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How fitting is this?

John Kerry, who but for 130,000 votes in Ohio could have become flip-flopper-in-chief, was asked if he was going to run for President again in 2008.

His reply...

"I'm not opening any doors, I'm not shutting any doors"

Somehow we expected nothing less.


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Comments (21)

I thought he really said th... (Below threshold)

I thought he really said that he would (in an article I read in the USA Today about him finally going back to work in the Senate).

Sometimes nothing less is n... (Below threshold)

Sometimes nothing less is nothing more.

Priceless!... (Below threshold)


Paul: as a Christian I'm of... (Below threshold)

Paul: as a Christian I'm offended at you mocking Kerry's statement. Clearly when God shuts a door he may or may not open a window. Or if one door is closed, God might do something to send you a sign that you still should run for political office even though you profess to adhere to the separation of church and state. Or if the door is closed and the window is only cracked, maybe there's a doggie-door and you can sneak into the house that way.

No matter what, God wants you to continue to work for the government as opposed to doing any meaningful work.

He just cannot help himself... (Below threshold)

He just cannot help himself. His bifurcated brain rules his fork-ed tongue.

- Actually he opened the do... (Below threshold)

- Actually he opened the door....but that was before he closed it....

- BTW in the vein of Kerry making statements of any potential run in 2008, the Swifties got wind of his recent statements and those of his relatives and issues a statement of their own to the effect..."If John Kerry decides to try again to run for higher office he should be aware that we will reconviene and be there waiting for him"....

- One word in his defense...He no longer has a staff of pollsters to consult and he wasn't near a corner hotdog stand where he could comsult with the owner for guidence.....

Oh, how kind of him. He's g... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Oh, how kind of him. He's giving us a chance to vote FOR him, after we voted AGAINST him.

And monkeys might fly out of my butt.


Ain't no way the Dems are g... (Below threshold)

Ain't no way the Dems are going to run that clown a second time. Nope. They're already grooming Hillary for 2008. And the first two steps are: sanitizing and revising Slick Willie's history (i.e. Peter Jennings is doing a primetime interview of The Great Stainmaker); and with the aid of the MSM they will try to pull a fast one on the American people by saying over and over and over again that Hillary is a moderate or even a conservative. Heck, Ellen Ratner already did that saying Hillary was a center-right Democrat. My question to Ratner, an unabashed leftie, would be that if Hillary is so conservative why are Liberals and Lefties supporting her.

But forget Kerry in 2008. In fact, he may even lose his senate seat in his next election. Who wants to have a loser represent their state?

This guy really is the gift... (Below threshold)

This guy really is the gift that keeps on giving

The Hillary nomination band... (Below threshold)

The Hillary nomination bandwagon is rollin' along for '08. I do believe that only a sexual disease could stop her, poor woman.

That John Kerry was yucky. I really don't want to hear him speak anymore.

- Condi might just have som... (Below threshold)

- Condi might just have something to say about 2008...Bush and the party in general are so happy with the way she handled herself and the issues with the rabid liberal press, and the sometimes heavily partisan 9/11 commision, the Pres. would probably give her Air Force one if she asked for it...

- Imagine Condi/Hillery debates...Would that be red meat or what.....

Kerry's supposed to be so b... (Below threshold)

Kerry's supposed to be so brilliant, but he's also a liberal... if he DID get to run, what are the chances that he'd realize the things he lost because of, and change some of them?

Leopold and Hunter - your "... (Below threshold)

Leopold and Hunter - your "doors" duet had me in stitches!

Jim - your "if Hillary is so conservative, why are Liberals and Lefties supporting her" is brilliant! I hope the RNC reads it and uses it in 2008!

McCain - can lesbians transmit sexual diseases? I don't know if she is or isn't... but her perverse political actions match that social tone level.

I question the timing.... (Below threshold)

I question the timing.

Beware the Hildebeast.... (Below threshold)

Beware the Hildebeast.

Kerry may not be closing an... (Below threshold)

Kerry may not be closing any doors, but after outspending an incumbent Republican President, having the vast MSM conspiracy working for him, the constant harping about how a growth rate of 3.5% was indication of Bushian sluggishness in the economy, a massive deficit, and daily ugly pictures of a war fewer and fewer are supporting and still losing convincingly, let's just say very few purses will open up and let Kerry in when the '08 Dem nomination reality show starts up.

And Kerry without money is like Dukakis without the charisma.

"can lesbians transmit sexu... (Below threshold)

"can lesbians transmit sexual diseases? I don't know if she is or isn't... but her perverse political actions match that social tone level."

Interestingly enough, here at Mount Holyoke (an all-girls college where we have lots of LGBTQs), most students are saying that the first woman president has to be a conservative. They don't think Hillary can pull it off - of course this discourse was all happening during the "mourning" period after the election so I don't know how realisitic the sentiment is.

"The Hillary nomination ban... (Below threshold)
Ralph Gizzip:

"The Hillary nomination bandwagon is rollin' along for '08. I do believe that only a sexual disease could stop her, poor woman."

Then her running in '08 will be a given. To contract a sexual disease one must have sex. There's not enough beer in the world for that to happen.

He's "not closing any doors... (Below threshold)

He's "not closing any doors"? All this time I thought he was born in a hospital, turns out he was born in a barn.

Kerry's statement is just S... (Below threshold)

Kerry's statement is just S.O.P. - be assured he won't say anything that might prevent a true believer from sending him a check. He also knows that just about anything can happen in politics during four years.

Perhaps he learned something from Bill & Hill, too. After a protracted blizzard of Clintonesque statements by the Clintons, someone pointed out that "Hillary Clinton has declared she won't run for president as many times as Bill has admitted wrongdoing: Never."

True to form; make book on ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

True to form; make book on JFK.






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