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Bridezilla Marries Big Gay Al

Page Six has the story of Star Jones post wedding on air meltdown.

Here's a tidbit from a few days ago about Al Reynolds' (aka Mr. Star Jones) "bachelor party." In light of reports like this, it's hardly suprising that the party motif was gay bath-house chic...

STAR JONES let her hubby have one last hurrah with the boys the night before they got married. The N.Y. Post reports Al Reynolds hosted a "Roman Baths"-themed bachelor party on the eve of the couple's corporate coupling. "It was so uncomfortable," tattles the spy. "You had to sign a confidentiality agreement to get in and then you were sent to the penthouse, where they made you get naked." Awkwardly, the guests put their clothing into plastic bags and donned bathrobes. "We sat basically naked in a freezing room for a couple of hours," a partygoer told the tabloid. "At 11:50 p.m., 10 topless girls came out. They were butt-ugly except for two of them who simulated lesbian sex on the bed. Ten people left immediately. It was very uncomfortable."

Related: More dirt from the Post
The USA Today dings the Jones wedding for it's reliance on freebies
Well dressed Star Jones stalker c monks, of Utter Wonder, reports on the Star and Al nuptuals website


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Comments (17)

Forget the wedding, we need... (Below threshold)

Forget the wedding, we need an investigation into how Star Jones even became a celebrity...

Who? And I'm serious... (Below threshold)

Who? And I'm serious. Who the hell is Star Jones?

I was going to complain abo... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

I was going to complain about the mind numbingly dull post on Windows DVD driver problems until I saw this post.

Are we getting a little board ?

I'm not sure if you all kno... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure if you all know this, but Star Jones is a lawyer.

uugghh...forget all ... (Below threshold)

forget all the inuendo....forget the wedding itself and pass it as a big fat "who cares"
Wait...no...I can't forget the image of the size of her on a nude beach at all. Thanks for that Kevin..Thanks a LOT. NUDE BEACH???
My retina's are burning....I"M BLIND!!!!!!

"You had to sign a CONFIDEN... (Below threshold)

"You had to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY agreement to get in" Lot of good those did. What is wrong with Americans these days, wher eyou can't even trust one to stand by a contractual agreement?

What a gay party. "They were butt-ugly except for the two that simulated lesbian sex..." Who is this guy, Kato Kaelin?

Star Jones is a lawyer? I t... (Below threshold)

Star Jones is a lawyer? I thought she owned a shoe store or something. That was her I kept seeing in those shoe commercials, wasn't it?

McGhee...yes..shi is an att... (Below threshold)

McGhee...yes..shi is an attorney. Apparently she is much better at co-hosting a talk show thatn she is at practicing law..
Yes..she is also a spokesperson for the "high end" Payless Shoe Source.

Seriously, what did she do ... (Below threshold)

Seriously, what did she do to become famous? Where did she come from?

Considering this guy is mar... (Below threshold)

Considering this guy is marrying HER, I'm surprised there weren't any large farm animals involved.

Boy, you be hurtin' for som... (Below threshold)

Boy, you be hurtin' for something to post! LOL!!!!

Star Jones, when she was first on The View (/boring) was the only one who 'seemed' to have any intelligence. But since she's met THE MAN and had her stomach stapled she seems to have oozed all of her sensibilities right along with all that weight she's lost.
As to her shoe line? Let's call it a sweat shop special.

And blue America wonders wh... (Below threshold)

And blue America wonders why middle-America rejects their "values"....

Are these the sophisticated... (Below threshold)

Are these the sophisticated, educated liberal urbanites that convinced themselves that they're society's cream of the crop?

I have never, and would never act like that, neither do I even know anyonw who acts in such a manner. I have no idea when class became out of vogue.

Star Jones brings new meani... (Below threshold)

Star Jones brings new meaning to the term, "bumping uglies".

So who do you suppose provi... (Below threshold)

So who do you suppose provided the butt-ugly dancers?

Has Star Jones endorsed a sorority at Wellesley?

Whoa! Don't go lumping her ... (Below threshold)
Anne Onimous:

Whoa! Don't go lumping her in with the Blue State Liberals! We don't want her, either!

Star Jones is FAT and i don... (Below threshold)

Star Jones is FAT and i dont mean P . H. A. T.
What's up with the medal the groom was wearing?
That's the gayest behavior to me. And I dont mean gay as happy. I bet they will have a lot of oral sex on their honeymoon, which is the groom's cup of tea. Forget about missionary position. She's too fat. Anal is the possibility, and again that's his cup of tea.






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