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2004 Weblog Awards - Update

Last year Wizbang hosted the extremely successful 2003 Weblog Awards (recapped in the link). This year the Weblog Awards have their own domain to handle the awards - http://2004weblogawards.com which is up and running with a temporary Slashdot inspired design. The final design is still in progress as well as the 2004 Weblog Awards logo. They both should be appearing on the site in the next few days.

The 2004 Weblog Awards will continue the tradition begun here last year:

  1. Open and public nominations
  2. Categories that allow blogs of similar readership levels to compete (The Ecosystem categories)
  3. Real time vote totals
  4. Quick turnaround of the results
  5. Fun
Nominations will open later this week, and the plan is to get the voting started on or around December 1. Right now you can have a look at the preliminary list of categories, all of which are subject to change. Do you think something is missing? Go ahead and make suggestion.

Also I'm looking for a few volunteers to help out in distilling the finalists (finalists are the group that appear in the polls) from the nominees.


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Comments (8)

I suppose a category like "... (Below threshold)

I suppose a category like "Spiritual/Metaphysical/New Age" is out of the question, right?

Barring that, the idea of a "Weird Blogs" category is a good one, and a "Personal Blogs" category might be good too.

Wizbang hasn't been include... (Below threshold)

Wizbang hasn't been included because you guys are hosting it?

I'd rather nominate and vote for Wizbang.

Wizbang is already one of t... (Below threshold)

Wizbang is already one of the premier blogs. No need to nominate something so obvious (and that would appear as a conflict of interest).

How do you nominate a blog?... (Below threshold)

How do you nominate a blog?

I agree with Omni. I think ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Omni. I think a Personal category, perhaps even something broken up by Mod/genX/Family, whatever. Obviously, this process could get carried away pretty easily; you have to stop somewhere. Right now, the site says nominating opens on 11/3. But when do you think it will?

Hey! The logo is done! Th... (Below threshold)

Hey! The logo is done! The logo is done! She is a'done, I say, done!

I really like my last design, hope that it is now set in "stone".

<a href="http://suzyrice.co... (Below threshold)

HERE! Done!

Yeah, like only havin' to c... (Below threshold)

Yeah, like only havin' to compete with all the others in the Large Mammal level is gonna assist me, at all. Have ya seen who I am up 'gainst? All my friends, that is who.

O' course, now, if there was a category for the most unappreciated waste of blogspace, I might have a chance.






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