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The 10 Spot - Holidays In Hell Edition

News from 10 places P.J. O'Rourke might have taken you in his younger days.

  1. MegaPundit wonders if there's been a silent coup in North Korea.

  2. The Young Pundits note that the dollar value of the Food For Oil scam keeps growing - exponentially...

  3. Flashbang offers commentary on the Lessons of Fallujah.

  4. Visual evidence (to go with last week's NPR report) that what appears to be Sarin was discovered in Fallujah.

  5. In the battle for Fallujah the UN appears to have weighed in on the side of the Islamofreak terrorists. Are you really suprised?

  6. The Cristian Sceince Monitor has an intersting article on how the tactics of both sides in Fallujah are rapidly evolving.

  7. You might have heard that Iran has agreed to give up all nuclear activities. The details of the deal are less impressive...

  8. Rusty Shackleford brings good news from the "Holidays In Hell" section of the internet.

  9. No more drama queens in Palestine.

  10. Yassir Arafat remains dead as a plate of luxion kugel with raisins...
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Comments (3)

1. There was an article de... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

1. There was an article describing the death of Kim Jung-Ils favorite consort and mother of his two male heirs. Perhaps this is adding to the instability of an already unstable man.

4. Powerline has some good updates regarding the picture of supposedly Sarin vials. Seems like it is more than likely a test kit for Soman, Sarin and V-gases (VX?). Still suspicious, but not a smoking gun.

10. Yes, Yassir Arafat remains in a stable condition.

Yeah, i don't feel like blo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, i don't feel like blogging about this so I'll just put a link in the comment section here:

AraFAT's widow finds a new support group

For what it's worth, NPR--w... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, NPR--which broke the Sarin story, as I recall--went back and noted that the items were not actually sarin. Rather, they were antidotes, or something like that. Unfortunately, I heard it on the radio, so I don't have a link.






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