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Lunchtime Apparitions

All kinds of things are appearing in grilled cheese sandwiches these days. The latest item up for bid on eBay:


Related: The Virgin Mary In Grill Cheese as profiled by the AP.


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Comments (7)

Is that cheese oozing out o... (Below threshold)

Is that cheese oozing out of there, or is the cheese sandwich just glad to see them?

andre...Its the sa... (Below threshold)


Its the sandwich forcing itself to throw up. That's what's so amazing. The minute those faces became burned on the bread, the sandwich became anorexic too!

As for the VirginMarywich, if Mary blesses this guy so much with casino winnings, doesn't he think she might be a bit pissed that he's selling her?

*shrug* I guess I'm just mad that I forgot to take a picture that time Kenny Loggins appeared in my orange juice.

Ironically enough, Juice Ne... (Below threshold)

Ironically enough, Juice Newton once appeared to me on a link sausage.

I mean, that's no "Sarah Smile", but still...

Just so Dick Cheney's Schlo... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Just so Dick Cheney's Schlong doesn't appear on one, 'course that would probably have to be a toasted sub.

I'll become a believer when... (Below threshold)

I'll become a believer when nekid Wizbangs appear in my grilled cheese sandwich.

The grilled cheese Mary loo... (Below threshold)

The grilled cheese Mary looks like Valerie Perrine, Lex Luthor's bimbo assistant in "Superman" (or was it "Superman II" or ...?). Anyway, Valerie used to be a Vegas showgirl. Her publicist must have made the Assumption [sic] that her career needed reviving.

That looks like my kids son... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

That looks like my kids sonogram.






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