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Election 2004 - Still In Progress

Regardless of the conspiracy theories being promulgated about secret cabals controlling the outcomes in Ohio and Florida, there are actual elections stories that are still unfolding.

Still no governor in Washington State with Democrat Gregorie taking a 120 vote lead over Republican Rossi, with . David Goldstein and Sound Politics provide local left and right coverage of the vote count drama.

Utah County (in Utah) "lost" 33,000" votes. You didn't hear much about this becasue a) The votes were mostly for the party that won, b) the votes were found, c) the change in vote totals didn't affect the results, d) things like this happen in elections and are usually dealt with outside of the national spotlight, e) all of the above.

Here's a few more interesting stories from around the nation:

Bonus: It's now safe to ignore any talk of election issues in Florida. Without Fanfare, Florida Certifies Election Results.

Update: Patrick Belton at OxBlog reminds us there's still no official winner in Ohio.

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The Utah example of 33,000 ... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

The Utah example of 33,000 missing votes is very similar to what happened in Gahanna, Ohio (if you can say banana, you can say Gahanna)

A voting machine there added about 4,000 extra votes for President Bush when the total count for the machine was only about 635.

This was caught immediately, and, of course, corrected BUT the Demo Talking Heads STILL played it up on the talk circuit and apparently forgot to mention that it was corrected immediately.

Odd isn't it that they will talk up 4,000 votes but not 33,000?

This hasn't stopped the con... (Below threshold)

This hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists from STILL questioning Florida's results. The lamest question being "why did Bush get more votes than registered Republicans?" DUH! Can you say Dixiecrat?

- Theres another one raging... (Below threshold)

- Theres another one raging out here in San Diego, normally a bastion of Conservatism. Seems we kind of did it to ourselves this time in a sort of "Your worst Nader nightmare". Two Republicans spent so much time fighting each other for the Mayors slot a liberterian write-in ended up garnering just a tad more votes than the next highest candidate. The shocked GOP people immediately started attacking her right to be on the ballot since the city charter and the voting rules inacted by the city commission are in direct opposition to each other, one allowing write-ins and the other not. The explaination is that for 15 years no one got around to making the two documents agree...

- At the Moment Ms Frye, the write in, is slightly ahead and a judge yesterday, from outside the county, since every judge in the area reclused themselves, ruled that the squawks were filed too late and the vote tally will resume and the results will stand. Its very close so its not actually clear she will win, but it doesn't look good for the Repubs. Pains me to say it but there are times when both sides play dirty pool. I was very much opposed to them trying to strike her name off the ballot, just as I thought the Dem's raking Nader over the coals was really rotten form. She wasn't my choice certainly, but anyone who meets the criterea as a citizen should be allowed to run...

Why are we still harping?</... (Below threshold)

Why are we still harping?

Let 'em stir like they did after the 2000 election

We won. They lost.

Its over.

This should help put some o... (Below threshold)

This should help put some of those worried about King County at ease. A little. Maybe.

Right now Rossi, taking the trends in each county into consideration, is going to win by 1,036 despite leading by a mere 304. This is all mathematical projection, but take a look.

I've got an Excel spreadsheet designed by my brother that tracks all counted votes, results by county, and ballots outstanding to project the winner. It updates every 10 minutes.

Available at http://www.murdoconline.net/archives/001729.html

Save it, open it, allow automatic updating, and watch it in real time, including projections.

I know why I keep coming ba... (Below threshold)

I know why I keep coming back. Thanks!






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