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Yeah, I live in Cow Hampshire, Part 37

Spotted along a back road in Windham, New Hampshire, where a horse trail crosses the road:



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- Whenever you do a Cow Ham... (Below threshold)

- Whenever you do a Cow Hampshire installment I'm always tempted to post a comment about my UFO adventures in Exeter as a young amatuer investigative reporter back in the 60's....But no....its to far OT....

Ha...I used to ride steeple... (Below threshold)

Ha...I used to ride steeple chase (that's racing a horse on a cross country trail, and it's not easy to do, for even most men, much less me, a woman), and someone asked me a while ago to comment on a filmed scene wherein two jockeys exchanged barbs and threats and taunts and such while in the act of running a race course, by far an easier task than competing in a steeple chase course, and my only comment was that the only thing I've ever said or heard said by jockeys/riders on any competitive course I've ever ridden was, "Whoa" and "Go."

...because the horses</i... (Below threshold)

...because the horses understand "whoa" and "go" and that's all you need, much less have time amd effort for, while actually racing a horse. All those other filmed moments with filmed dialogue, it's all big screen fantasy. Everything in the reality of racing/riding a horse is about body language, since it's the horse's point of view that matters.

So, I always laugh when I see filmed scenes that involve horses, all the verbal humans with all that language, when "whoa" and "go" are about all anyone ever needs to say, in words, anyway. Well, plus "heyaaaahhh," which is pretty well understood in the right tone of voice.

We have these ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

We have these

<a href="http://www.trans.g... (Below threshold)
Maser of None:
"Incident at Exeter" I rem... (Below threshold)
John S.:

"Incident at Exeter" I remember the flying saucers. Funny, when the nearby SAC airbase closed all the flying saucers went away.

Hunter, you now realize I'm... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hunter, you now realize I'm gonna HAVE to do a Cow Hampshire - UFO posting JUST so I can get you to tell that story... weren't Betty and Barney Hill from Cow Hampshire?







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