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Keith Olbermann warns against conspiracy theories (no, really)

Keith Olbermann, who since the election has made the average democratundergorund moonbat look like a nobel laureate, is now warning people not to believe every conspiracy theory they read on the internet.

I swear: I'm on vacation (Keith Olbermann)

SECURE UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - Golly, I’ve never been the subject of a conspiracy theory before.

Yet, there it is, flying around the internet under the byline of a Peter Coyote: that when I attempted to break the “lock-down” of coverage of the voting irregularities story in the media during Friday night’s edition of Countdown, I was fired, and left the studio in the middle of the program.

Um, no, actually.

I’m on vacation -  it’s been scheduled since August; I’ll be blogging in the interim; Countdown will continue to cover the story in my absence; I not only wasn’t fired for ‘mentioning’ the story - but we covered it five nights in a row; and, I’ll be back on television on the 22nd (earlier, if developments warrant).

But we can now trace how just a dollop of the truth can be subverted into an item available for purchase in the Tin Foil Hat District - and we have another reminder that what you read on the web, no matter how much it might fit your beliefs, anxieties, or even other facts, might still resemble more a game of telephone than actual investigative reporting.

Irony, the likes of which, I have never before seen.

I can only hope that when he comes back from vacation he says the whole thing was a big gag. Certainly he sees the irony here... Right? Right?


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Comments (4)

And we can now understand h... (Below threshold)

And we can now understand how a trace element of on-air appeal can be wrongly construed as potential for journalism.

No matter how much Keith fits your info-tainment anxieties, you're still watching Sportscenter.

You found a trace? The othe... (Below threshold)

You found a trace? The other 3 viewers have come up empty.

It sure is being pressed to... (Below threshold)

It sure is being pressed to the point of exhaustion, this "blame the bloggers" thing. Not all bloggers, just the Pajamahadeen, Jammies Brigade bloggers. Keith Olberman trying to cast aspersions seems so wrong, like a bad play, a creepy cartoon, a song offkey, a journalist gone insane...

There's even an op-ed in to... (Below threshold)

There's even an op-ed in today's Fairbanks paper, by the director of the public library.

Jeez, but they're all scared to death of change.






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