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Moonbats Converge On The White House

The White House is a on every nut job's must see list when they're in DC (except for the asshat on a tractor who visited the Mall a few years ago), but most of them never get to see any of the other sites. This guy took his mission to the extreme...

WASHINGTON (nbc4.com) -- A man with a message for President George W. Bush set himself on fire in front of the White House Monday afternoon, District officials said.

U.S. Park Police and Secret Service are investigating the incident that forced the closure of the newly reopened Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

At about 2:05 p.m., the man approached the northwest gate at the White House, which is the gate visitors normally use. He said he had a letter for the president, and Secret Service told him he would have to mail it.

The man then stepped away from the gate, pulled out a lighter and set himself on fire. The flames were put out but the area was evacuated as authorities investigated a nearby backpack. No explosives were found.

"Just got in front of the White House when I heard a Secret Service radio go off that some guy just set himself on fire in front of the White House," said witness Jim Clarke. "I turned around and this guy was fully engulfed in flames."

Clarke said the fire was extinguished quickly. Other witnesses said they heard the man screaming in pain.

As if one crazy for the day wasn't enough, later in the day, Man Arrested After Jumping Over White House Fence...

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Speaking of mail to the Pre... (Below threshold)

Speaking of mail to the President, it's pretty common knowledge that personal mail to the President needs to be addressed with a private mail code. It kind of amazes me that the President's private mail code has never leaked over the Internet. That seems like just the kind of thing the folks over at the DU would love to get their hands on.

(Sorry to get all sideliney there. It's late, and I'm sorta free associating.)

Looks like 1600 Penn. AVE i... (Below threshold)

Looks like 1600 Penn. AVE is going to be shut down... again. Well, that was a nice week of being open. Hopefully the grand re-reopening will have a better outcome.

You've gotta wonder what th... (Below threshold)

You've gotta wonder what the charges will be against Flame-Boy... they may have to make up some new ones for this.

Open burning without a perm... (Below threshold)

Open burning without a permit.

Apparently he was calling o... (Below threshold)

Apparently he was calling out to Allah as he burned... that's what FNC reported, and if you were listening for it, you could hear it.

He yelled out "Allah?" That... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

He yelled out "Allah?" That's odd. Setting oneself on fire has traditionally been more of a Buddhist thing. Muslims have traditionally been more into blowing oneself up, along with as many bystanders as possible. Maybe they're getting more ecumenical.


that's the second time I've... (Below threshold)

that's the second time I've heard the "Allah" thing. I think one yell sounded a little like "Allah!" the rest just sounded like "AHHH!", as in "AHHH! I just lit my ass on fire and it hurts! AHHH!!!"

He's an ex-CIA agent (WaPo)... (Below threshold)

He's an ex-CIA agent (WaPo), upset he can't go see his wife in Iran or something (miss part of the headline as they breezed over it on fox, sorry)

He was a FBI informer who f... (Below threshold)

He was a FBI informer who felt he wasn't getting treated properly who was having some family problems too.

ATM: apparently, the "fami... (Below threshold)

ATM: apparently, the "family problems" were spillover results, not causes.

And, JeffHarrell: I'm sure that that particular code can always be changed and changed often, as needed. And certainly is, such that the dummies at DU could capture much of anything only to see it slip again beyond their access. I'm getting a chuckle considering just how many miliseconds would be a potential DU self congratularoty revel about such a capture, or worse, how protracted might be their ongoing self congratulatory revel, many hours after their moment had passed. Ha.






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