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Enough of this secession talk.

There's been a lot of talk among the moonbattier left since the election that the Blue States ought to secede. Setting aside that the last time the Democrats wanted to secede, it was because they wanted the right to own black people and sparked the Civil War, it struck me that it would be politically cutting their own throats. Let's look at the last years worth of presidential elections:

1964 - Lyndon Johnson, D-TX (Red)
1968 - Richard, Nixon, R-CA (Blue)
1972 - Richard, Nixon, R-CA (Blue)
1976 - Jimmy Carter, D-GA (Red)
1980 - Ronald Reagan, R-CA (Blue)
1984 - Ronald Reagan, R-CA (Blue)
1988 - George Bush, R-TX (Red), arguably CT/ME (Blue/Blue)
1992 - Bill Clinton, D-AR (Red)
1996 - Bill Clinton, D-AR (Red)
2000 - George W. Bush, R-TX (Red)
2004 - George W. Bush, R-TX (Red)

So, if the liberals want to dump the red states, they'll also be kissing off the home states of the last Democrats to win the White House. You don't see Republicans bitterly writing off nearly half the country -- they know that leaders can come from anywhere, and often it's the struggle against an entrenched majority opposition that forges the best.

The phrase "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" springs to mind...


(Napoleon once said that one should "never interrupt one's enemy when he is making a mistake," but I never was any good at keeping my mouth shut...)

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They're not going to dump t... (Below threshold)

They're not going to dump the states, its just talk.
They're quite harmless really..almost cute.

Actually, it's even bluer t... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Actually, it's even bluer that you think.

Nixon, while born in California, was elected FROM New York. (Double blue)

Reagan was elected from California, born in Illinois. (Double blue)

Bush 41 was born in Massachusettes, as blue as it gets!

W was born in Connecticut! (More blue)

How does one argue secessio... (Below threshold)

How does one argue secession without being guilty of sedition? Have these people forgotten the Civil War? And as someone has already noted, these are the same people always whining about their patriotism being questioned. Well, they lost an election for a second time and their response is secession. They are alot worse then being merely nonpatriotic.

Let them go. America was f... (Below threshold)

Let them go. America was founded on government by consent of the governed. Last time we fought against that principle it cost us 600,000 of our best.

I don't want to. I live in ... (Below threshold)

I don't want to. I live in one of those "so-called" blue states and I think that the COUNTIES should succeed. Look at the county map. for example, here in california, the majority of COUNTIES voted for bush, however, the select few (namely counties at or around the big two cities, may they rot in hell) voted for kerry, and those carried the state.






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