me to name one good thing Arafat did.

In less than a second, I answered "he died."

But on further reflection, I have to give him credit for stealing literally billions of dollars from the Palestinian people, keeping them from having even more bombs and guns and rockets.

Always looking for the silver lining...


Jimmy Carter was and contin... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter was and continues to be an anti-semite. I've noticed that, except for Fox News, most of the MSM call Arafat a militant. Also, Peter Jennings in spouting off his pseudo-intellectual diatribe reiterated the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" schpeel. Moral equivilency of the worst kind.

EXCELLENT article; let's h... (Below threshold)

EXCELLENT article; let's hope some of the bleeding hearts who see Arafat's death as a bad thing read it and get a clue.

Yes, the Brits and the Fren... (Below threshold)

Yes, the Brits and the French may have created this Mess in the Middle East...but it was the LEAGUE OF NATIONS which sanctioned the whole thing, GIVING the spoils of the Mandates to the British and French following the Allies' victory over the Central Powers (Germany/Austria-Hungary/Ottoman Empire) in The Great War! Ah, that august Master Debating Society!

Arafat was a terrorist--aga... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Arafat was a terrorist--against his people--against Israel. What would you do, if you kept the coffers full by spouting hate, and the world kept pouring millions, no Billions, into your coffers? You would make sure that money went to the Palestinians to build a better life for themselves. Right?

And, if you had the power to skim off Billions for yourself with your rhetoric, what would you do? If you really cared about the Palestinian people, you would build schools, hospitals, infrasructure, etc. You would not be sending it to Su-WEEEE in Paris.

I see no hope for Palestinians. The money that should have been spent for their education, has been squandered to support Suha's penchant for the good life. Palestinian children are only left with black and white scarves and poverty

Good ridddance Arafat!!

Arafat makes me want to puk... (Below threshold)

Arafat makes me want to puke, and so do 99% of Arabs.






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